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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hello, my dears! Wow. It's felt like a long time since my last post. XD For some, it wasn't long, but it is for me! 4-5 days is a while lol. Thanks for the comments last time. :) If you didn't read my last post here, well, the only thing I guess you could check out would be the pics I took of myself with my new blonder hair. ^_^ Thanks again!!

I haven't been in the arting mood. Yes, arting lol. I don't think that's a word, but whatever! I just haven't been inspired to make any cards or anything. ~__~ But I made myself make a card yesterday. I spent so much time on it, and I know tons of people supported it (THANKS!!), but I'm still not a fan of how it turned out. :/ I guess I'm in a mini-slump or something. I've felt like I'm slumping in a lot of areas of myself though. .__.

I edited my last post whenever cause I did indeed make that world I was thinking of doing! <33 My book review world. ^^ [Wow, that first sentence is filled with horrible grammar lol!] Uh, but yeah! I've added several guest posters. If you haven't checked the world out yet, please do. :) Especially if you love reading! I posted my first review already. Of the Nightrunner Series. ^_^ It was tough to do cause there's so many books in it...and it's still going lol. But yeah. I think I've enticed more people to read it! And to want to post their own reviews. Hooray!

I had graphic arts class tonight. I always enjoy that class...my teacher is just SOOOOO nice and sweet and helpful. It's great. Although I already know so much about Illustrator and Photoshop, so I tend to get bored easily and finish way earlier...today she actually spent time with me for once. You know those mice shampoo designs I submitted here? I was done with this, waiting to do the next project, but she didn't have anything yet (cause so many other people aren't done). So she stayed with me for a while, giving me some critiques on that project. So now my mice shampoos are more "perfect"! Lol. I'll submit the edited version some time. And then after that I told her some of the things my advisor wants me to work on for my portfolio...so she dug up some projects/assignment sheets she had on things regarding patterns. So like for textile patterns. ^^ They deal more in color story, moods, etc. They're fun though. Really cool! I worked on those for the rest of the class. :) It was nice that for once she gave me special attention lol...I'm usually just waiting around, bored, while she helps everyone else. I also asked her if she could write up a letter of recommendation for me. ^^; So whenever I FIND a freaking internship. -__-

I need a shower...lol...(by the time you read this post, I will have taken my shower)

Sooooo things have been pretty stressful lately. I haven't been a happy camper. Tonight's graphic arts class was the highlight of my week. The rest of the week has sucked somewhat...and it was supposed to be AWESOME. Why?? Cause my brother and dad went on their fishing trip! They left monday morning to go to Florida to first visit grandma and other family of my dad's, and then they were off to their cabin in the wilderness. XD To fish. Yeahhh, I gotta admit I've missed them. They'll be back saturday though, and now I feel like THAT TRIP WAS SO SHORT. It's been wonderful being able to play all the games I want without Corey controlling things! After all, it is HIS ps3. ~__~ So I've been attempting to cherish these moments without him around. Ahhh. But anyhoo, that's why this week was supposed to be great. Just me and mom. But school hasn't been fun.

Stupid school. I can't wait for it to be over with. :( May 16 is graduation date. I so wish I could just fast-forward to that day...I don't want to do the stupid internship thing. I don't want to write anymore papers or do anymore presentations!! T__T *sigh* I have all this homework I should be working on ahead of time. Projects. But I haven't felt up to it...like depressed. And then I get depressed thinking about how I won't have time to do them. So it's a worry for a worry. But the main thing on my mind, as usual, is the internship thing. Our advisor hasn't helped us as much as she was supposed to. I haven't heard back from anyone, and I'm not alone. My classmates are in the same boat! :( Well, some people aren't, but a lot are...so we're panicking. I feel like I'm panicking more because I have my dad on my back ALL the time about this. Heck, even today, while he's still on his trip, when he called he asked about that crap. He tries to manage everything, no matter where he is!! D< NO ONE WANTS AN INTERN. NO ONE WANTS TO HIRE ANYONE. AND ESPECIALLY NOT ME. I f-ing hate this.

Yesterday I had my meeting to schedule for next semester. It was supposed to be quick and easy, but it didn't end up that way. of course! Nothing is ever easy. All my classes are night classes, except one that's EARLY morning...thank goodness we don't meet that often for that one. But still. And then what's worse is that 2 of my classes overlap. It's such a hassle! My interior design class overlaps with seminar. Two classes I NEED to graduate. :[ Sooo thank goodness Sister Denise (who helps us schedule) teaches the one class...so she actually...said that she could do a one on one thing. -__-' I mean, great. I guess. So it'll just be me and her for 2 hours talking about interiors lol. OH BEJEEZUS NO. Dx And that will be before the other class at night. I'm so pissed off about that just cause...that'll mean I'll be there from 2-7. Torture. Torture. All of my last classes next year are related to my major; all fashion. I normally wouldn't care, but I'm kinda afraid because they recently painted some areas in the fashion hall...and I reacted to them....so I'm just really really scared that I'll be in those classrooms and get a reaction. :(((( All 5 classes are up there!! I just hope and pray that come spring semester it won't affect me. Or that it was a fluke. Cause we were scheduling in the sewing room, with all the fabrics and things everywhere which cause me to flare up, too.

Anyway, so I had to take this sheet Sister had written out to...I don't know. Is she the dean? Lol. I don't even know. That's pathetic! XD Being here almost 4 years now! Haha. But yeah, I had to give it to this nun, and she was rushing me along cause she had a meeting...she read over the sheet (course override sheet so I could still sign up for both classes even though they overlap), and asks me "Uh. What does this even mean?" I had to explain, and I hate being put on the spot like that. My face was burning up. -__- From allergies or embarrassment, I don't know. But she rushed me out of there...so I don't even know if it'll work. If I can even sign up for it or not. I feel like I'm so screwed.

Yup yup. Basically school has been stressing me out a lot. I'm so close to graduating, but it still seems so far away. I just want to give up! I'm SO OVER school. Seriously. Senioritis to the max. Everything's killing me lately.

Alright. I wrote enough. Everything about complaining really. Ohh, no more badminton. Had my last class tuesday...so no more ogling the hot guy. I'll just stalk him more on FB. XD And Brad is just a friend. I don't want to steal him away from his girlfriend. I'm rather glad badminton is over. One less day to make me have major anxiety in the morning, and now I feel better not being in contact with those guys. I prefer to avoid than confront. :/ Oooooh! I just remembered something else I didn't get to talk about. ;__; Ah well, I'll let the pics do the talking:
Voley voley voley!
Cuteness in my hand.
(I think you can still read descriptions on them, right? Even if you're not a friend on FB?)

Ok sorry, now I'll end this post. *hugs* Thanks for reading!! Take care!!

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