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Saturday, June 19, 2010

this post on theO was pretty long, so I figured it'd be myO material too lol!
Hello, guys. :) Thanks to those that commented on my last post! It was a pretty long one. XD Lots of...well, not exactly ranting, but not a lot of positive things. All that school stuff, and then the random little annoyance with new members...lol. But yeah, thank you guys~ Both here and myO. Lute (you're very welcome, too! And your advice does help...I'm not sure if I'm afraid to graduate, but more like too lazy to take all these classes at once), Raisha, noir, and Nana. Thank you all sooo much~

I made this card today~ I really like how it turned out. x3 Although I only JUST realized how my text/quote that I came up with...kind of...hearkens to Journey's "Don't stop believin'" a bit too much, haha. Not my intention! Lol. Not at all. But I do love that song. ♥

I need to start catching up on the Oofuri S.2 episodes! ;__; I've fallen so behind. I think the last episode I watched was 4...and there's 11 out now. I think. I stopped after my computer got totally screwed up when I was trying to download eps from somewhere. DX So I gave up. And I didn't think it was as good as the first season...but jeez, finding pics on pixiv to use for my cards or just to look at as eye candy, I'm seeing too many spoilers! T__T So I have to get back into it. I mean, look at my desktop for heaven's sake. XD I mean, even that awesome piece of fanart has spoilers from some episode I haven't seen yet! .__. So I just downloaded 5-7. Hopefully I can watch them soon. My problem is that I don't like watching stuff on my computer. Just not comfortable.

And my computer has been really wonky lately. My brother says something is wrong with it, but he's not exactly sure, and he doesn't know how to fix it. I just know that firefox crashes randomly often, internet explorer and Chrome don't work AT ALL, and I can't upload images on imageshack or photobucket using the usual multiple attachments upload option...thing. Thankfully imageshack has the "Can't upload? Try this." link to the thing that DOES work for me. Lol. Anyone have any ideas or solutions?? ^^;

I haven't really talked about anime in a while. Wow. So that paragraph on Oofuri was unexpected lol. I just don't watch much anymore; I only prefer the classics...stuff that I watched in my "prime" of anime and still find to be my favorite. Like right now, I'm rewatching Samurai Champloo for the n'th time. XD Ah, it's still so good. But the other day my brother and I ordered some dvd's for once! Again, of our faves that we knew would stay good--Air, Rozen Maiden, Claymore, Seirei no Moribito, Wolf's Rain--because those we watched on the computer, and that's just not good enough now. Hard copies. <3 Using that money we (really I) earned by selling stuff on ebay.

Ok, now for the title's meaning. Well. I guess I just gave in to my dad's wishes. ~___~ I'm going to be taking summer classes in a few weeks. *sigh* The good thing is that they're online courses...the bad thing is...they're summer courses. That doesn't change. I've never taken summer classes before. :( I like my summers to stay clean and pure from anything school!! *sigh* But my dad will not let me graduate even a month later than spring of next year...he wouldn't budge. Who knows why. He knows. Mom said maybe he would take it as a blow to HIS ego if his daughter, heaven forbid, doesn't graduate in exactly 4 years. Cause money shouldn't be the issue. It would cost the same amount for me to do the summer classes this summer and graduate next year than it would for me to take the summer classes NEXT summer and graduate in August instead of May. I mean, COME ON. But whatever. I just signed up for one of the classes, a philosophy class. ~__~ Unfortunately the other class is filled up at my college, so I have to try and take it at the local community college. The only thing with that is I have to sign up before June 30, but before I can do that, I have to get all this paperwork filled out first! I don't even know if I can get it done and they can get it processed in time. .__.

It's really quite stupid, and my dad gets so mad if you try to sway him any other way. So I'm screwed. Whatever. I just have to suck it up and have a terribly exhausting senior year (that just got extended by month+ of summer!) Ahah, happy father's day. Tomorrow is father's day...well, my dad better like this gift of me doing this for him. If it were up to me, I would've waited until next summer. *rolls eyes* But yeah, really, happy father's day to all of your daddys!!! Even if they're not the best, even if you "hate" them, even if there's estrangement there, they at least gave you life.

Hmm...another "oh wellz" came with the Phillies. They've actually been winning! Yay! And today was supposed to be another easy win. Like wtf. But no. They lost. -___- Totally blew it. Totally. We were winning 9 to 3 (NINE RUNS TO THREE), going into the 9th inning...but our pitchers blew the big one. Dx It was so terrible. We ended up losing 13-10. *sigh* Oh well. I'm not following the World Cup all that much, but alls I knows is that some ref screwed team USA out of a goal in that last game. There was NO FOUL. Hmph. [/sports]

Yesterday I helped dad clean the jacuzzi. Well, it was quite sunny, and even though I was only out there for like 40 minutes, and I had a hat on...I still got sunburned. ;__; My NOSE. And shoulders. And cheeks, but mostly my nose burns. Ugh, stupid sensitive skin!!!!

Ok, I ended up making this post long, too. Sorry. :( Didn't mean to lol. But it was that random anime talk!! ^^;; Thanks for reading this. I love you guys~~ Take care!

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