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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

today's predicaments.
Thanks for the comments, fuz and faroe!! :) So nice to hear from you. *hugs* Fuz, I still need to add you. I forgot. XD

What to do about a guy.
Awawa. I need to start with something. Is it a bad idea to add the guy you have a crush on on Facebook?? ^^;; I know some of you don't even have or use FB much...but you know what I mean. I just sent a request to the guy I think is super cute in my badminton class. >> I wasn't going to do it! I was just going to keep secretly stalking him lol. But I went and added him. I mean, he has over 600 friends on there lol...there's no way he'll notice me, or rather, ignore me. Right? Unless he sees my Utena profile pic and is like "wtf nerd." Who knows. I guess I'm just afraid...that he'll think something is up! Lol. Random girl wants to be friends all of a sudden? Friends on FB. I don't even talk to him in class. ~__~ Cause I'm so freaking shy. So I tell mom about him, and she keeps telling me to be forceful. Like just talk to him about anything! Dx I can't do that. You gotta remember, I've NEVER had a boyfriend before...and I really don't have friends that are guys either. :( Online, yeah, but IRL, no. Despite my brothers and dad, I'm not that comfortable talking with other guys. O__O So anyway, it's too late, but I just wanted to know what you guys thought lol.

It turns out he's a music major, not a sports management major like I thought (his body is that of an athlete <3); he plays the piano, like me!! *__* And he's younger than me. That's a downfall. ~__~ 2 years younger! *sob* I'll graduate this May, and he'll be there till '13. Ah well. Nothing will come of this anyway. Nothing ever does. How do you get a boyfriend? Seriously. I don't know how it works. That sounds so sad and pathetic, I know. But I have no clue how it happens. .___. I'm always too afraid. I like being unnoticed...I don't like being the center of attention, which is why adding him is like wow for me. XDDD Haha. But I like being single! That way I can fantasize about fictional boyfriends (lol) and enjoy my yaoi just fine. ^_~

Ok, now then. New art. A drawing I did on Illustrator of a teddy bear. Something my advisor wanted in my portfolio...something to be like on children's clothes. And then an e-card. I don't know why so many people liked it!! ^^; I'm not a fan of how it turned out. But thanks. :)

My anxiety has gotten worse! So yeah, every morning now, when I have school, I feel like I'm going to throw up. :( It's so horrible. I can barely eat now...breakfast, that is. And even in badminton, I still felt sick. I used to feel better once I got to class, but not anymore. I can barely talk when I feel this way...cause whenever I do anything I'm afraid I'll throw up! :[ I hate it. And I don't know how to get over this.

Today: doc visit.
So today, yeah, I had gym. My partner Brad wasn't there, so I was with this girl. She was really nice and funny. We got along well. Um, after class mom and I had a dermatologist appointment. She got the all-over body check (for moles), and I was just there to see if this lady could help at all with my red/burny/itchy/spotty face that I get with my MCS reactions. Oh gawd. Mom and I were explaining our situation...how we came to have this and our reactions and stuff. The nurses and the doctor...they treated us like we were crazy. It was really rude. Like "Oh, I don't know anything about that. I can't help you." Like you're not even going to try? Oh she even said a lot of kinda rude things....mom said that a previous doc she saw kinda gave her hope, telling her that maybe things would settle down and everything would be alright eventually. So this dermatologist lady says, "Well, you'll be WAITING A LONG TIME." *rolls eyes* How nice of you. Ugh. Anyway, all I got out of the visit was a prescription for a cream that treats rosacea. Greaaaaat. She basically was like, "I think...I'll just treat you for rosacea. And acne. Try this." THANKS. Argh, this was frustrating! So mom and I left with a lot of complaints lol. I think the worst was just how she was talking to us...like she was annoyed by us and our problems. Oh she was FINE with the mole-check, but anything else, STFU.

Mom almost got into 2 car accidents today. Bad drivers everywhere. It's scary.

My dad took his test...well, see, he's been studying to get some sort of business certification. He's studied for over a month for this thing, and you have to pay to take it. After all his work...he didn't pass. He was so upset. All the questions weren't anything like what he studied like wtf. He's mad and doesn't think he wants to try it again. It really sucks. :(

Phillies lost today. Sad, sad. It's not over yet, no way...but being down 2 games to 1 is a lot worse than us being the ones with 2 wins! Remember, it's a best of 7 game series, so first to 4 wins. My boys better win tomorrow...

Saving a dog.
Ok. I think I wrote a lot as usual, but I felt accomplished with this post lol!! Oh waaaiiiit! I wanna say that my friend saved a doggy today. :] I don't remember if I told you guys, but this lady had 2 chihuahuas that she needed to give away (moving). Corey knows her from work. She asked us, but dad wouldn't let us have another dog...anyway, the lady was able to find a home for 1, but the other was still with her. She said that the SPCA would put him down if she brought him there, so she really needed to find a good home for him!! And we couldn't provide it. :( So I asked around my friends on FB...and my friend Jen said that her dad okayed it!! Welllll today was the day that the lady brought the dog over to her house, and her other dog got along fine with the chihuahua, so she got him!! ^_^ I'm so happy about that. Saved a dog's life! <3 I would've been so sad if he had to be put down. I'm so glad my friend could take him.

Alrighty! NOW I'M DONE. Sorry! I love writing. XD I can't help it. *hugs* Thanks for reading and commenting! Take care~

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