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Thursday, June 17, 2010

same as theO, so if you don't go on there, the part about new member intros might not make sense.
Thanks for the comments last time. You're all great! :) Nana, Lute, Raisha, and Lestat! <3

Pathetic thanking paragraph. Not even a paragraph lol. But I'm trying to make this as quick as possible...cause it's pretty late, but I just wanted to get some stuff out about today. D:

But first, a random little note. About the new member introductions page...lol. I'm an Otaku Angelite, and so I'm supposed to greet these people, but I honestly haven't been doing that job. And I haven't heard anything from Sabrina about more Angelite recruits or us already angelites being promoted in any way. I don't really care, but ANYHOO. The new members, haha, I just have to laugh. Why does the majority of them introduce themselves as if they're an actual anime character? I'm sorry, but I'm pretty annoyed about that. XD It makes me not want to greet them or help them out in all honesty. Cause if this person is going to think that they're really Akamaru or whoever from Naruto, or other Bleach/Naruto characters, I have a feeling...I don't know if it's possible to make a real connection. I understand they're having fun, and maybe they like RP-ing, but I just find it a little stupid. Just like how most of the new members are just getting into anime via mainstream stuff, so probably 80% of them say they like Naruto, Bleach, and Inuyasha. I have NOTHING against those of you that like those shows; I'm just making an observation that most of the new members only seem to like those lol.

I guess I'm a bad angelite if I'm discriminating who I'm greeting because of how they introduce themselves...but really:BARK! Bark bark ruff ruff bark woof. Woof bark bark ruff! *sniffs* Ruff woof ruff bark? TRANSLATION: Hi! I'm Akamaru, Kiba's friend. I'm new, hoping to find my master. *sniffs* Have you seen him? Sorry, no.

I mean, we all have to start out somewhere, right? And when I first joined, I was probably an ignorant little girl trying to be "cool"...which I was. I was totally different then. ^^;; Ahaha. Anyhoo, sorry about that tangent rant thing...>>'

Now then, about today. It sucked. I had that meeting with my dad and Sister Denise (head of the fashion department, nice and funny nun who taught my sewing classes). It didn't go over well. *sigh* It was extremely stressful, and I cried a good amount! I didn't think I'd make it out without crying, that's for sure. I simply can't talk about stuff that deals with my future or really...assert myself or tell me opinion about such things without crying. I'm sensitive, ok? I just am. And I've been emotional lately with having migraines and other pains everyday. It's a breaking point. So we talked, and Sister didn't budge, and neither did dad. So I'm going to have to graduate next year no matter what...even though dad said that it'd be ok for me to take an extra semester before. He changed his mind or SOMETHING. Ugh. So, here are the choices of how I'm going to graduate next year:
1. Take 18 credit semesters (well, technically 19 and 18) for both, AND have the internship during the spring, which is 90 hours. <--deathly stressful
2. Take 1 class during this summer (the second half, starting July) and then have an 18/19 credit fall (ughhh) and only a 15 credit spring, when I'd do the internship. <--not AS bad
3. Take 2 classes this summer II, making next year 15 credit semesters with the internship.

Choice 3 sounds great, right? Right? Kind of. No. The problem is that I really don't want to take summer classes this summer. I'm not mentally prepared...and they would start in 2 weeks!! And they would go until a week before the official semester starts, so wtf. Where'd summer go? And the bad thing is that the one class would be twice a week from 7:20pm to 9:50pm!!!! >[ NO THANK YOU. THAT'S TOO F-ING LATE. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I COMPLAINED ABOUT HAVING THAT NIGHT CLASS THIS PAST SEMESTER, AND THAT WAS ONLY ONCE A WEEK. *sigh* The other one is online, so I'm fine with that, but not fine with the other. And the additional problem, which is why I really wanted to take the additional semester instead, was that the majority of the classes I have left are EVENING courses! So every day of the week I'd have a night class, and that would be torture. :( But seeing as my dad won't move on this...I'll have to go with one of those horrible choices.

BUT I want to try and convince him to let me go this summer, and then take those 2 courses NEXT summer. That way, I'll still be graduating next year with the less credited semesters, but I would just be graduating in August instead of May. That doesn't sound bad, right??? Sounds good to me and mom. ^_^ SO I just have to be brave and convince my dad. *sigh* I hate talking to him, you know that. It'll involve more crying, I'm sure. >> But first, mom and I have to look at some community colleges to see if they're offering the same classes at better times or both online cause they'll be cheaper. These summer classes ain't cheap! $400 PER credit. ;__; I'm sorry, but $2400 for 2 classes is insane.

So anyway, I didn't have a good day. I had another migraine, too. Lots of aches. And then the stress and crying. ^^;; And Meg (innocent heart) still doesn't have her comp yet, and for her b-day (this sunday) she was supposed to get a laptop, but they can't afford it...so she won't get it yet. She's really upset about that and has been stressed, too. :( So keep us in your prayers, I guess. *hugs* Thanks.

At least the Phillies won! Haha, beat those Yankees. >D

*hugs* Sorry, long post. Didn't want it to be. .__. It's 12:30am...I'm so bad at going to bed earlier. Ugh, oh well. It's the summer. I have to find a way to enjoy it SOMEHOW. Cause so far I haven't. T__T Take care you guys! Love you! <333

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