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Sunday, August 22, 2010

fail post. (not)
Hey~ Thanks for the comments, Faroe and noir! <333 You guys are awesome. :) Sorry I don't post often enough on myO. Hmm...I should also change my theme some time, but I actually really like this green one. XD

I've been on the computer too much today. My eyes are like WTF JUST GET OFF ALREADY. GO DO SOMETHING ELSE. But here I am, posting. But as the title suggests, it will be a fail post. Too short to be considered a "post" by my standards lol...but ehhhh...I just felt like updating for the sake of updating! :) [I'm sure it will still be long compared to others' posts though!]

Here's my new wall. ^^ I think it turned out cute. Much nicer than the original scan. I'm a little bummed at the few amount of faves (right now), but that's a ridiculous thing to be bummed about. I guess sometimes I just get like confused and wtf...why do some wallpapers or ecards, that look shoddy, get so popular? I mean, things really have gotten better around here, I must say. The quality has gone up, especially in the ecard department. :) Remember when all the most popular cards were by that same person (villageidiot), and all they were were crappy screenshots and one-liners? XD Well, there's still some of those floating around, but I'm so happy to finally see ecards being taken seriously. Before they used to be shoved to the side and ignored. TheO only paid attention to the fanart and wallpapers (sometimes), but now ecards are becoming just as popular and high-quality! Cause they're little masterpieces. ^_^ I like to say I started that trend...lol. *cough*modest*cough* But I have a feeling that isn't the case. XD

I'm really liking my new phone now. I've gotten used to it, though I still don't like the QWERTY keyboard. The buttons are just soooo tiny. But eh, I'll probably get used to it over time. For your phones...does it have the keyboard? And if so, do you like using it? Does it get easier to use the more you use it? Oh, and I'm proud to say my idiot brother didn't exchange his phone to get one like mine (Samsung Reality). XD He stuck with the one we got him. But my mom...well, she improved hers to an LG Chocolate Touch!! D: It's really cool. But ehhhh, I like mine more. XD

I had another migraine today. I had about 2 days without any, but now they're back again, and I'm out of my meds. :( Argh. And I can't get it refilled for a while...soooo stupid.

I did something stupid yet hilarious on facebook tonight. So I have added theFightins.com, which is a Phillies blog...and the guys on there are always funny. Always poking fun and making crude jokes. Anyhoo, I commented on one of the posts, but FB kept coming up with this error...so...I kept hitting submit...and. XD Well, it posted my comment 6 times!! Lol. Ahhh! And I noticed that the guy that runs the site "liked" each 6 of them and then posted my same comment again. XD I felt so stupid! But it was funny. So now I added the guy as a friend. I hate doing stupid things like that. I deleted my extra comments. >>' But now I feel like I should've kept them so they could joke around more. Ah well. I'm a stupid perfectionist that is soooo self-conscious about everything.

If curious, this is a picture of my fridge. It is covered in Phillies pic I cut out of the newspaper...

Only one week left of summer. :( I'm really sad about that. This was such a crappy summer. I only did things with friends ONCE (maybe twice)...and other than that, nothing happened. Went to one phils game, shopped at the mall some. But ugh. I have no life, and this summer showed it. I'm a bit depressed now, thinking about going back.

As usual, I made this longer than I intended. ^^; Sorry. *hugs* Thanks for visiting me! I love you guys! Take care.

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