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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thank you Meg and Brand for the comments! <33

In case you haven't seen it yet, that was my most recent ecard. :) Now I've made 2 Oofuri cards in a row. Lol, what I LOVE about the Oofuri category here is that the majority of the cards were made by either me or Ritona. XD And the other ones were either made for me as gifts or for challenges. Lol. Just a funny observation...

Next off, I just wanted to put a reminder out there about my fanart challenge. I know just a couple of you have worked on entries and DO plan to enter. But so far, I have NO submissions. ^^;;;; No one can win if no one enters! Lol!! And if only 3 or less people submit, then haha, automatic wins no matter how they make Belimai look. XD Tis a shame. I thought that more people would like my challenge. Now it's been pushed to the second page of challenges, so no one will ever see it lol. And I'm sad that the artists that I sent the invites to didn't reply at all...and i was SO looking forward to seeing how they'd draw him. ;__; Oh well. There's a couple weeks left, so yeah. Just again...wanted to shamelessly advertise that! XD

I love the song Speed of Sound by Coldplay. D: I LOVE IT. I never really liked Coldplay before, but now I'm really enjoying their music lol. And that song is on one of the Karaoke Revolution games I have, so I can sing it >D Pretty good, I must say.

So the Phillies~~~ Hehe! They won 4 games in a row! Swept the series against the Reds. <33 And they're a first place team in their division! While we're still in 3rd place...these wins have really helped us. They were all CRAZY wins, too!!! XD All very very very close games that had to be decided in extra innings, except for today. But the first 3 were walk-off wins (please look it up if you don't know what that is), and that was the first time in Phillies history to have that happen!! Lol. So it was really great~ Although nerve-wracking. And now it's the All-Star break, so there's no regular games for the next 3 days. :( The All-Star game is tuesday though, but only 2 Phillies made the team. Last year, when we were on such a roll, we had 5 guys on it.

So today was the first day I had school things due for class. This stuff was for Lifespan (psych). I worked my butt off on all the questions and the essay, especially since I just got the book 2 days ago! My neck really really hurts now cause of having to look down at the textbook while typing and stuff. My neck hasn't had to do that for a while. T__T Ugh. Stupid neck. And the torture won't end! I still have my stuff for philosophy to do by tuesday night. I would be in good shape with that stuff had I noticed earlier that there were more questions to answer about the book. *sigh* I thought it was just the summary/essay and the forum posts, but NO. There's also 13 questions regarding the book (Man's Search for Meaning, Vicktor Frankl)...I answered 4 of them today, as well as doing my psych hw. I also answered one of the forum discussions, but I have one more to do of that. Gawd, there's too much work! And I technically haven't finished reading the book yet either. ;__; *sigh* I guess I'll have to skim and look online the rest of the way to get the answers I need. >>'

This summer...has been going too fast, and I haven't really done anything. :( Now the rest of the way will be filled with school work...until school really begins!!! D< I haven't gotten to do anything with friends (besides one), and now I feel like I won't have time to ever do anything. I wanted to go to more baseball games, but the tickets cost too much...and dad said he'd take us SOMEWHERE "fun," (aka amusement park or zoo) but that hasn't happened yet either. What a sad summer. It's been mostly stress. :[

Random point about facebook: I find it amusing that I thought that I'd get an account there and actually reconnect with old friends...from school and stuff. You know? People I know IRL. Hah. I really haven't! I may have them added on my list, but I rarely hear from them, even when I comment on their stuff. And yet...YET!! I have so many of you guys added (dear online friends), and I hear from you lol. All the time. XD It just shows that my online friends are better than any IRL ones I ever had. ^^;;; So I'm very grateful to have met you guys. And if you want to add me, go right ahead. Just PM me.

Ok, I'd better head off to bed. *hugs* Thanks for reading this! If anyone did! Haha. XD Take care~

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