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Sunday, April 25, 2010

same as theO. :) school projects, hair cut, stuff
Thank you for the comments, guys. *hugs* Lute and Deb!! <3 Lute, omg, Le Petit Fromage? OMG. That's hilarious cause we had to do something similar in our high school french class...and there was definitely a restaurant named that, too! XD Heck, it might've been my group. Lol. Cute. And Deb, thank you for everything. YOU are so sweet. I'm glad I have you as a converted Phillies fan!! <3 Arigatou, guys.

So yeah, I've just been really stressed and busy with school. My goodness. All of my final projects have caught up with me!! All too quickly. :( It really sucks. Really really sucks. But...I'll make it through. I'm actually almost done with my parts for our marketing plan. I just have one more thing to do, which I'll finish tomorrow; it shouldn't be too bad because it's just a summary of all of the parts of the marketing plan. I didn't do it yet cause I needed Chantal to send me all the rest of her things. :/ I've been texting her a lot and apologizing way too much I think. XD She's probably really annoyed by me. I've been apologizing cause I feel stupid with my parts...I know if we don't get an A it'll be my fault. ~__~ I've been trying and trying to understand this stuff, but it's not sinking in. And also, Chantal did more parts than me...but I basically made up for that with my artistic parts: making the logo (it was in my last post), a sketch of what our takeout box would be, and our menu. I just wish Chantal would get back to my emails about these things. Cause I'm not sure if my stuff is right.

We present on wednesday, but we hand in the final paper on finals day. He wants us to make it all fancy with a cover and crap. Boooo. So that's why that'll be due the next week. The presentation is only supposed to be 5 minutes, but I'm still afraid about how that will go! I also don't know if Chantal is going to do the whole powerpoint of if I should've been doing some. D; Bleh. I just can't wait for this class to be done with!! Unfortunately, next semester, I'm taking another class that's very similar. Except it'll be online. And the final paper will be 40 pages instead of 12. T_________T <---wants to die face

Aside from marketing, I have other projects to do in other classes. One will be presented tomorrow, which is another partner thing. I finished my part on friday though, so hopefully my partner has hers all good. And then there's one other powerpoint to do for visuals. This thursday my partner and I will finish it up, and then we present it the next week. I need to make a logo for that freaking thing, too...argh.

Yesterday I got my hair cut. You know, just to get it all trimmed up, give me my layers back, etc. It was getting too messy looking. There was a lot of waiting before it was my turn, but at least I got to have Nicki. I had her the second time I had my hair cut, and she's just so sweet! :) When I went the last time, she wasn't there; she came in later, and so she saw me and said, "Hey! Long time no see! How come I never get to cut your hair anymore???" Lol. SORRY!!! So this time I made sure to get her. XD It's just I usually go whenever, and so I'll just take whoever is there, but Nicki will always be my favorite stylist. ;D Cause we always talk, and she does a good job. The other lady I had...ugh, she has no personality. She'd never say anything. She was doing a girl's hair next to me, and like with me, she said nothing. What a killjoy! A part of going to a stylist is having a conversation (if you want it) and a friendly relationship with them. Lol. The rude lady was curling this girl's hair...like wow though. So many curls! They were so pretty. I bet it was for her prom or something.

So here's a pic of Moi. Yes, I made it all black and white. XD I'm too lazy to give you the colored version, so there. It would show up my dark circles too much. ^^;; Ugh. Last night...even though I liked my hair cut all day, I started to feel ugly. Like I looked at myself in the mirror a billion times and didn't see pretty. Am I even pretty?? I always seem to hear that guys like girls with long hair more. I certainly don't have long hair anymore. My brothers say I look like a boy. So I'm guessing no guy would want a girl that looks more like a guy. *sigh* I mean, sure, maybe I'm "cute," but I ain't beautiful or sexy. THAT'S FOR DARN SURE. And it seems like most guys at college, at least from what I know, want a sexy girl over cute or whatever the heck I am. Yeah, ok, so I was getting down on myself a lot...I usually don't care about the whole lack of boyfriend thing, but it does get to me sometimes. Like now. And my haircut just made me feel bad. I even cried some about it last night. :/ It's not like I don't like how it looks...I love it...but I sorta miss my long hair...looking at the girl getting her hair curled really is what triggered it. Beautiful, long, curled hair. All I have is short, boyish hair now. I like it. But I don't know. I worry too much about what others think.

Anyhoo, today I worked a lot on my marketing plan, watched some baseball (Phillies lost *sob*), and put up some ebay auctions. As usual, it was cause my brother was like "SELL THESE COME ON." Cause he's a total jerk and is a dimwit when it comes to doing anything. He's too lazy. Plus, he hates having responsibility; if something goes wrong, he can blame me. Yes, I know, I should just tell him to do it himself, but I really don't mind doing these things. I'm too nice. Too nice. It annoys me when he asks me so rudely, but I feel accomplished when I set them up and when they sell. So anyway, CHECK THEM OUT if you want!! Some anime box sets of ours [haven't watched them in forever]. Sailor Moon and Tenchi. Yes, pretty high prices! Lol, but they are RARE. I was super surprised to see how much the Sailor Moons were selling for, which is why I put the high prices. But hey, I'm even more surprised in a VERY good way that someone already bid on the$100 one. O________O

Okies. I guess this is all I have to say. I mean, not really, lol, but I'm done for now. I've been having migraines every single day...so yes. *sigh* Another exhausting thing!! >.< *hugs* Thank you for visiting me!! Sorry I didn't do much visiting today; I've had too much homework and crap to do. Take care, everyone~~~

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