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Monday, July 5, 2010

fireworks and stuff.
Hey guys! OMG. Jungy wtf? Where have you been?? Talk to me more!!!! ;__; I've missed you. MyO is quiet, but theO isn't. So nice to see you. *hugs* I thought you forgot about me. XD Foxerz, Raisha, and brand (please comment on my post, don't just do a one-liner), thanks you guys! <333 Sorry it's been a bit longer in between me posting here.

[this paragraph deals with my post on theO]
Konbanwa, minna-san. *hugs* Thanks for the comments on my last post lol. It's ok if you didn't read it...cause really, most of it was a false alarm. XD As I'm sure you can tell by all the things being struck out! My brother D, I THOUGHT, was wiping my computer clean of everything and starting over because of how crappy it's been acting; turns out he was just doing more scans. So he FOOLED me. I told him that when he came over that he was going to redo it, but since he didn't this time, it means more waiting...and more dealing with my computer's retarded problems. Oh well. That's fine cause I might not have had everything in good condition for tomorrow.

What's tomorrow? When my summer classes start. ;___; But remember, they're just online ones. The problem is...that they won't be easy. The only good thing about them being online is that I can still sleep in and do stuff at home. XD The bad thing is that these teachers have to squish a whole semester's worth of information into 6-7 weeks, online. I can already tell that the philosophy class won't be a walk in the park, as I mentioned in one of my other posts. But luckily the book I have to read is somewhat interesting so far (the guy was in a concentration camp) so I'm on page 52 (out of 178 or something). Though technically the book started on page 21 from the prefaces...lol...so yesterday I only read 30 pages. Ah well. It's still something! What's stupid is that one lady in my class already posted her answers to the discussion questions, and the class hasn't even started yet. >>' Wow. She has time on her hands. You know what? I'm one of only 2 (at least that i see so far) students taking the class that aren't adult students. As in, undergraduates, not CLL. Everyone else are all people with jobs and kids and stuff lol.

And as for my psych class, I have no clue how it'll be. Since that's the one I'm taking through the other college, I don't even know HOW their online classes work. ^^; Slightly scared. I haven't gotten my textbooks yet in the mail...they better come soon.

Ok, so yesterday was the fourth of july! Did you guys have fun? [those of you that celebrate] Fireworks? Parties? Well, we just did our usual little things. Those little cylinders that you light and sparks and stuff come out...not those huge kind. XD But we're lucky that we can see some of those pro fireworks from our house! We THINK that it's this school that's down the way that sets them off. We're really not sure where they come from, but it's a good guess lol. So it's great. We don't have to go anywhere to see them. Though we can't see everything cause of the trees being in the way...it's still pretty good. I took lots of pictures of them and the ones we did~ I'm too lazy to put these anywhere else, so feel free to look at them on my FB. ^^ I really like how they turned out. <3333 AND I also took a couple videos, which I'll put in this post.

Something strange though, when we were doing our fireworks...we saw these like balls of flame floating in the sky. O__O 3 of them. Just floating by high and far-ish away from us...it was...really creepy. We were thinking they were UFOs!!!!! T__T HERE is a picture I took with my fireworks option, so it shows its path...so it was floating around like that. I took a vid, too, but I didn't upload it (hard to see). I mean, who knows what it was! Lol. Maybe you guys know something I don't? About fireworks or fireballs that you can set off that fly?? I don't know. D: TELL ME.


Ok, now stuff from today. [sorry this is already a long post] Watched Kung Fu Hustle for the Nth time lol. It's such a great movie. X3 Aside from that, nothing much! BUT my dad was really mean. ~__~ I won't go into the details of it, but there's this flea market he wants to do, and he wants us to go there and sell our stuff. He wants me to sell my old stuffed animals. NO. And for a few reasons. Anyway, I told him I wasn't going to go or do it, and he got soooooooooooo mad at me. He threatened that he'd just throw them all away instead, so I got mad at him. And then he yelled at me to just GET OUT (of the kitchen). I've never heard him that mad, and it all started over something so little. So stupid. He's so hardheaded. Gawd. Of course he didn't apologize either. He upsets me so much sometimes...it's just ridiculous how mad he gets over such things. :( It's not that I don't think it'd be fun, but I don't like how he wants me to sell things I don't want to, and also the concerns with my allergies...I won't get into that though. That will take too long to explain.

Sorry. >.< Too long of a post. I'll try not to post for a few days then. ^^; Wish me luck with my classwork. Lol. Oh, btw, Phillies won tonight. Very very important win. <3 Thanks for reading this!! Sorry again. Take care. *hugs*

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