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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quite the fun day! [same as theO except for one thing]
Hey guys~ Thanks for all the comments last time! On theO and here on myO!! :] Anna-chan, Lestat (omg where have you been?? Thank you!), Lute, Wall-ie, and everyone else~ Thanks again. <33
For those of you that don't check theO first, or haven't seen, this is my colored version of Tiealania:

I'm pretty tired, so I'll try to make this quick. But knowing me, it'll still be fairly long. ^^; Ah but I didn't get such good sleep last night, again because of Totoro. He is...ugh! I mean, it's so weird! Maybe because he's getting older? His sleeping patterns are changing? Well, for the second night in a row, and probably the 4th or 5th time in the past week or 2, he's woken up around 3:45am...and scratched at his door. Whining. Barking. But the SCRATCHING. See, he sleeps in my dad's room, but my dad gets up super duper early every morning (2-3am) so then he's in there by himself. Dad's room is across from mine...so I hear him the most! *sigh* Even though Corey's room is next door, he never wakes up to do anything about it. So I'm stuck with him. So last night I woke up because of him (right when I finally fell asleep, too...), and again (like the previous night) I had to yell down to dad (luckily he stays downstairs watching tv after he gets up) to do something about Totey. It's so annoying that I'm really the only one bothered by him cause Corey sleeps like a log, dad is downstairs, and mommy's room is furthest away. ~___~ Gosh I sure hope that he sleeps better tonight! CAUSE I NEED MY SLEEP TOO. MY NIGHT CAN'T REVOLVE AROUND MY DOG'S SCHEDULE.

Recent ecard. Enjoy. :) Dedicated to sweet Anna-chan, and she even made it into her avi!!! But it's even better what she did to it...cause now it's animated; the heart GLOWS. <333

Well, today was lots of fun! ^_^ I went out with a friend for once. XD Her name is Madison, and we were friends in high school; one of the only anime-liking friends [now she's more of an anime fan than me though lol! She always goes to cons and cosplays]. She was a year below me...but she's really 2 years younger than me. But she is so much taller than me, haha. Anyhoo, I haven't seen her since high school, so really it's been about 4 years! ^^; We used to do Cooking with Friends together (charitable cooking we did during the last period of certain school days). We went to the mall, but first I gave her my Kenshin wallscroll that I had no need for as a b-day gift cause next week is her birthday. :3 She really liked it! Anyhoo, the mall. We ate lunch first, and talked a lot, and then we went around to stores (dur). Borders, where I got a couple manga (yaoi♥ she agreed I couldn't pass them up!), Gamestop, where we just looked around, and then the Sanrio store and Hot Topic.

Haha, well, we spent a whole heckuva long time in the Sanrio store; if you don't know, that's Hello Kitty. XD She was looking for a gift for one of her friend's b-days, and goodness she took a long time!!! But the longest time was spent ogling the stuffed animals. X3 The plushes! HAHAHAHA. See, there was this panda one...and...his head was GINORMOUS. There was a small version medium-large, and then HUGE HUGE HUGE. The huge one's head must've been as big as me--not kidding lol. It was far up though so we couldn't see the price, but I'm sure it was around $100. XD But...after a lot of debating and a lot of 'awwwwwwws' and a lot of "HOLY CRAP HIS HEAD IS SO GIANT IT'S SO CUTE," I got the medium-large sized one. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;; That cost about $40...aha...so that was a lot, but I couldn't resist, and I don't know about you, but I feel that it's a lot easier to go crazy and splurge when with friends. >>' Um, I didn't take this pic, but here's what he looks like. Mine doesn't have a bow. XD We named him Peach.

Cute, right? I just couldn't resist lol. Anyhoo, after that fun stop, we went to Hot Topic and browsed. Well, Madison browsed and found something very interesting. Something I'm sure not many people go into the store to look for! Haha. A fake mustache. Not just a normal-sized one, but a gigantic long curly one! XDDD I don't know really why she wanted it, but hey, whatever floats her boat. Lol. I bought it for her as another b-day gift, and she also got a Kuroshitsuji shirt that has Sebby on it. I encouraged her to buy it. Hey, she made me buy the panda!! ;P If you're curious as to what Madison looks like, and what she looks like with the mustache rather, here you go. Hehe. She walked out of the mall with it on, and lots of people stared lol. But one guy said, "Hey. Nice 'stache." Hahahaha. I love that guy.

Soooo yeah...then she brought me home. :) It was a very fun day! But now I'm very exhausted. O__O' I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow for a much needed adjustment. But I'm happy to report that I didn't have a migraine today~~~ It was wonderful. <3 Let's hope it stays this way for a while! But either way I have my neurologist appointment on friday. And I'm also getting my eyes checked on saturday. XD Lots of appointments.

Wow. I wrote all this in about 10 minutes. I guess that's fast? But jeez, even though I'm tired. Hmm...oh...few more things. Sports. Phillies won today! Finally! Such a highscoring game, too. They haven't been winning much at all lately, so it was great for a change lol. And tomorrow is the Flyers' next game...do or die. -__- Win, and they get to play the very last game for the Cup; lose, and it's all over and Nami's stupid Hawks win it all. So I'm hoping and praying for a victory to force game 7. >.< Gah! So scary!

Alrighty. Now I'm really done. ^^; Sorry for another long post~ *hugs* Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment, or even just read. Take care! Good luck to all of you still in school or that have work!

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