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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nothing's easy! (same as theO)
Thanks for the comment, Lute! *hugs* :) Oh, Nodame is a really good anime, though I admit I didn't care for the seasons after the first! XD I hope you can find it again. Thank you again for your comment!!

Soooo...things haven't been going so well for me lately. Everything has to be harder than it should be, you know? So this post will be mostly the not-so-good things that have been happening to me over the past few days. ^^;;; Sorry~

If you want, I'll start off with good things. Unfortunately, it's just sports-related. XD The Phillies won today and yesterday and the day before!! <3 They swept the Indians, and that was the first time they won all the games in a series against an American League team (too lazy to explain that do you who don't know) since 2007. XD See, we tend to really suck against teams from the AL. ^^;; Every year when there's interleague play, we fail miserably. So this is amazing. Although the Indians are one of the worst teams, it's still something! Haha. So at least I think the Phillies are on the right track and making me happy. :)

Ok so yesterday was supposed to be a fairly easy day. I had to go and get this sheet signed by Sister Joseph so I could take the summer class at DCCC (the community college), and then we were going to take my new glasses back and show them that they didn't do them right [They didn't put on the anti-reflection coating that we paid for] and have them redone. (I have to wait another 3-5 days to get them back...hopefully correct.) Well, earlier in the day I called up Sister Joseph to tell her that I'd come in so she could get the sheet signed for me. I had to leave a message cause she was on the phone at the time....#1 I HATE talking on the phone; I always freeze up and say the wrong things. So apparently, according to her, I said that I was on my way. But I gave her my number to call me back if she was too busy!! Anyway, I get there, and she's all MAD AT ME CAUSE I DIDN'T MAKE AN "APPOINTMENT." Hello? I called you and left my number so you could call back if something was up. WTF. She's a NUN, shouldn't she be nice??? :[ She gave me a stern talking-to about how it was rude of me to come in and not make an appointment first.

WTF. It took a total of 5 minutes. I'm not joking. It only took 5 minutes for her to fill out that sheet. Oh heaven forbid I take that much time out of her BUSY day during the SUMMER. *rolls eyes* Ugh. I was bothered by that the rest of the day lol. I'm over it now, but it's still stupid how she acted. Several people suggested she was PMS-ing. Normally I'd say that wasn't possible cause most of the nuns are ancient, but she seems a little younger. XD

More bad things yesterday...mostly had to do with my dad's driving. *sigh* We almost got into 2-3 accidents...it was very scary. :( Thank God we were safe. The one was where a lady stopped at a flashing yellow light before going under a bridge. She isn't supposed to stop there, and dad wasn't paying attention. Mom was yelling at him to WATCH OUT!! So he swerved to the side and almost hit a tree. ~__~ Gawd. The next happened when he ran a red light which was red from a mile away; it's not like it just changed. The third happened at the gas station. I'm so thankful I made it home safely, but I must say that was a terrible day out.

Now today I was supposed to close out the rest of the things I needed to do to sign up for that darn summer class. I had to bring in all the paperwork and all that's been stressing me out for weeks now...finally! Finally. I can sign up. Right? NO. *sigh* After doing ALL OF THIS, I get there and hand her my stuff, and then she tells me to talk to this lady to sign up to meet with the adviser so I can register. Alright. Well, I was going to set it up to meet next week...she said, "Well, I don't know if the class will be available then." So I ask her WELL? IS THE FREAKING CLASS AVAILABLE STILL??? Hah! She was going to make me do more work before I could find out. So she checks...and guess what? Yeah, exactly. The frickin' class is all filled up. All 3 classes of it. .___. *sigh*

It's not fair!!! After doing all of this, I can't even get into it...I'm screwed. I don't know what I'll do now...she said to call next week to see if anyone dropped it though so I could get in. Dad wants me to call every single day and annoy them so much that I'll make them get me in. *sigh* But I don't want to do that. :( It won't work. It's so stupid! Why do I have to do all of this other stuff just to finally find out I can't get it??? Don't they know how much crying I've done over this? ^^;; Ugh. So if I can't get in, we'll have to find a plan B...which means more "talking" with my dad...

Ugh. Today we also had a huge thunderstorm!! HUGE. It just came out of nowhere when we were out driving. It was so scary. T__T Hail and everything! We couldn't see the road...mommy was holding on for dear life lol. Luckily we got home safely, but the cable went out. It's back now, good thing. But jeez, my life is threatened every time I go out. ^^; That's why I like staying home more.

Okies. I'm sorry this is so long, but I had a lot to get out. Comment on whatever you can. *hugs* Thank you for visiting me. :) Love you all!

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