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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

summer break has begun! slowly! Lol.
Thanks, Deb and Lute, for the comments. :) *hugs*Much appreciated!! Deb, I LOVE your long comments. They're the best~~~ And yes, hardly anyone reads my sports sections...but don't worry, there's one in this post!! And if you ever want to hear more, like I said, just pm me! Thanks again~

So to those of you that had mother's day on sunday, how did it go? Did your moms have a great time? Or how about your aunts or grandmas? :) I hope they all had a lovely day!! ^_^ Well, my mom was having a great day until the evening. It was a great DAY because we just stayed home and watched the Phillies game; since they won, that's what made it good lol. Corey was working, and D usually just comes over right before dinner. So come dinner time, both boys are here, and they decided to be stupid, selfish, jerks...not caring that it was supposed to be MOMMY'S day. So the thing is that Corey got a broken 360 from one of his friends, and he "sold" it to D so that he could try and fix it (he's fixed one before). Ok, well, D comes over with the xbox telling him that he didn't want it anymore. See, D didn't pay corey YET, so he's just figuring, well, he didn't touch it or try, so he shouldn't have to pay! But Corey got really mad cause they "made a deal." *sigh* I was downstairs playing FF13, so at least I didn't have to be up there during the commotion...but I could hear all the yelling.

Yes, they ended up having a huge argument over it, and everyone ended up blaming D. Ganging up on him. Yes, sure, he made a deal that he would take it and pay corey, so it was bad of him to renege on his part, but he felt that it would've been fine since he didn't do anything with the xbox! It would be like taking something back to the store when you find out you don't want it. So anyhoo, that whole mess...took up a lot of time. And my brothers were grouches the rest of the night, especially D. And he had good reason to be...he felt like he was ganged up on (which he was), and that no one saw his side, and that no one loved him. *sigh* My brothers have been at odds with each other since they were little...so all these arguments that happen really stem from years of grudges and pain from the past. .__. So even though this was just over something really stupid and little, they couldn't let go. And of course neither apologized...and D had a terrible night, and mommy had a really bad end to her mother's day!! She cried a lot. She doesn't like seeing her children...get into such disputes...she doesn't like conflict, and same with me. So she did cry a lot about it, not because her mother's day was "ruined," but because she just wished they'd get along.

And I always try to be the mediator. That's what I do. I hate conflict just as much; if I were upstairs, I probably would've cried, too!! But I did. So all night I tried to talk with D, get him to respond a little, cheer up, apologize...and same with Corey. But neither budged. *sigh* Hardheaded men. But I tried. Anyway, that's all over and done with. Mommy and I went to the mall with D today to kinda make up for what happened before. ^^; So he's fine now, and corey is back to normal, but who knows...how they'll react with each other the next time we're all together.

Ok, enough about that stress!! Lol. One more little annoyance though...I said this in my last post, and it STANDS STILL. The featured freaking fandom!!! Once AGAIN, it's a card by the same artist as before. I think they've had 3 featured now, and 2 of them in the same week. I'm really ticked off. I'm not saying their stuff is bad, but I'm just tired of seeing the same artist there. Give someone else a chance!! D<

So like I said, mommy, d, and I went to the mall today. Nothing special to report though! I didn't get anything. :[ Derek was pretty much rushing us girls along, so poo. Aside from that, I haven't done much today. Phillies game was canceled because they're playing in Colorado and they were rained/snowed out!! Lol. It was raining really hard, but they were supposed to get 1-2 feet of SNOW. O__o Can't really play baseball in that weather. XD So tomorrow there will be a doubleheader! I'm dubbing tomorrow SPORTS DAY. Haha. For me anyways. First Phils game at 3:10pm, then the Flyers playoff game 6 [ahhh!!! the last game was sooooooo great!! But soooooo bad cause our goalie got injured....agh. But again, it's a do or die situation! One more loss, and the season is over...so they have to win 2 more in a row to move on!] at 8pm, and then the second Phillies game at 8:40! Lol. So my day will be filled with sports watching. ^^; To those that care: Phillies won the last game, too, and that was great.

So today I started working on my collab. I'm in charge of doing the outlines of the guys (it's a BL/yaoi wall, so be warned if you don't like it). <3 And I'm actually almost done! I like how it's going so far. And my partner (?) is going to do the other vectoring and the bg. I mean, ok, it sounds like I'm not doing a lot though! ^^; But hopefully he'll have me do some other parts later. I know I'm not as good at him at vectoring, but it's a COLLAB lol. Though I really don't mind cause I don't think I'm good at vectoring other stuff. XD I'm fine with outlining! But what was really nice was that he told ME that he was actually ENVIOUS of MY walls! O__O And all this time I've always envied his! Lol. Btw, he's gay, so don't think there's anything between us. Haha.


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And here's the Final wall that I did yesterday. :) I'll try to make more quick walls in the mean time of the collab.

Hmmm...well, I had another migraine today. I have them many days in a row, and it sucks. I need to try different meds...or heck, maybe even have physical therapy lol. Cause I shouldn't be like this. I hate it. ~__~ Anyhoo, I can't think of anything else to talk about! I think I wrote a lot again, but what else is new??? So THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Take care~~~

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