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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

B is for badminton and balloons.
Hey there! :] Though I think I'm mostly just talking to Lute. O__O And maybe corn and faroe if you guys come by. XD But definitely Lute! *hugs* Thank you for your comment~ Sorry for not posting in a while. I've mostly stayed on theO...too lazy to post on here! ^^;;

Why is theO (not myO) whoring itself out? I swear. These full page ads are ridiculous. I tend to click outside the main part of the page...and so it keeps bringing me to the f-ing ad page. Adam, please. He did this before, and people hated it, so he does it again. I know...it's probably just for one day as it was before, but it's darn annoying. Hey, he's gotta make money somewhere, right? But...does it have to cost theO its dignity?

Happy birthday, nami! <3 This card is for youuu. I love it. <3 Winnie the Pooh is my idol. XD So cute. It's also a continuation of the alphabet card meme that SakuraD came up with. So I tagged her to make one that will deal with a C word. It's fun stuff. :] Then she'll tag someone to make a card dealing with a word that starts with D and so on! Sakura was really creative with this. XD Obviously my letter was B. B for birthday card, B for balloons. ♥

Stupid glasses. I swear. They're not comfortable, so I've been adjusting them myself...and they've just gotten worse. So now they're off-kilter, and I can't even see clearly out of them. I keep taking them off and just wanting to throw them against the wall!!! I'm typing this right now without them on, and I can't see a darn thing. I'll go back and edit before I post though. XD I'm blind without my glasses, and that's what sucks. Also I don't want to wear contacts. I've just been having the hardest time finding comfortable glasses!!! :( Ugh. But yeah, I think I'm legally blind without them. Does -5.00 count for that? That's what a friend of mine told me a few years ago, but she contorts the truth a lot so who knows. XD

Tomorrow I have my neurologist appointment. So wish me luck!! (though I'll probably read comments after it...) I'm not sure what will be done. If I'll have that shot in the back of my head/neck, or not. ^^;;; I'll be scared to death if so, but if it helps...heck, I'll try anything. I have a feeling he has no more meds for me to try so I need some other solution to my migraines and neck pain. Everything starts with my neck. My right side...there's something wrong with it, and my chiropractor can feel it, but he can't fix it. -__- So who knows. But ughhhhhhhhh. I just hope my neurologist has some solution! Painless, hopefully!

Tomorrow I'll have my first quiz in a class, too. Business law. O__O Bleh. Not fun, but it shouldn't be too hard. And thankfully we don't have international business tomorrow night...that's the one I can't go to cause of the new carpeted room. ~__~ So I have at least another week to figure out what I'll do. *sigh* Or hope that in this time my prof will get to switch to another room!!

Today I had badminton. Yes, that's all I had. It was great~~~ Fun stuff!! XD What I love most is the amount of cute guys in class. ^^;;; Yummy to look at lol!!! And I'm partnered with one of the guys. He isn't the cutest, but he's really nice. His name is Brad, and I think I like him. >>' I haven't had a crush in FOREVER, literally. Haha. He's also in my international business class. So we talked about that some, and I told him we don't have class tomorrow, and he was like, "NO WAY! For real??? *laughs and smiles* That's the best news ever! Cause I didn't want to write that paper for tomorrow." Lol. :] The only downfall to him...is that he smokes. I can smell him a mile away. ~__~ Ugh. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, too...lol. Plus it's just bleh. So he's nice, pretty cute (gorgeous blue eyes), but he's got that one downfall. Ah well. I doubt anything will happen, but at least I have badminton to look forward to! XD

So one of our new fish already passed away. RIP little yellow guy. I didn't even get to name him. He was sick when we got him...usually the yellow ones are like that. :/ Maybe yellow discus have recessive genes that make them weaker? Cause we've had...4 now, yellow discus, that have died. :(

Okies. I think that's it! I noticed lots of updates today. Great cards and walls and posts! But I didn't have time to comment. Sorry!! .___. I was reading Shadows Return (Lynn Flewelling, the Nightrunner series I've been reading...and my avi is from the apparent manga version!) It's soooo good. Gawd, I love this series. D: Flewelling is a genius! Anyhoo, off topic...sorry again for not commenting! I love you guys though. I hope you can comment...I'm missing lots of people. ^^; Take care~~~

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