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Friday, October 15, 2010

nature and stuff.
Heeeey. Thank you all for the comments last time! Lots of comments! :] Sorry for not posting as much here. It's always so late...and then I get too lazy...and then I forget to repost. ^^; *hugs* But thank you~~~

Since it's been a while, here's my art you might have missed. If you care! XD

It is COLD today. ;__; It went from still kinda summer-ish to winter. We went out for a walk with Totoro, but we ended up doing something different. Mom still walked him, but I went with my brother and dad down to the river to look for fish. ^^; I haven't done any exploring nature like that with them in forever. See, last week they went to this river and caught little baby fish (bass, bluegill, minnows) and put them in the small tank we have (that was empty; all the discuses are in the bigger tanks). Several of them...committed suicide. ^^;; They jumped out of the open areas on the top lol. So we found several...dry, dead fish on the floor. Poor things. Sad but funny at the same time. Anyhoo, so since so many died, they wanted to go back and find more! I was just going to walk with mom and Totey, but dad brought extra boots (VERY BIG and also had a tiny hole, apparently) and asked me to come along. Sure, why not.

So we walked around in the river, on the rocks, in the woods...lifting rocks and trying to find the fishies. But we've had so much rain lately that the river was sooooo high. So unfortunately, no luck in finding any. :/ But it was still a fun time, despite the strong wind and COLD. T__T So now my face is all red and irritated, as if I don't get that enough from my other sensitive skin/MCS problems.

Here are pics that I took of us out there. XD Mostly nature-related, and some of me, my brother, and dad. Yeah, that's just linking to my FB album. As usual, I'm too lazy to put them anywhere else. But this pic
is my fave, so I uploaded it on dA! :D Lol at the pics of me and my brother...he looks horrible, and I look like a hobbit. Or an amputee hobbit. Ehhh. Either way, not so good.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. <3 Corey works, so I can have all day to myself~ Just playing games on his ps3, and then at night is the first game of the NLCS (next round of the playoffs)!! I've had to go about a week without baseball. O__O It's been TORTURE. My boys better win! Come on, Phillies! Beat San Fran! XD

Did some homework today. Yay excel spreadsheets. I never really had to do them a lot in classes, and here I have to do them all the time in Buying...and yet they're not as hard as I thought they were. :/ And I don't even have Excel. ^^; I use openoffice. I don't know if I'd be able to do these things on the REAL excel lol! Since I'm used to it on OO. But yeah, I've been working ahead on hw lately. I'm such a GOOD STUDENT. :D Oh, and I got a 95% on my last buying test. ^^ And here I barely studied for that one lol! All A's so far!

Hmm...it's late...as usual. So I better end this here. I feel like I didn't write as much, but who knows. Have a watch at this video. Warning, there's a lot of the F word...so if you have sensitive ears, don't listen lol. But it's a very good video...very powerful. Sending out a message about gay rights. I want some of those shirts! XD

Thanks for visiting! <3 Take care~

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