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Monday, May 3, 2010

today sucked! (same as theO)
Wow, thanks for all the comments guys! *hugs* Very nice to hear from all of you. ^_^ Lute, haha, your response to my rant...like about sexy girls and guys liking them and whatnot, well, you sure described me instead! XD About liking sports, being laid back, etc. Haha. Well, then maybe there's hope for me yet!! Just who knows when. Deb, thank you so very much~~~ I'm glad to have converted you to a Phillies fan!! :) Kiyo-chan, wtf your brother hates them? WHY? Is he a NY fan or something? :/ And yeah, I guess I do sorta look like Haruhi (ouran), lol. XD Also, those auctions, with the size 5 shoes, are my mom's she's selling. She has tiny feet! And thanks to Anna and capture, too!! <33 Now for another copy and paste [sorry]. I changed my theme on theO, and it's just the pink version of here! Lol, it's really cute. XD Anyhoo.

First off, here's a drawing!! My scanner ruined whatever quality existed before. So when you view it, I guess view "high quality" or whatever. :/ It still looks blurry. But yes, just a quick sketch I was doing instead of studying tonight. I'll study more tomorrow before class. I simply do not feel up to studying anymore.

So today sucked. I barely slept this morning because I had so much anxiety about my marketing presentation and final. I felt sick and nervous and everything. I always calm down once I reach the class though, so when I got there, things weren't bad. Chantal brought her cupcakes, and I brought mine. I didn't think we'd have enough! Boy were we wrong. When it was our turn to present, we told everyone to take some cupcakes. Like...3 people came up? Really? :/ What college kid doesn't want to eat a cupcake during presentations!! ;__; So we had a lot left. But at least our prof took one and really liked them (my chocolate ones I made~~~) So yes, our presentation went well! Really great actually; Mr.Tahir complimented us a lot. I was so freaked out before, but then it went fine. (only good thing to happen)

So after that we took the final exam (marketing still). *sigh*
It was horrible. We could even use our notes. But I knew that wouldn't help me. On all of the other quizzes we could use our notes, too, but they didn't help me then. I studied a lot last night, though maybe not as much as I could've, but I did enough. No matter how much I read the book and read my notes, I could not absorb the info because our teacher, although super nice, never really taught. I don't learn that way. I DO NOT LEARN THAT WAY. I need a teacher to lecture and give notes. I can't learn on my own...reading the book and taking my own notes. *sigh* So to make a longer story shorter, I failed the final exam. Never in my life have I failed an exam. Quizzes, sure, but not big tests. .___. It was online; we did it on the comp, so we could see the grade after....well, the average. All he had of my grades in the comp were the one other online quiz, which I got a 70 on. So after the final, I refreshed my grade and it said I have a 57% now. So I'm pretty darn sure that means I failed the freaking final. I wanted to cry, but I didn't. I'm surprised I didn't.

I talked to my teacher about it like "What if we did really bad on the final? how much is the paper/presentation worth?" But he assured me that he would grade the final on a curve, change grades, add points etc...to make things better. I hope he does. And I hope that he does enough to make me not fail. *sigh* It's just so horrible. My mom was encouraging about it, but my dad literally thought I was joking when I told him. Same with my brother. "But you NEVER fail things. You're kidding me, right? I can't believe I'm hearing this out of your mouth!" ~___~ I'M A FAILURE NOW. All my other A's don't seem to matter. What makes me more upset/(envious?) is that my partner got the highest score. Mr.Tahir announced it, "Congrats Chantal! You got the highest grade!" I mean, great for her. Yay, she deserves it, but it makes me a little mad...especially when I'd try to ask her for help on things, but she'd never reply or she would only focus on herself instead.

Ugh. So yes, school sucked. I have one more final tomorrow and then a presentation wednesday, and then some things for my online class, then I'll finally be done with this stupid semester. Thank goodness.

Other bad things: both the Phillies and Flyers lost. Flyers are now down 2 games to 0 in this 2nd playoff round [first team to 4 wins moves on, aka, we're not doing too well]. And you know how much these sports mean to me lol. *sigh* Today...at least it's almost over. Sorry I didn't have any time to comment really. I'll try some more this week, but with finals...eh. Whatever. Thank you for vising me though!!! *hugs* I love you guys. Take care~

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