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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

interesting times.
Wow, so many comments~ Lol. *hugs* Thanks guys! I hear from more people here on myO now than theO! XD Truly amazing. So thanks Faroe, Jungy, Chibi, Dark, and SS!! <3

Hmm...I've been meaning to post, but then it'd get too late. Let's see if I can make this fast! I should probably make time to post earlier...but I don't. I just don't. I have NO TIME. Most of my computer time these days is taken up by homework. :/ It's really a bummer. ;__; Which is why I doubt I'll ever finish my Kobato wall...but here's the quick wall I made!! ^^ From Binchou-tan, one of the cutest anime ever. It's just so sweet and relaxing...so innocent and cute. <3 I'm sorry to those of you that got fooled and thought by the title that this wall was going to be my kobato one. XD

Alright. I'm going to go back a few days to when something actually happened! XD Monday night was it? I think...I don't remember, haha. My dad's been talking about how he used to be able to hit (softball)...and how he could still hit a homerun etc. He said, "We gotta go to the batting cages, and I'll show you!" So finally we went...to this little old place called Grand Slam. It's this, uh...well, used to be the happenin' place to be when I was little, full of arcade games, the batting cages, laser tag, and all sorts of those other games you'd play to win tickets. Well, it's definitely gone downhill. ^^; I haven't been in a while...and it's just horrible lol!!! They have NO air conditioning so it's a billion degrees in there, half of the machines are out of order, and the ones that "worked" didn't really work...they wouldn't give tickets. Or they just wouldn't take the tokens! Example: I wanted to play DDR. It cost 3 tokens. I put in 3. It registered 2. I put in another (4)...it only registered 2. Ok then!! I'd call that OUT OF ORDER.

Ahem. So I didn't get to play DDR. We went to the batting cages...and dad did pretty well! Not too shabby for not doing it for so long. I tried for the first time ever...and it was horrible. I tried it with "softball," and my gawd, I should've done baseball. At least those balls are smaller and maybe lighter!! XD With aluminum bats, you can feel EVERYTHING. And me being a weak little girl, lol, it was just ugh. It hurt so much when I'd make contact! ^^; I'd feel the impact all the way up my arms and hands. I didn't ever hit the ball far, and I quit partway through cause I hurt my hand too much. I apparently also fouled a couple off my leg...cause I only noticed today some bruises. XD Corey tried as well, and he did OK...but not great. Dur hur. They said I looked like a 12 year old boy in the helmet. THANK YOU.

After doing that, we went to "play" some of the other games. Like I said, most didn't even give tickets. So my brother got this girl that worked there to come over and help. LO AND BEHOLD THAT GIRL WAS MY FRIEND MADII. XD I had no clue she worked there!!! Dur! It was hilarious. So we talked some. I haven't seen her in quite a while. She went to my college but left last year cause she didn't like it. It was nice to see her...and even nicer cause she let me have whatever prize I wanted lol. I gave her the tickets we got, and she said, "Lemme count those...later...eh. Just take whatever you want." Haha! So I took a cute teddy bear. :3 Which would've cost the most 1000 tickets. Yup yup. I definitely had 1000 tickets...>>' RIGHT MADII?? She said so. Teehee!

So that was a fun little outing. Not fun in that it was really GOOD, but fun cause it was kinda bad. XD And cause my friend let me have whatever I wanted. :D

Yesterday my brother decided to be a horrible jerk and make a big argument out of something terribly small. It was so stupid. Soooo stupid. He called me names and said I was such a bad person. I'm a "fool." I'm a "bad person." I "wouldn't make it in the real world." I'd "get yelled at all the time." I "should be punished more." Ok. Yeah. Right. He made me cry, and of course he doesn't apologize. *sigh* I really wish he'd move out already...he's almost 30...he doesn't act like it. He still acts like a selfish 7 year old or something. He doesn't ever think about what he says or realize that he's acting how he does. For heaven's sake the "argument" was over what we were having for dinner. He's an idiot and always will be. He's the one that can't live in the "real world"...if he could, he'd be moved out by now.

Hmm....more homework...too much...I don't know how I'll get it all done...

Phillies have been winning at least! :) So that makes me happy. The other things bring me down, but you know I love it when my boys win. XD

*hugs* Ok. I took a lot longer and wrote more than I thought I would. :/ Thanks for visiting me!! Take care!

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