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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I don't know how I wrote so much about nothing.
Hey, thanks to everyone that commented last time! :) Sorry it's been a while since I posted on here. I've mostly stayed on theO...although things are pretty dull over there,too. :/ But thanks to you guys! OMG Gi-chan!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? I've missed you so much! *hugs* I hope to see you again soooooon. <333 Thank you all for the advice on the guy thing. I'm not going to do anything else about it. XD Chris added me on FB, but we won't talk much. I honestly like Brad, my badminton partner, more...even though he isn't as "cute" as Chris, haha, but his personality is awesome. Plus we text! :] So that's better. We're just friends, and that's fine for now. Anyhoo, thanks again~

So I decided to vector another lily that's supposed to be on that collab with that friend on AP...which will never be finished. EVER. I swear. He keeps making excuses and stuff...and I never get to see how it's coming along either. Actually how THEY'RE coming along. I think I agreed to 2. :/ Who knows. So regardless, I'm still submitting the vector! I really think it turned out well. ^^ Maybe not the stem and leaves, but eh.

So it's almost midnight, making it officially Halloween. 10/31/10. Happy Halloween to those that care! Lol. I know a lot of you are really excited for it. Some of you revel in cosplaying and still trick-or-treating or whatever. So that's fun. ^^ Do tell me if any of you have plans! I haven't trick-or-treated since I was...I don't know. :/ 8 years old? Maybe 11 tops. *sigh* My childhood was robbed!! ;__; Cause my brothers are so much older than me, and they stopped doing it, so then I had to stop. Plus, we never lived in a neighborhood...so we'd have to drive far away. But anyhoo, yeah, Halloween has never been a big "holiday" for me. Lol. It's just another day. But to those of you that love it, go have fun! Eat tons of sweets, enjoy yourselves, but don't enjoy yourselves TOO MUCH. XD

I haven't had much to post about lately...soooo yeah. My life is so boring. *sigh* But don't worry, I can always drag out some things!! XD

Today mom highlighted my hair. Although with my short hair...it hardly seems like highlights, it seems like an all-over dye. Haha. So my hair is much blonder now! Much lighter. ^^ I feel bad though cause when I had my hair done the last time, the lady put those "lowlights" in my bangs...supposedly making them darker lol. And here I am making everything lighter again. I guess I like my hair lighter...I don't know...although I've always wondered about darker. ~__~ I know; I talked about some of this stuff in my last post lol...but yeah. No pics today.

Haha, my brother and I watched BrĂ¼no (btw, it took me several minutes to find that Ă¼ shortcut) yesterday...quite hilarious. Quite crude, yes. XD Much cruder than Borat, but still really hilarious! And very gay!! Lol. I swear. It was 90% gay-related humor. Um, I don't know if I said that correctly...but if you saw the movie, you'd know what I mean. Haha. I love movies or shows where common people have no idea that they're being filmed or that the person (actor) isn't being serious. What these movies show though...is how rude and discriminatory people can be in the US. Both Borat and Bruno show that a lot of people, just being themselves, are incredibly ignorant or rude. :/ But anyhoo, yeah, funny movie...some gross parts (lol). I want to see Jackass 3D out in theaters now; I've always liked their movies, too! XD But I don't want to watch it in 3D...I'd get vertigo. Do any of you know if it's available, like, NORMAL? Not 3D? Ahah...yeah...nevermind...

I've been a bit down lately. But then again, when am I really happy? So my advisor sent out an email regarding the internships again. More papers discussing what we have to do, the requirements, etc. And she wants to have more meetings about it. I just feel screwed. Like there's no way I'm going to be able to get one in time. I just can't. None are close to me. No one wants to hire someone who's never worked before and has nothing on their resume. And I have to work on my portfolio, which I obviously have a lot in it, but I don't think any of it is any good...or at least...my anime-related stuff. I know she's going to be like WTF get rid of it. Like it's not going to work. It's not "original." I don't know how I can go through each of my things and explain what I did to make it...you know, like how I write my descriptions here. *sigh* Anyway, I'm still feeling helpless on this. Like I suck. I SUCK. And my teachers keep telling me to just get a job anywhere before getting the internship. Yeah, ok, no. I don't have that much time...yes, I keep putting obstacles in my way, but I can't help it. I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE ABOUT THIS CRAP.

Oh jeez. School just. Ugh. I can't wait to graduate. Provided I DO get through the internship, graduation is May 16...hooray...

I've been thinking about making a new world. One where we can post book reviews and such. It would be open to anyone that wants to guest post. :) It's just an idea right now, but I might want to do that! Cause I totally want to write whole posts about the Nightrunner series or other books I've read lol. XD And I assume some people would be interested as well? What do you think?

*hugs* Sorry. This was a messy post. Chunky and full of nothingness. Told you my life is boring. I wrote a whole paragraph on BrĂ¼no for heaven's sake. Forgive me if none of this interests you! ^^;;; But thanks for reading anyway. *hugs* I'll leave you with a song...I don't know how many of you love/hate Katy Perry, but I think this song is really uplifting!

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