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Sunday, July 18, 2010

lots of things.
Thanks for the comment, lute! :) *hugs* And suarez...please comment ON MY POST if you're going to. If you don't bother reading or seriously commenting, then please, don't bother at all. Thanks. XD

I shall start off by saying that the Phillies are frustrating me to no end. I question myself about why on earth I still watch them lol! XD They've been losing so much. They won yesterday, but they're losing again tonight, and with our best pitcher, too. I mean, there's still tons of games left in the season...but being behind by so many games is frustrating! But what makes me mad is how they've been playing. They're not playing like the usual championship team that they are/were...ugh. I mean, sure, they could probably still come back and win tonight, lol, but I got fed up so I'm not watching right now. XD I'm not a bad fan, I'm just an easily angered one, haha. [/baseball rant]

Ok so anyhoo...I'm writing this post earlier than usual! Lol earlier than my usual past-midnight time. It's 9:40! Since I'm staying away from the TV at the moment, I figured I might as well!

Here's the card I made yesterday. :) It went through a lot of changes until it reached this final point lol. I mean A LOT. But thanks to those that have been hugging/faving/commenting on it. ^_^ I didn't even know she was from Hetalia.

Yesterday I had a lot of encounters with baby birds! Lol!! <333 Remember how I mentioned (I think) about how our birdfeeder tends to be a trap for the little birdies that can fit through the holes in it? Yeah. Well, this time a little baby chickadee was in it! I took a video of it first before saving the little guy. My dad wanted to take a picture of me holding the baby before letting him go, but the cute little guy flew off before he could. But he couldn't fly very far! Cause he was indeed a baby. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. he was SOOOO SOFT. Fluffy down feathers. ^^ Gah. Too cute. That was the first encounter with a baby bird! The next was after dinner, Mommy said there was one on her windowsill! It was a baby sparrow, just chirping away for his mommy and daddy. He just sat there. The window is pretty high up, and I guess he couldn't fly well either! So he just sat there and chirped. XD I took several pics and even a video, but here's just the "collage" I made of 3 of the pics I took of him. :3

After going away for a bit, I went back and noticed he was gone...so I guess he just flew off! He was so fluffy-looking, too. x3 I so wanted to open the window and pick him up...but if I did, he probably would've gotten scared.

While on dA, I came across this artist...my goodness gracious...they are TALENTED WITH SEXY MEN OMG. D: All they draw are super smexy bishies! My gawd I want them all!! *_______* I want them. ;__; How do people draw so well? Argh. If I could draw like that, I would also be drawing up my fantasies one after another. >>'

I've been doing a lot of homework lately. Of course. I have to for these classes! :/ But it isn't AS BAD...I mean, the stuff isn't necessarily hard, it's just time-consuming. You know, stuff that the teachers assign just to make sure you've read something or just to make you work...to work. I still have a paper and some questions on a video about starbucks to do for tuesday. Then I'll have to start on the stuff for my lifespan class. We had our first quiz in that class on friday. It was easy, but again, time-consuming. Online classes aren't terrible...just annoying.

Alright, one more thing I wanna mention...I think this will be it. XD But you know the mystery "allergy" that my mom has really bad, and that I sort of have? Where our faces get burny/itchy when around certain things? Like fresh paint, lotions, scents, chemicals, etc. Well, the other day my dad did some research about it. We're pretty sure we have multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome. In that video, the guy and lady say some reactions could be throwing up and headaches...well, for us, it's mostly more migraines, and then the itching/burning with the face. But that's what it is! And the unfortunate thing is that there's NO CURES for it. None. -__- So we're...stuck with it really. It's nice to see that we aren't just crazy with how we're feeling, but still.

Ok, sorry! This is a really long post. Or at least it looks like it. ^^; But I hadn't posted for a while, and I had stuff to say. SO THERE. I know a lot of people don't like reading long posts, so I get a piece of crap short comment, but whatever. I write this much cause I want to, and it helps me. Or something. XD So thanks to whoever read this! *hugs* I love you guys!! <33

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