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Saturday, May 8, 2010

the letter M. (repost of theO)
Thank you for the comments last time~~ Deb, Britty, Anna, and Angelbest!! <333

[this first part is purely theO-related!]
Just thought I'd start out by saying how much I hate that "Zwinky" ad. It always freezes my internet up. I can't scroll up or down, go back, click anything...ugh. I really wish Adam got rid of those stupid ads. I'm not paying however much to get an upgraded account just to not see them. I don't mind them, but I can't stand the ones that cause my comp to die or just make everything slower....or that have animations that get in the way of what I'm doing. Now THOSE are retarded.

Ahem. Now then. Tomorrow (really today since it's midnight now) is mother's day here! Happy mother's day to all those moms out there!! ^_^

For my mom, we're not doing anything special. Just stay home and do nothing...watch the baseball game, lol. She'll open her gifts etc. I'm really pathetic when it comes to gift-giving because I don't drive so I can't go out on my own to get anything...I always need someone to take me! ^^; So gifts aren't really a surprise from me. I feel kinda bad, but my mom never minds. She's so sweet; I love her to death. Unlike my brothers, I show her gratitude for all the hard work she does everyday, and I pay her back by doing little considerate things. If only my brothers were the same. My mom thanks me all the time for being born...and of course, I'm just as grateful for being born into this family, and to the best mommy in the world. <3 I was born premature, only 3.3 pounds, by c-section. My mom and I stayed in the hospital for many months; both of us could've died. But thank God, we survived, and now I'm here to protect her just as she's protected me. :)

So I'm officially done all of my school stuff! It truly is summer for me now. Although I can't rest easy until I get my final grade for marketing. I pray that it isn't a C. I haven't gotten a C since middle school...so please please pleeeeeeeeeease give me some sort of B. ;__; I got an A in all my other classes...so just...yeah. I mean, it doesn't matter. I don't have a 4.0 anymore thanks to that theology class last semester (a B), so I guess it really doesn't...matter.

I wonder how theO chooses the featured fandom. I thought that they'd be more fair and give different people a chance each time. But now I've seen things featured from the same artist over again. :/ There are so many great artists on this site, but their things haven't been "discovered" yet.

Lately I've just been wanting to read. XD Even though I only designate reading time to before bed! Lol. But the book I'm reading, The Dancers of Arun by Elizabeth A. Lynn, is really good. It's so short though...I can't stand it when really good books are sooooo short. Most of her books are short though. :/ Oh, it's funny cause this was written in '79! Lol. Most of her books are that old. XD But the first book I read by her, Dragon's Winter, was from 2003 or something. And she hasn't written since the sequel to that. :( I miss her. I love her books cause they're LGBT fantasy books; she's an out lesbian, and she usually has gay/lesbian characters in her books. So of course I gravitate to the BL ones! Haha. But she was one of the first fantasy authors to really break that barrier. I mean, wow, back in the 70's! Anyhoo, I ordered some more books on Amazon...another by her and a couple other BL fantasy novels, hehe. I haven't been reading much manga, so I've been supplementing here!

Oh, speaking of manga. Has anyone bought manga by the publisher Go! Comi? They released ones like Cantarella, Crown, and some others I can't think of. Well...I'm just wondering what's happened to them. :/ Cause I ordered Crown volumes 3 & 4 several months ago, but they're never going to come! And their website hasn't been updated in forever...it makes me sad.

A friend on AP wants me to do a collab with him. It's going to be a yaoi/BL wall. XD Yes, sorry, this post is filled with that talk! Haha. But anyhoo, he's having me outline the scan...but I'm really not that good. Not compared to his skills. I'm afraid that what I do won't be good enough. :/ Ah well...I'll work on it whenever I can...it sorta scares me. ^^;

Here's the other card I made tonight. X3 Smexiness. Lol.

It seems like fewer and fewer people comment things. Sure, there's some hugs, maybe a few faves, but not as many people bother to comment. Not just on my stuff, but anything. You see the amazing drawings on the front page with 50+ hugs etc. but like 5 comments. It's stupid.

Ok. Lol. I'll spare you my sports talk. I think I wrote too much. XD But if you care, Phillies and Flyers won last night in amazing fashion, but Phillies lost today. Last night was just...wow though. If you want to hear more (like you, Deb) just PM me, ok? ^_^

Thanks for visiting me!!!! *hugs* I love you guys. :) I appreciate whoever deals with me...and all of my long posts. ^^;;;; Take care~~

P.S. Meg (innocent heart) says hi!! She misses you all. In case you're wondering what's going on with her, don't worry she's fine. It's her computer that's been dead all this time. ^^;; Poor thing has been without her comp for weeks. But she should have it running again soon, once her brother fixes it. :) She misses you guys!

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