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Sunday, September 5, 2010

tomorrow & rants
Hey it's been a while since my last post here! Sorry! *hugs* Thank you, corn, for your comment on here. :) And theO...and everything. XD If you only read posts on myO, then you've missed out on my other posts about school starting...and how things have gone, which haven't been that great! Mostly cause of my health issues, which will be ranted upon in this post, too. XD Thanks again~

Some of you saw already, but this post on my other world is just for the links to my new art. That isn't really a "real" post...just has my new ecard and fanart (flowers) on there. So if you're lazy, you can click that and click on my art that way lol! I only did that cause people might've gotten confused with the updates...I had some error problems when trying to submit them.

So how are all of you? Good? I hope so. Those of you in the States should be happy to have tomorrow off for Labor Day! ♥ It's also my mom's birthday. ^_^ It's great. If I didn't have off, I would've had one of my retarded school days...and it just wouldn't be any fun! There's also a doubleheader (Phillies)...so that means a game during the day and at night. XD I'll be busy watching baseball lol. They better win!! Cause that should be my mom's gift. I didn't...really get her anything. I just drew her those flowers. I mean, she has something for me to give her, but it isn't the same. ^^;; Then again, my brother forgot, too...I don't know about D, but Corey said he didn't get anything yet lol. We're so bad!! I guess it's just that it sorta snuck up on us. And it being a holiday anyway...eh. But mommy is so great. She really doesn't mind. At least not me. She knows I show her love in many ways. :) Unlike my brothers, I'm KIND AND HELPFUL AND I DO WHAT SHE SAYS.

*sigh* Had another migraine today. That's...well, several days in a row now. I wish my prescription gave me more pills. It's like a billion dollars for only 9. I guess most people only get a few a month...not me! I got them almost everyday. I need to go back to my neurologist. This isn't funny. It isn't right. I shouldn't be having so much pain everyday at my age. It's my neck, my head...although it might be tied to the MCSS. It says one of the side-effects is migraine! I never had neck aches like this before. Only when my stupid MCS became worse that I have...so it probably has to do with one another. It really frustrates me. I've been getting depressed about it. Cried about it. I always talk to my mom about it...cause she's in the same boat...but there's no solution. [NAMI SEND ME YOUR RESEARCH ALREADY.] Because of these things, I've been worrying more and more about stuff in the future that I shouldn't be. "What if my teacher doesn't switch rooms like I asked him to?" [cause the one we're in has new carpeting...I reacted SO badly to it...these classrooms have been bothering me a lot.] "What will I do when I try and find a job?" [cause most likely I'll be allergic to something in the place...] Etc. etc.

I can't worry day to day, I worry in clumps. I worry in clumps in the far-ish future...so like things months from now I'm panicking about. ~___~ It's ridiculous. And a lot of it, again, has to do with my health issues at the moment. I know I'm so incredibly grateful that I don't have cancer in the family or anything like that...but mom and I have this mysterious thing that no one recognizes or knows anything about. It's not deadly certainly, but it makes me want to die sometimes. That and my migraines. I want to stab my neck with a knife. [I won't really...just sometimes I get these bad thoughts.] :(

Hmm...the weather has been really nice this weekend. Incredible really. Cool, sunny. Not HOT or HUMID. Just...really pleasant. <3 If only it could be like this forever!

So my dad ordered more fish. Discus, you know. I hope we can get another angelfish so I can name him Todd II. :( RIP Todd. Anyhoo, they were supposed to arrive last friday...but they weren't sent cause of the weather. Soooo they should come wednesday. I told my dad to stop getting more! Especially since it's stressful on them to be shipped on a plane, but ehhhh, he can't resist. So I hope they arrive healthy. Then I get to come up with more names for them lol. We have so many...I don't know how he thinks they'll fit.

I waste too much time on facebook...it's the games. Dx I never thought I would! ;___;

Ok. I can't think of anything else to say. I did a good amount of ranting!! XD I hate school. Ugh, I had enough! All I had was one week, but bleh. I think it's senioritis...so close...but so far. graduation. Oh, before I say good-bye...anyone ever watch Project A-Ko (other than Jerry)? It's a classic 80's anime...well, this music video always confused me. If anyone can explain why the girls are dancing around on a farm, please do. It's the most hilarious thing ever...GET A CHANCE, LADY! And...SWEEP UP COW POO!

Ok! So now that's it. *hugs* I love you guys. Thank you thank you again. Take care. And good luck to all of you with school and work.

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