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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

same as theO! short & sweet (or not?) XD
Thanks for your previous comments!! ^__^ *hugs* You guys are so great. I'm always happy to read whatever you have to say...because I know that it's sometimes rather annoying having to read my posts. XD I mean, I post at a strange time, I rant about sports, you know. Haha. So thanks. <3 I was surprised to get so many~ Thanks Anna, Steph, Lute, Noir and everyone else. :)

I'll start off with art! I actually drew today! :3 For the fairy OC challenge here on theO. I used to always love drawing fairies...so doing this challenge has brought back fond (and not-so-fond) memories lol. Her name is Tiealania...how I came up with that, I'm not sure. >>' To be honest, I knew I wanted it to start with a 'T' and then I sorta randomly typed letters and so I went from there. XD But I like her. For some reason my pic looks blurry though...so when I color her, I'll try to do something about that.

And then here is my most recent ecard. I really love how it turned out. <3

I haven't worked on my wallpaper for a few days. I'm almost getting deflated about it because of all the hair Kobato has lol. I honestly am looking at it...like such a daunting task to vector all of it. O__O Goodness I wish her hair was shorter! XD So whenever I feel up to that...and the rest of her...I'll get to it. I'm regretting choosing to outline all of her hair instead of going sans outlines.

Well, today I had another migraine. That's no surprise. It must be the weather we've been having...or something. I don't know, but it sucks. I mean, my prescription is 12 pills...and I can only refill it once a month. I've used all but 3 (could've used one today but I abstained!), and it's nowhere near June 15th. T__T Soooo...I'm going to try and get an appointment with my neurologist this friday. To. Figure. Something. Out.

Sports-wise. Nothing good to speak of for my Philly teams. Loss after loss for the Phillies. And 2 losses in a row for the Flyers...it'll be VERY hard for them to come back and win the Stanley Cup (remember, they need to win 4 games! So the other team just needs to win 2 more...aka we CAN'T LOSE 2 MORE GAMES. WE HAVE TO WIN.) I know they'll do better here on home ice though. *nods* As for the Phils...they've just been depressing. *sigh* Very hard to watch.

My dad got this dvd/vcr recorder thing a while back, and so I've been helping him set it up and get it to work. We still can't figure out how to get it to record the cable channels though. ^^;;; But he mostly wanted it to copy over our old VHS's to dvd. Like home movies!!! XD Hahahaa!!! So today we watched some. OMG I WAS SUCH A CUTE BABY. AND SO SMART TOOOOOOO. X3 It was so cute seeing how much my brothers took care of me...and how well they still got along. And just. Me. I was so cute. Haha. And my mom was so beautiful...she still is, but I swear she could've been a model. A SHORT model, but still. :3 I didn't think I'd enjoy watching them so much, but I did. I usually hear about most people dreading home movies...but I found them so entertaining to see things that I couldn't ever remember being so young. Like there was a part where I was with my cousin, who's a few months younger than me...and so we were both babies still. But! I was so smart. XD I figured out how to feed him. So I took his bottle and put it in his mouth so he started eating lol! Then I'd take it out, and put it back in. Of course, mommy was supervising, but still...it was so hilarious. I laughed so much watching.

Remember this pic I took of myself before? I'm using it as my profile pic on FB now. Well, one of my friends...he was awfully rude. >[ Said I looked like I had a black eye! WHAT NERVE!!! Sure, it looks like I have real dark circles cause of the lighting and my camera, but a black eye? ~__~

Okies. It's real late now. ^^; So I'd best head off to bed~ *hugs* Thanks for putting up with me! I love you guys! <333

Great pic of Angela Aki drinking her Coronas lol. XD But nah, it's the song. One of her very much older ones! Not well known!

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