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Saturday, April 10, 2010

same as my world: a good amount of ranting!
Thank you for the comment last time, Stephy!! *hugs hugs hugs* Yay one person! XD Haha. So yeah, this is the same post as on my World...there's a lot of negativity in it. ^^;; And at least here, I have a feeling no one that commented on my WIP will read it here! But yeah. I apologize ahead of time for the rants. I just felt like putting this here, too...since I don't know when I'd write another post. GOMEN! *hugs*

So the weekend is almost over. Darn it. Man, I have so many projects and papers I have to work on...it really sucks. And I didn't really work on any yet. I worked a little bit on my typography assignment, contributed a little bit to a marketing assignment...and that was it. Thursday I have the paper due for our window display project (see last post for pics), tuesday I have stuff due for typography, and then there's the big marketing partner project. Well, that isn't due for a few weeks, but still...we have nothing done on it! ^^;; And it's like a 20 page thing. We split up the different parts between us (I love my partner; we sit next to each other, and the great thing is that she's super smart and diligent! I'm so used to having stupid useless partners!! And she's cute. XD She was in my textiles class last year. She reminds me of a mouse.) Anyhoo, Chantal (my partner) wanted us to work on some of the parts this weekend, but I totally didn't find the time to do so. Good news is that she didn't either lol. Oh snap, she wanted me to work on the menu, too...oh well. Some time. We have to make a business plan for a made up business, ours being a cute little bakery called "Little Bo Peep's bakery!". :)

But yeah, it's nearing the end of the semester...so there's just a lot of work looming over me, and I want to start panicking already. But I just have to keep working on things a little bit at a time. The problem is that I don't feel like doing things ahead of time...I want to procrastinate. ;__; Stupid school. I wish it were over already. People must think that I LOVE studying and crap just cause I get straight (almost) A's. Like that's all I do. HAH, no. I'm a minimalist when it comes to work...I just somehow get it done well enough or study just enough to get good grades. :/ I don't overextend! XD

Today and yesterday I took some lovely photos of flowers we have planted around our house. ^_^ Gawd, I love them!! <33 I LOVE MY CAMERA. I love its macro setting...I can get so super up-close~~ I'm proud of some of these pics, especially the daffodils one. It almost looks like one of those stock wallpapers Windows gives you for your desktop. XD
♥Little white flowers
♥Tulips in the sun
♥Nectarine blossoms

Now about my title. Sometimes I really feel like quitting the whole making graphics biz. But I love doing it. It's fun. Well, usually. It gets not fun when I'm stuck on something, or when I subject myself to critiques. Which is what I did today...if you're reading this and you were one of the people that commented on my critique request on Nami's world, that's fine. Don't get mad...cause I'm not mad at any of you, I'm mad at myself for how I handle these things. I just can't STAND criticism! That's the bottom line. The perfectionist in me hates being told things that are wrong with my works. I thought I've gotten a lot better with handling them, but sometimes I get more affected. Like today. I know I asked for advice, and I got some, but not advice that tickled me the right way. I already SAID that I knew my wall was messy looking. But what did I get? Comments telling me that it was messy looking. Uh, dur? I need help making it look LESS MESSY, not supposed advice telling me how bad it looks. I already know that. "Tidy it up." Ok, how? HOW? I thought constructive criticism offered solutions as well, right? -__-' To those who said these things, again I'm sorry if this little rant bugs you. I'm appreciative of advice, but I get annoyed when I've worked really hard on something...and then the feedback I receive isn't to my liking.

Then I figure, "Why did I ask in the first place?" Indeed. Why did I? If I can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen, right? If I can't handle critiques, then get out of a situation that will bring it up. In other words, I shouldn't bother with art lol. That's just how I felt today. I've been working so long on that wallpaper WIP...that I'm tired of it. I feel like quitting it and not finishing. :/ Cause I DON'T KNOW what to do with it. And no matter how many times I ask people for advice on it, I haven't gotten any true solutions. *sigh* I'm just not good enough...

Anyhoo, made a new ecard at least. I really like it. If you don't, oh well. If you have a problem with it, fine. It's just a card that took me 15-20 minutes, not a masterpiece.

Sorry, I've been grumpy all day. From the moment I woke up I've been nagging at people. ~__~ *sigh* Here, I'll talk about sports. Phillies won tonight, a big win! A comeback. I was so upset when they were losing, lol, but then when we came back, it was awesome!! :3 And they won like crazy yesterday, too. So my baseball team is at least doing wonderfully so far! Flyers (hockey) play tomorrow...their last game of the season. T__T REGULAR season that is. If they WIN, then they'll be in the playoffs. If they lose...they won't make it. *sob* So for heaven's sake, they HAVE TO WIN! If they lose, I'll be mad lol. As if I'm not mad about everything else, right??? XD

Goodness, lol. I'm sorry again for writing so much and having most of it be so down. So negative. So ranting. So stupid. I just had to get it off of my chest. Again, if you were one of the ones critiquing my wip, thanks, but I've just been taking offense to everything lately. If you hate me for saying such things, fine whatever. I suck, ok? ANYHOO. Thanks for visiting me and reading all of this crap! *hugs* Take care~

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