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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

some sports, some anime talk, migraines, and other things.
Thank you Lute, Deb, and noir for your wonderful comments! *hugs* I love you guys. ^_^ And to suarez, even though I don't know you. >> Next time, if you're going to comment again, please more than one sentence. Thanks. And to everyone else, yes~~ Arigatou again! *huggles* It's been over a week since I posted here. Well. I've been lazy with copying and pasting. ^^; Or I just wrote really short posts that weren't that important. So now here's a long one for those of you who are still myO faithfuls!

Haha. Yeah, I'm posting because I'm kinda bored at the moment. I'd rather not watch the baseball game right now since we're losing. <--bad fan) I mean, hey, maybe in one inning they can get 3+ runs, but with the way the past 2 games have gone, I unfortunately have no faith. ;__; /////fail//// Firefox just crashed on me. Thank goodness for Session Manager! Lol. Without that, I would've lost this post and many others in the past. Ahah. Anyhoo, yeah, I love my Phillies, but sometimes they get so streaky! They won by 10 runs a few games ago, and now they can't even manage to get 2. It's sad. But the Flyers are still doing AMAZING. <3333 I ♥ them so much. They won last night~ so they're up 2 games to 0 against Montreal! 2 more wins and they'll be off to the Stanley Cup finallll~~~~ It's just seeming way too easy right now. >> Something must be up! Lol. *don't jinx* Um, if you didn't see my last card, go right ahead~ Sexy Leighton!

I just downloaded some new anime songs...I haven't listened to any in quite some time! ^^; Pandora has been my main source of listening, and aside from a couple of j-pop bands they don't have anything Japanese. So I've actually been enjoying ENGLISH artists lol! XD So getting some anime stuff is different and pretty good. :D Seeing as I'm not familiar with any new anime anymore, I have no clue what shows they're from. Haha. Just a couple years ago, I was fangirling over tons of anime...and watching hours upon hours! But now I'm just not into it as I used to. >.< I never thought I'd see the day where I'd say that. I still love anime for what it is; I love the art, characters, music, everything, but I can't seem to sit through and watch any new stuff. Classics, I will. But nothing new. :/

Did I mention in my last post about how I got a stupid malware virus thingy in my comp? I don't remember if I did. But yeah. It was some "antispyware-soft" malware thing. It looks like it's an anti-spyware program alarming you of an infection, and it installs itself on your comp. It popped up on SOME anime site I was on, looking for Oofuri 2 eps. See? Good reason why I don't watch much anymore! Lol. Ugh, but it wouldn't let me open ANY program, and I couldn't even open up the task manager to force it to end. It would pop up for a split second and go away. So what I did was...I saw where the task manager box would pop up, and I set up my cursor right where the "end task" button would be! So when it'd pop up for a second, I quickly clicked it. XDDD So it worked! THEN I could open up my malware/spyware/virus removal program to get rid of it. Ha! I actually got rid of it all by myself. XD Usually I have to get my brother over here to do it for me. But I FIGURED IT OUT ALL ON MY OWN HAHA.

Phillies lost. Yup. I knew it.

So I've been having my usual migraines lately. And again, YES, I do have meds for them. YES, I've been to a neurologist. YES, I've even had an MRI. But nothing as yet is truly helping. Sometimes my meds take it away, but they have sucky side-effects that sometimes I'd rather just have the migraine than them. And sometimes they don't even take it away. :/ Today I got lucky and it went away *crosses fingers it stays away*. But just ugh. I'm so sick and tired of it. :( Of my aches and pains. I'm too young for this. T__T

Today I wanted to get out of the house just to get out. So my parents said we'd go to this library that I haven't been to in forever cause it's kinda far away. We drove for about an hour...we get there...and see, we mostly went to check out the books that you can buy for 50 cents. Well, all that way, and it was closed. The book-buying area. .__. Agh!! THEY WOULD NOT LET US IN THERE. NO SIR-Y BOB. They were "reorganizing" it. Heaven forbid we decide to buy some books while they're reorganizing. *rolls eyes* And they were pretty rude about it, too!! But man. I went all that way for nothing. Except lunch. 4:00 lunch. Sure, we looked at the books to take out, but why bother renting any at a place that you'd have to go so far away to bring them back? Plus, I bought some books recently I'm reading...so I just wanted to have more as backups. Anyway, yeah. ^^;; Each time I go out just with my parents, I end up coming home saying, "That is the LAST time I go out with you guys!" Lol cause usually sometime goes wrong, or dad is crabby, or it's boring. Just mom and me, fine. My whole family (brothers included), fine. But not just me and them.

I'm working on a new wallpaper, seeing as the collab won't be done until JULY. The collab that all I did was outlines for. My partner says he's doing everything else! And he doesn't even want my input for the bg. ~__~ Yeah, great collab. *cough* Anyhoo, yeah, new wall. I'm not vectoring/painting the character though cause the scan is already really high quality. So I'm extracting (annoying) and then going to paint the bg. I haven't done an extraction wall in a while. It's really annoying. XD So many wallers these days, at least on AP, have moved away from these so-called "old-school" walls. Ones where it involves extracting the scan. Like if it doesn't involve vectoring everything or painting it, then it's not good or creative. Lol. But oh well. OH WELL. Btw, it'll be a Kobato wall.

Hmm...let's see...eh. I guess I'm done rambling now. Tomorrow mom says we'll go to the mall and the chiropractor. We were supposed to go yesterday, but it was all rainy and bleh so we didn't go out. Ok, NOW I'm done rambling. *hugs* Thanks so much for putting up with me~~ Haha. Take care!

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