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Thursday, September 30, 2010

weather, bugs, wallpaper, frustrations.
Thanks for the comments, guys! Lute, corn, faroe, and SS~~~ You're all awesome. On one of my worlds, I requested that people visit a friend's world for a little request from a friend of his<--link to the friend's post. It'd be awesome if you can go and check that out. It deals with AIDS awareness. :) Thanks~ I'm going to kinda...title each section of this post lol! I guess the most important part is the one about my advisor meeting. ^^; Thanks again for the comments! Oh, and some replies: corn, those weren't shots for being sick. Those were cortizone shots in my neck to help with my neck pain. ^^; And to those of you that asked about my class going online so I don't have to be in the room, well I had to write a little note to give to my friend to give to him this week lol. I had my numbers and email on it again. So he called me and said he gave my friend stuff to give to me to do.

Hmm...we'll see how long this post goes. XD It really doesn't matter. Even when I say it'll be short, it's still long. So whatever. And it's still smack-dab in the middle of a school week so I'm not expecting much. :/

Today's Weather
We had soooooooooooo much rain today. It was a scary storm. ;___; Like...the wind was crazy. I'm not sure how fast it was blowing, but it sure seemed way stronger than I've seen in a long time. We're getting the effects of a hurricane, I suppose. It was real dangerous out there....so I didn't go to my graphic arts class tonight. XD More like, I was just in a lazy mood. I wasn't up for it. Plus, graphic arts has been giving me some trouble lately lol. Not the class, but the topic in general. But anyhoo, yeah, the weather was crazy. It's still going on, too. I'm glad the electricity stayed with us! There were tornado warnings, and I'm so thankful we didn't get hit. T__T I've never seen a tornado before, thank God. I never want to. They seem like the scariest things in the world...

Bugs Ewww
Stupid SPIDERS. D< *goes to kill one on the wall* Sorry. We have tons of spiders down here. It's gross. And stink bugs, my GAWD the stink bugs. These past few months...have been the worst ever for those!! Apparently these retarded little things aren't everywhere. But in my area, we've been having like...plague-size amounts. They look like this but much smaller (thank goodness lol...don't look if you're not a fan of bugs haha) And they're everywhere! It's hard to go outside without them swarming and trying to get inside. ;__; My dad, the other day, came inside wearing some shorts he left outside...BAD IDEA. He was covered in them. They were dropping off of him in the house. O__O I was like "GO OUTSIDE!! THEY'RE FALLING OFF OF YOU!!" Bleh. I can't wait for colder weather, so all these gross bugs will be dead.

The Wallpaper
If some of you saw last night that I submitted a new wallpaper, yeah, well it was deleted. Apparently I used some fanart from dA, but I didn't know it cause I got it on zerochan. ~__~ LAME. But anyway, if you would still like to see the wallpaper, I have the links for you. :]
---->1600x1200 (original size)
I was really annoyed about it this morning, but I'm better now. :/ What does annoy me currently though is that when art is deleted on here by a mod, you don't get a notification about it! Or a reason! I mean, forget a reason, but just a notification would be nice. The only reason I know why it was taken down was that said mod is a friend and she PM-ed me. XD But theO should take a cue from AP. If a wallpaper or scan is removed for whatever reason, you get a PM stating so and why. I don't know how MT works or other places, but I think that would be helpful. Cause one day you have something submitted, and then the next it's gone and you don't know why lol.

New Advisor Internship Meeting...
Ok so the other day I had my first meeting with my new advisor. Polly. I heard great things about her! Great things. "Oh, I LOVE HER. She's soooo nice! So cool! So funny and helpful!" -__- So that gave me hope! I go in there, and...ehhhh. Let's just say I didn't get the same impression. :( The cute thing is that she's very southern! Up here on the east coast, you don't hear many Georgia accents. XD Her hair is really blond, a pixie cut shorter than mine. She has super blue glasses...um, yeah. She had promise! She started out nice! But then as we got into the meeting, I got the other side of her. She's really strict...a workhorse that pushes her students and employees hard. Oh, she's a businesswoman alright. *rolls eyes*

Ok, so she starts off by asking me what my interests are. What do I want to do for the internship...or in the fashion industry. I answer, of course, with graphic arts/design. Well, I almost regret saying that. And I also regret being honest and telling her I have no work experience. From that point on is when her demeanor changed. Going from lighthearted to OMG YOU FAILURE YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO WORK SOOOOOO MUCH HARDER THAN EVERYONE ELSE TO GO ANYWHERE IN LIFE. YOU SURE ARE LIMITING YOURSELF. WHAT? YOU WANT TO WORK LOCALLY? OH YOU'LL GET NOWHERE DOING THAT. *sigh* I'm not kidding. She really did say some of those things. Maybe not the failure part, but the way she was talking to me it was as if I was. I am, rather. She kept telling me how hard it will be for me to get an internship or a job in general with no work experience. I'll need to do way more work compared to the other girls. :/ And since I want to find something in design, she told me to get together my portfolio...with specific things. She basically told me to do some other art projects to add to it. She shot down hand-drawn things like I already have (Oh no, only things on the computer!). That pissed me off...as if people that submit portfolios or are in graphic arts don't draw by hand!!!! D< Ugh. And then she says only put "original stuff" in there. I told her about my wallpapers and ecards, and she poo-pooed them. POO-POO I say. I mean wtf??? That's what I DO. FOR FUN. These things are my works, too...so I have a feeling she'll toss them all out if I show them to her. I'm afraid to even bother. They don't exactly have art appreciation for anime things.

Ugh. Anyway, yeah, she basically ordered me to do this, that, the other thing...it wasn't about what I want, even though this is MY future. And sorry, I'm not going to travel to New York for 2+ hours to do an internship and then have to drive all the way back for classes. She seems to think that it would be easy. STFU lady. I thought the meeting was going to be about helping me search for some internships...or she would take in what we'd say and then help to look. She instead told me to "broaden my horizons" and not just focus on graphic design. Huh?? *sigh* Well to make an already long story a bit shorter, I wasn't happy with this meeting. I wasn't. It made me depressed, and I still am. It made me doubt any of my art. And it made me doubt my chances of even graduating...cause if I can't get an internship, I can't graduate. :( I feel like a failure. I've been trying and trying to find internships online...but no such luck. It's like I don't know how to search or something. I can't stop worrying!

*hugs* Thanks for reading! Whoever did! I really appreciate it. :( You guys are great... hope theO isn't dying either lol. So few updates. Take care~

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