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Thursday, October 7, 2010

some repost from theO. baseball yesterday, and crying today.
Thank you for all the comments! *hugs* You guys are great. XD I find it amusing that I've gotten more comments on here than theO. I swear people must hate me over on theO. No one is commenting my stuff, especially not posts. Yeah, yeah, I know people are "busy," but is it that hard to comment on my post? Just...once? I haven't heard from so many people in so long. And yet I've seen them comment on other people's stuff. But anyhoo, thank YOU guys for commenting here on myO. :) Lute, xaos, corn, and Anna! <3 xaos, aww, really?? Well, I'd love to be a writer for TGF, except I don't think I do write enough about those things. I know I sure CAN though. It's just I haven't been watching much anime lately, and I wouldn't know what to write for games, although I sure play a lot. XDDD Thanks though! Feel free to PM me more about it. :) And arigatou again to the rest of you~

I'm just going to repost my post from yesterday that I REPOSTED today on theO with an edit lol. XD Yes, lost of "posting"! I'm too lazy to rewrite things. And seeing as I haven't heard from anybody on it, well, might as well spread the word here...soooo except for the edit, everything that says "today" should be yesterday (oct.6)...like the baseball game.
New wallpaper.
Yes, it's odd for me...Inuyasha. XD I don't normally make things from mainstream stuff. :/ But it was a request, so I went with it. I like how it turned out. But it makes me mad that theO wouldn't let me upload the widescreen version. :( So I put the link to it in the description...but still. Apparently the size of the file is too big? Maybe? I don't know. It's like the same as the standard version. >.< I never had problems with that before, but noawadays, it happens a lot to people!

I have to start out with Phillies goodness...ok?? Some of you won't care, but I DON'T CARE. WHY? CAUSE I CARE. That so didn't make sense. But it did to me. :D

It can't get much better than that. And by better, I mean gayer. And by gayer, I mean sweeter. And by sweeter, I mean...sweeter.

XD So what does that mean? Well, today was the first game of the playoffs!! AND MY BOYS WON. Yup, one win down!! This series is a best of 5, so that means we need to win 2 more games to move on. :D But what was amazing, and why Carlos and Roy are hugging so enthusiastically (lol) is because Halladay (roy) pitched a no-hitter. And I'll have you know that this was his first time starting in a postseason/playoff game. EVER in his career. I mean really? He looked like a pro lol! As usual!!! A no-hitter is when, as it sounds, the opposing team doesn't get a single hit during the game. He did allow 1 walk; because of that, he didn't get another perfect game (he had one earlier this year)...and those are RARE. These things are f-ing rare, and he does it twice in a season? And in his first game of the playoffs??? Yeah. They said that this is only the 2nd time in baseball history that a no-hitter was thrown during the postseason. Like holy crap. He will be enshrined in awesomeness forever...

I'm so glad I didn't have to go to class.

Other Things
Well, aside from baseball...today I just had business law. I gave my friend my work for international business to give to our prof. That's the class I can't go to cause of the new carpeting. I didn't hear from my teacher today...so I'm not sure what to do for next week and beyond lol. I guess just do what I've been doing.

Things haven't been good for me lately! As you know. Mentally, I've been struggling. Worries about the internships etc. Well, every morning I've been having major anxiety before class! Any class. Any day. Usually these feelings go away after a week or two of school. I've already had over a month! And it's gotten worse. :( My allergies are worse, too. They aid in making me feel sick in the morning because of all of my phlegm...and having to blow my nose non-stop. So yesterday I was supposed to have gym...I was looking forward to it. I had on my new exercise stuff I got; I thought I looked cute! All ready to impress the guys. XD So we're just about to go, and what do I do? Throw up. Yeah. Great. The anxiety feelings...just too much. *sigh* I've felt nauseous every day for a while now!! .___. I hate throwing up. It's horrible. And I always cry. So I didn't go to class...I felt bad about it, but I couldn't go feeling like that.

I'm falling apart at the seams, and I'm only 21. -__-' All my aches and pains, worries, emotional breakdowns...I swear!

I could talk about more stuff...but I'll spare you. Tomorrow I just have graphic arts. I didn't go last week...so hopefully I'm not too behind. Thanks for visiting me!! I love you guys! *hugs* Take care~ HUGS FOR ALL.

P.S. My brother is so annoying. When isn't he? But lately he's bothered me even more. I mean, he doesn't act like an almost-30 year old. He cut his hours down at work, so he only works 3 days a week. It's absurd. So I have to deal with him for 4 days...and what's worse is that 3 of those 4 days off are in a row. It's torture. And he's always so rude to me. WHY WON'T HE F-ING MOVE OUT??? Or at least look for a better job!! *sigh* He finally works tomorrow...but then he has off again...and then he works the weekend. It isn't enough. :(

The Edit of Today
Edit: (oct.7) I'm currently in my graphic arts class...it's almost over. I actually just submitted the project I just finished here lol! Take a look. :D

Well, today was horrible. It was supposed to be a good day. Sleep late, wake up, relax, play games, then go to graphic arts. Didn't happen. Right when I got up I was accosted by my dad...talking about the internship thing. I actually had good news for him cause my advisor replied to my email, offering me help! She said she would contact some of the places I was looking into. So I told dad, and he was like WTF THOSE PLACES ARE NO GOOD FOR YOU. YOU CAN'T MOVE UP IN THOSE COMPANIES BLAH BLAH BLAH. Well, he said some other things, and he really hurt my feelings...he said a lot of mean stuff. So I left, really upset to get breakfast. That didn't work out. When dad came down, he didn't apologize or anything. He pretended like NOTHING happened. "I don't even know what I did wrong." WTF? You said things to make your daughter cry. So I kept crying. I cried harder and harder, for about an hour. I've been so depressed lately, you guys know that. I've even had some bad thoughts...if you know what I mean. So I told them. Like I've been tempted to hurt myself. ^^; Ugh! But anyway, I cried a lot, and mom comforted me...and dad later hugged me, but no apology or help. Nothing will change in him. He can be so wonderful and so horrible at times. He ruined my day.

He also was yelling at my mom later. He needs a job.

Ok, that's all I wanted to add. :( *hugs* Thanks for visiting...

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