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Saturday, September 18, 2010

ups and downs and pocky.
Wow, thanks for the comments you guys! :) Haha, a lot more than usual! *hugs* Faroe, Roleni (sorry they kept getting cut off, ugh!), Lute, and corn! <333 You're all awesome. I doubt anything will come of me and my badminton partner...haha, but whatever!

Wow, theO is pretty uneventful today...lately...yeah. Like barely any updates today. O__O So I'm not expecting many comments either. Is the site going dead? Or is it just school stuff, despite being the weekend?? Ah well. I guess it's good to have a non-busy day...though I admit I didn't get around to commenting much today. I have nice excuses lined up, don't worry! :D

So here's my new card. I spent a lot of time on it. ~___~ Like way TOO much time. I was really happy with it how I had the text at first, but then the more I looked at it, the less I liked it, so then it was a game of musical...words. XD Switching them here, there, everywhere, until they ended up where they are now! I like it more now. I think. Lol. I'm just so picky. When I first did the text, I had it up...like at the top of the glasses guy's head, and I had more of the lyrics there, too. But then I pared it down...and then moved it down etc. Wow, I guess I'm writing all this here cause I didn't put it in my card's description. Haha. ^^; Like anyone cares!

Ugh, I really want some Pocky right now. I'm stuck with Pretz roast. Bleh. I mean...they're ok...but they don't have the chocolatey goodness of pocky, and they don't even taste like pretzels. >>' It's just odd. A mix between the pocky biscuit and a pretzel. What's your favorite kind of pocky? I used to like strawberry the most, but I've definitely gotten away from it. I actually like the "men's pocky", which is the dark chocolate kind. Weird, cause I don't care much for dark chocolate normally. And I'm not a man.

My dad kinda annoyed me today. You know I call you guys my friends, and I was telling him about...well, something, I don't remember, but I was like, "my online friends..." and he says, "How can you call them friends? You don't even know who they are, and you don't know what they sound like! Why don't you talk to them on the phone or something? How are they friends if you don't even talk?" WTF DAD SHUT UP. That actually pissed me off. I took offense to that...because you guys ARE my friends. A friend doesn't have to be someone that you know face to face or talk to on the phone. Heck, I don't even talk to "IRL" friends on the phone lol! He even brought the topic up again later. I didn't even want to respond. You guys are my friends, and better ones than the people I DO know in person. :/ So I thank you all. *hugs*

Today I got my glasses fixed. And for now I can say that they feel fine, and I can see out of them! XD Cause before I was messing with them so much, trying to adjust them myself that I screwed them up waaaaaaaaaay too much. But now...I think they're alright. ^^;; Me and my glasses. I can never find a pair that feels comfortable!

Now then, as I said in my last post, I ended up getting the cortizone shots in the back of my neck to help my pain. Yeah, it was scary and horrible. Now...are they helping? I'm actually not sure yet. :/ It's rather disappointing. Depressing, too. Because I had a migraine today, and my doc said that the shots would prevent migraines for a while, too. *sigh* So that's why I'm not sure if they're working or not. At first I thought I felt like...yeah, it's good, but ehh. I mean, am I still just sore from the shots themselves? Does it take a while for them to actually work? Cause it's supposed to relieve inflammation. Who knows. -_- I just have to continue to pray that they help! Otherwise, I'm stuck with nothing again. Just constant pain!

I was feeling kinda down today. I still am. I got like really overwhelmed with school stuff all of a sudden. I went from ok to panic mode. I won't go into details cause you'd be bored to death or just not care, but I have stuff to do and I'm confused by it, and I don't know what will happen with my wednesday class in the freshly carpeted room...and I just don't know. I hate not knowing! I have anxiety over the unknown! Like my online teacher said for our assignment this week (due monday) that we have to do "chapter 3 question." Ok. Uh...wtf? WHAT QUESTION??? THERE'S LIKE 20. Ugh! It's frustrating. Sorry. But the down feeling hit me like a bag of rocks at around 6pm...lol...I hate school...

Boy scouts are ripoffs. Feeling generous, my parents decided to buy a bag of popcorn from them...for $18. Jeez, kids. It better taste good. The bag they put it in reminds me of guinea pig food packaging...

Ok. I wrote enough. Sorry~ At least I'm entertained when I post. ^^; Whether you guys are or not lol!! *hugs* Thank you for reading. Take care. :)

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