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Monday, March 6, 2006

Sorry 'bout yesterday's posts...I was in a really depressed mood. Sometimes I just get into this self-pitying whirpool of despair that I can't seem to save myself from...so I just end up writing like a pathetic fool and thinking non-stop about stuff while I'm in the shower. ^^; I'm in a bit of a better mood today though. I'm really happy cause I got more comments and votes on my pics and even more gb signatures and friends. It just sucks cause most of my fanart is from anime that this site doesn't have a category for so it just ends up in misc anime...where there's so many pics! Also, I guess they're not from very well-known anime like Happy Lesson and 12 Kingdoms. ^^; But I'm super happy cause I've already got 4 votes on my Raine drawing!! I guess video game character pics are pretty popular! ^^ Well, anyhoo, I thank the people that voted, left comments, signed my gb, and became my friends! ^^

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