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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I think my mind has left me. School is really making me crazy! ;__;
Wow! Thanks you guys for all the comments!! ^_^ 6 is definitely a record for myO. Lol. Lately, at least. :3 Anything more than 1 (Stephy) is stunning! Hehe. So thank you all~~~ Deb, great to see you again! And same to Lute. It's been forever. Thank you SS and Jes, too! <333 That post was almost...a week ago. So yes, old news, old news. XD But thank you all for the comments on my wallpaper. I really love how it turned out, which is why I'm not bothered by other people's rude comments anymore.

(OMG I'm posting here on myO first omg) But it is going to be shorter than I'd like. You guys don't mind. XD It's just that I need to get to bed VERY soon!

I used to...back in the day, post on myO everyday, and I would do it RIGHT when I woke up! I felt guilty if I didn't. Even if I posted it later in the day I felt bad...lol. Like if I didn't do it right when I got up, it was crazy. Can you believe it? I was really...obsessed with this site I guess. Obsessed, dedicated, or something. Now I post on theO whenever I feel like it, and it's usually around midnight, before I get ready for bed. ^^;; Quite the opposite of how I used to do it. Ahah.

Ugh, I'm having a lot of trouble breathing lately. It's probably just...all the allergens. You know, more and more pollen lately, but goodness, it's horrible! Cause it hasn't just been my nose; I feel like I'm having more trouble breathing through my mouth, too. :/ Sometimes I wonder if I have asthma. I mean, I know I don't have asthma attacks or anything serious...but maybe I have some other variant of it, something more mild. It's probably just my really bad allergies though. ~__~ Even with all of the meds I've been given for them, I'm still a wreck. My doctors are FAILURES.

I also feel like a failure. *sigh* There's 2 (3?) weeks of school left, and I have so many projects to do, but I haven't...gotten any...anywhere near done. And I'm so scared. :( My biggest worry is marketing. Chantal and I are partners for this big marketing plan project we have. We separated the sections so that we'd each do a certain part, and I feel like a failure with mine. Chantal is so amazing...so smart...and she's done most of the work this semester for us. I guess I got lazy this semester, especially in this class. And I got lucky that for ONCE I was partnered with a good student, someone nice and smart that could actually do work. I'm usually stuck with idiots where I have to do everything. It's just weird for me to actually rely on someone else to take care of things. ^^; And she has done so much! Which I'm very grateful for, but now I'm getting to the point where I feel guilty. And this project is due next week, and I haven't pulled my weight...I do HAVE to pull my weight though cause it's not like she's doing my parts for me.

But now I'm totally clueless on my sections. I don't understand any of this crap!! Our teacher never really taught us anything. Every class he just had us do these partner assignments (answered questions in the book), but he never actually lectured us or gave us any notes. It was all on us to take notes and read the chapters...and I don't learn well that way. I just don't. We've had some quizzes, and I know I haven't done well on them because I simply do not learn on my own. I mean, I CAN learn on my own, but I can't...really understand information just by reading a book and taking my own notes. I need explanations. I need a teacher to guide me. So I'm really freaked out about this class...*sigh* I can't imagine how the final exam will be, let alone how I'll finish my parts for this marketing plan before next wednesday. We also have to present it. I mean, I actually have worked on it; I have 3 parts left, and 2 of them are summaries of other parts so I can't do them until Chantal gives me her stuff. It's just that I don't think I'm doing my parts right...I worked on one of them today, and I started at the description FOREVER. Just wtf.

Oh by the way, I feel bad I didn't explain it, but some of you already know what our project is. We have to create our own business and then write up a marketing plan for it. Our business is a cute bakery called Little Bo Peep's. :) So I LOVE our idea, and I understand our concept and stuff, but it's just applying these other things to it...I don't get. ^^;;; Ah ANYHOO. I gotta stop talking about this because I really lost track of my thoughts. I've just been rambling for 10 minutes. The moral of the story is that I'm very stressed out about this.

Behold, our logo:

At least I can do that part! Lol. And I'm even going to design our menu. XD

Tomorrow morning I have to schedule my classes for next semester. Things have gotten tricky because of my credit mess...so I had to talk to my dad about my plans for the next year since I'm not going to be able to graduate when I'm supposed to (spring '11). To make a long story short, dad got mad again, I cried more, my schedule isn't going to be how I wanted it, I hate my life, I hate school, and I feel like crawling in a hole. But hey, what else is new? It didn't help that I had to have this conversation with a migraine. Tonight...today was just incredibly stressful on me. It sucked.

But at least the Phillies won!! :D Lol. Yes, Deb, just for you! Hehe. They lost 3 games in a row until tonight, so it was refreshing to have a win again. XD They should've won last night because our starting pitcher pitched 8 shut-out (didn't give up a run) innings...but then Charlie (Phils manager) took him out and put Madson in to close. Well, he screwed up. Big time. Gave up 2 homeruns...tying the game up, sending it into extra innings. All he needed was 3 measly outs, and the game would've been over! BUT NO. So then we lost in the 10th. It was a bunch of crap. How is it that a starting pitcher can go 8 innings, get 24 outs, and not give up a single run...and then you give it to one guy that just needs to get 3 outs to end the game, but he instead gives up 3 runs? UGH. Made me SOOOOO mad. ~__~ BUT TONIGHT WAS GREAT. AN AWESOME WIN. The guys made some pretty amazing defensive plays. <3333 So that was one good thing of my day! Lol.

Ok, so I did write a lot. I always do. I amaze myself sometimes. but man, my mind is totally shot. I'm sooooo tired...haven't been getting any good sleep lately. *sigh* So I'm sorry if this post was a bit random or just didn't make sense in parts. I'm not making sense right now. So I better go to bed so I can wake up and do it all over again.

Love this song:

Thank you for visiting me!!!! *hugs* I love you guys. Sorry for...having to deal with me. XD Take care!!

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