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Sunday, May 23, 2010

*copy and paste* WIP, pics of me, challenges, sports etc.
Hey guys. :) Thanks for the comments, noir (you comment everywhere!! ♥) and omg madarame wtf. XD Frank! Where have you been?? And you know I'm lazy with emails. Lol. Sorry about that~ But thanks for the comment! Yes, well, the Flyers grow "playoff beards" when they get into the playoffs! It's like a good luck charm. And I must say that most of them look really GOOD with beards. Lol. Yes, you have hope. XD Anyhoo, thanks again you two~

I'll try to make this a quick post. It'll probably...mostly be pictures. But first, things that aren't pictures! Haha. Sports. Phillies lost again today, terribly. Last night and today...my goodness, it was atrocious to watch! Lol. So bad it's almost funny. But the Flyers won yesterday!!! *____* My hockey hubbies (lol) are one win away from the Stanley Cup finals! And Nami's Blackhawks already made it. So, if everything goes right tomorrow night, lol, her and my team will be facing off against each other for the Stanley Cup. It'll be really tough...and it may break our friendship. T__T Haha. But first! My Flyers need to win ONE MORE GAME. That comes first. Anything can happen after all. I mean, we came back from losing 3 straight games in a row...but no! No negative thoughts. FLYERS WILL WIN.

Hmm...nothing else has happened to speak of. More migraines? Yes. I've zipped through half my prescription (12 pills) in a matter of 8 days. Wonderful. Um, aside from that...today mommy and I baked this delicious apple cake! O__O I'm eating it right now. It's freaking...delish. Lol. I helped cut up the apples, measure out and mix some things. And I'm very messy. ^^;; My mom always says that I'm an "interesting" and "entertaining" cook/baker! Lol cause I'm always making messes everywhere, and doing things in different ways. XD Who knows HOW I got that cooking award in high school! I mean, aside from being friends with the teacher. Haha. Nah, I'm good, just a little unorthodox! lol. Anyway, the cake is soooooooooooo good. Cinnamon-y, nutmeg-y, apple-y.

Oh, congrats to all of you graduates out there. :) I know several of you are finally getting to say FREEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM to high school and some even college. So great job~

I took some pics of myself today. ^^; And did some slight editing to them. But yeah. Feel free to take a look at them.
♥Looking to the side, shows off my dark circles♥ <--honestly, they look SO freaking dark when I take pics of myself
♥Pensive, methinks♥ <--with a red overlay
♥Taken with no flash in a dark bg with just a night light♥
Snap, I just realized I didn't resize most of those...so they're pretty big. Crap. You can see all the hideous details. ;__;

Now on to other things! My WIP! Remember I said before I'm working on a wallpaper? Kobato? Yeah. I WAS going to stick with a scan that was already high quality...so I wouldn't have to vector it. Just extract it. Well, after I extracted it (long hard work!), I worked on the bg. But now my bg isn't really fitting with the scan. .__. Soooooo. I now favor my bg to the extraction...See my pretty clouds I painted!!!

So I shall instead have to vector/paint a different scan that I think will fit my bg better, which is this one. Joy. It should be hard and time-consuming, but at least it'll give me something to do! Lol. I LOVE MY CLOUDS BTW. I DID THEM TODAY WITHOUT REFERENCE. I looked at some tutorials and went from there.

Ok. Last thing. Remember in my last post I talked about a book I was reading? And the main character that I think is totally hot? XD Well, after my ecard challenge is done, I'm going to set up my first ever fanart challenge~ And I'm going to ask the wonderful artists out there to draw Belimai. Hehe! Just cause I'm really eager to see how sexy people will draw him lol. Somewhat of a selfish challenge cause it isn't a "do whatever you want, just to these guidelines" type thing...cause there's a specific description of him by the author. I don't know. It also doesn't seem right since it's not like he's MY character. Whatever! Lol. Sound good? Ok fine. *nods*

Okies. Now I think I'm done with this long post! Sorry~ I always say I'm going to make it short, and then it isn't. ^^; Love you guys. <33 Take care~

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