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Sunday, April 4, 2010

same post as on my World. *with some extra info* HAPPY EASTER!
Hello!! *hugs* Thank you for the comments last time, Kiba, Stephy (is that how you want it spelled??), angelbest, and Capri-chan! Several of you stated how you still visit MyO more than theO. :) That's really nice! It makes me want to post more here. So I'll be copying and pasting more of my World posts, if you don't mind. That way you can still read them, if you want. ^_^ And then I'll try to post once a week, a really long one here, if it isn't long on my World lol. So yeah, thanks so much for all of your sweet words. You guys are great! <33

To those who celebrate it, I hope you have a lovely Easter today!! ^_^ Do tell me about anything special you're going to do...or you did. If there were young kids in my family, I'm sure we'd do easter egg hunts and whatnot...although, when I was little, I only remember doing one ever. XD We used to always have this brunch after church at this fancy hotel...and sometimes they would have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. I remember doing it once. Lol. And maybe one other time...but not often. We used to color eggs every year, too, of course, but we didn't this time. I guess it's just normal...as you get older, the "fun" things that make holidays really celebratory just sort of go away. :/

But believe it or not, we still get easter baskets!! As in...the Easter bunny came. XD My mom is so cute, so sweet. She loves keeping us old children little. We may all be 20++++, but she doesn't think that means we can't have fun. So I got chocolates, a gift card to Toys R Us (now I can get the new Ace Attorney), and I got some cute stuffed animals. <333 I always get stuffed animals! I LOVE THEM. If I had my camera on me, I'd take a pic of what I got. I got this adorable white bunny, but my faves...were this TY teddy bear (his eyes are HUGE AND FREAKING ADORABLE) and a TY hamster! Lol. XD I love them. I'm 21, but I feel like a little kid still. Ahah. ^^; I never want to grow up. I don't look 21, nor do I feel it. I suppose that's ok...right?? If you walked into my bedroom, you'd think that it was some 10 year old's lol. Winnie the Pooh bedspreads, calendars, light blue colors everywhere, stuffed animals up the wazoo! XD It's great.

We have beautiful weather. It's supposed to get up to 80 tomorrow!! O__O Just wonderful for the first pitch of the Phillies baseball season!! ^__^ Woot woot. Baseball is back, baby. Lol. I'm tired of all our losing winter teams. XD Oofuri season 2 started! FINALLY. But I haven't seen any subbed versions yet, so I had to watch it raw. Thankfully my Japanese skills are still good enough to understand most of it. :3

Oh, remember my hives? Yeah, from the spider bites or whatever. I still have them...they've kinda gotten worse. ^^; I'm slightly worried, but I guess they'll go away soon. They're just very itchy. Bleh. My brother is sick, so he's milking all the sympathy he can get. Gawd. He's so annoying. -__- Healthy or not. But yeah, because of our ailments, we didn't get to go to church today. :/ First Easter ever we weren't able to. Ugh, just bad timing!! (hey, saves us from some boring sermons at least, but I mean...the point of Easter is Jesus' rising...and worshiping in church...so I feel kind of bad about not going; we'll just pray at home) Anyhoo, yeah.

I'm watching hockey right now. Flyers. Our Flyers. They've done nothing but lose lately. ;__; They have to win!!! ***They won today! Yay!! :) But they have to keep winning. Otherwise they won't make it into the playoffs...it's sooooo horrible.

*thinks* Well, I guess that's all. Just wanted to do a quick Easter post. *hugs* Thanks for being such wonderful friends. :) Take care~

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