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Friday, April 16, 2010

same as on my world~ just a day (really night) after!
Hello!! ^_^ *hugs* Stephy...wow...thank you SO much for being my one loyal myO reader!! XD It's great hearing from you. <3333 You're so sweet. Thank you again. :3 This post is what I wrote on theO LAST NIGHT so replace all "today"s with "yesterday" and all "tomorrow"s with "today." Lol! *hugs*

I'll try to make this quick. PROMISE. :D <---liar

Today my partner and I presented our window display, and I think it went ok. As usual, I froze up and got really nervous, and my voice was shaky, but ehhhh...oh well. It's over with. It's just so stupid because it was just a 2-minute thing in front of my classmates that I know so well, in a pretty informal way. All I had to talk about was how we assembled our display and our frustrations about it. SO EASY RIGHT? I mean, all I'm did basically was complain about things, lol. But I still got shaky. My partner did fine though. I don't think the presentation is a big part of the grade though, so we should be fine. Tuesday we have to take everything down/out though. It kinda sucks that our window display is only up for a week then. :[ Well, now we have to work on the FINAL final project...again, same partner. Woopty-doo. (?)

Since that's all we did, I got out real early. Like 2 hours early. XD Unfortunately, since I still don't drive, I had to wait for mom to pick me up, and darn it, I had to wait those 2 hours. Cause she was shopping. ^^;; During that time I worked on my typography powerpoint project at least...if I didn't do that, I know I would've procrastinated on it forever. (it's due tuesday)

Ok, so the big news! That you probably already know...but I finished my wall. :) I love how it turned out. YES, POSITIVITY. Surprising, right? Lol. I usually hate my wallpapers during and after they're done. But right now, at least, I like it. Hopefully I won't hate it tomorrow. (edit: I don't!)

Of course though, I do have to have a little rant to go along with it. And as usual, it does stem from AP. ^^; You really can't please everyone, right?? It sure annoys me. So in my previous rant about my wall was that I was getting tons of comments about it being too messy how it was before. It "didn't look good" how I had it, so I got lots of suggestions to smudge the bg. Alright, well, I did, and I like it that way. But NOW I'm getting comments on AP "Aw, I liked the original better! You should've kept it that way." -___- MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, PEOPLE. Ugh. That's why you NEVER put your other versions or the original scan in your description, lol. Cause then jerks decide to compare them all and dislike the one you went with.

But here's someone that...just irked me with their comment. I'm not totally offended, but I am really...ok fine, offended. The way they put this it's as if I did NOTHING to the original scan. As if I didn't put all the work that I did into it, as if I didn't add my own style. Like wtf. This is what they said: Although this looks pretty cool, I gotta say that I like the original better. If you want to make yours interesting, that is, I would choose your wallpaper over the original scan as a bg, you should attempt to make it your own in some particular way that is your own. This includes colour/contrast changes, or even bg changes. Perhaps she is against a sky, or her hair is blue. Or she's a vampire. Whatever floats your boat! But when it comes down to this I have to ask myself *why*. Why would I choose this paper over the original scan? What do you have to contribute to it? What will you do to make it your own? Perhaps you feel like you did this, but to someone who has no intimate knowledge of the process you went into, I feel like you just painted a copy of the original. I understand it's hard work...I can't do that myself, for example, I still think that I'd be interested to see you take it to the next level. (edit: I'm not mad about this anymore cause I like my wall just how it is!)

Well if you CAN'T do this yourself, then why are you acting all high and mighty? Vampire? Blue hair? WTF? Why would i do that? I don't know, I'm not completely pissed like it's going to make me dislike my wall (cause I love it), but it does insult me a bit. They didn't say it in a mean way, but still. So apparently the original scan is so much better than my wall, and my wall is just a carbon copy of it. OK. WHATEVER. This person only has made 7 wallpapers, and they're not exactly the best or most creative in the bunch. Lol. So I really don't understand it. XD I almost want to reply to her and sort of give my point of view, but that would get me nowhere, and I don't want to cause an argument. But I DID change the colors, the bg isn't at all like the original anymore, and it is my own in my own style. So poo on her. She should shove it. Oh, and she even decided to look at one of my other walls cause she was "curious." She complimented and faved this one, saying that it was actually "creative" and "different from the original scan." But she did complain that she didn't like how off-center the girl was. Lol. WTF. I'm sorry, but this person is actually funny to me now. XD [sarcasm]I mean, HALLELUJAH that this RANDOM non-artist decided to praise my work. I should definitely follow their advice from now on.[/sarcasm]

Sorry. Lol. I didn't think I'd do that rant, but it just got to me a bit. Again, I'm not letting that one person's stupid comment ruin my love of my wall. Cause I like it as is!! D< Hmph. Anyhoo, another art update! A drawing of one of our fish. For my dad's b-day tomorrow (friday). ^_^ Unfortunately when I printed it out for him, our printer sucked the awesomeness out of it. It looks so much better on the comp. So I'll have to show it to him on here as well.

Alrighty, yes, I had to put this here...cause I'm bad and neglecting myO. :( Sorry. *hugs* And sorry there's always rants in my posts!! Next time I'l try really hard to be happy and positive all the way through. XD Take care~

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