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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm also posting this same one on my World. School stuff, yesterday, etc.
Hello!! And thank you for the comments last time! *hugs* The few who still stand strong at myO. XD emerald, Deb, and Reki!!!! <3333 Reki, that was one of the longest comments I've ever seen from you. XD Welcome back! *hugs* And of course thanks to Deb and emerald, too, for your sweet words. :) Hmm...not much to really reply to, so I'll leave it at that!

It's a rainy day today. Lots of rain. And I love rain. <33 BUT...it's winter, so you know, I would've preferred snow...especially to maybe delay or cancel classes tomorrow. Lol. *sigh* Yup, back to school for real now. I mean, classes started last thursday...but that doesn't count. XD I only had one class, and then I have fridays off! So yeah. This will be the real first week of school. ;__; I'll TRY not to be so nervous. Though telling me that...haha, it doesn't usually work. I know, I've been told by some of you to stop panicking. Try to calm down, don't worry about these things, you're wasting your time worrying, etc. Yes, that's all well and good, but anxiety tells me otherwise. ^^;; It's something I can't really help. I appreciate all of your sweet words regarding these things, but don't hate just cause I freak out about things in the future! It's not like I ENJOY panicking. :/

Anyhoo, tomorrow I have two classes: marketing and history of costume. I think the fashion class sounds really interesting, but it's with my same ol' teacher lady that I can't stand. My mentor. So I have to see her 3 times a week now...and I feel sorry for the girls that are taking interiors this semester, too. I need to take that class, but I didn't want it since it's a night class, and having one will be enough for me this time. But yah, the poor girls taking that, too, have to see McKinney (our prof) 4 times a week!! For 3 classes!! D: *shivers* That would suck. Bleh, I have to buy my books...they'll all be really expensive, as usual. I know people always say to just order them on amazon, but I don't really have the luxury of time to wait for delivery. ~__~ All my teachers always want us to have the books right away. BOoooo. And for my marketing class, omg, my teacher frickin' WROTE the book we have to buy. It's huge. And since he wrote it, it's only available at our school book store anyway. >E The history of costume book is probably the hugest book I've EVER seen. I don't know how I'll carry it. >.< So that's tomorrow. Tuesday I have gym (pickleball...um, it's like tennis with a ping pong paddle and whiffle ball) and then MUCH later...my first night class ever, typography. The class itself will be fun, probably, seeing as it'll be a lot of photoshop and illustrator etc., but the times aren't fun. :( 7pm to 9:45...that's toooooooo laaaaaaaaaaate. T__T

I'm most annoyed by those times cause it's during dinnertime AND sports time, lol. Since most of the sports games start at 7...like hockey this tuesday I'll miss. :[ Wednesday's schedule is like monday's, except this week I have to meet in the evening for my online course. 5:30-8. GAWD. Apparently after we do that meeting, then the online class will officially start, but she wants us to meet first to tell us about it and stuff. :/ Ok! So yeah, then thursday is just my one class. There's my schedule for this semester...it doesn't sound that bad except for being out of my comfort zone with a night class. I just hope that there aren't tons of projects.

I'm still thinking about Avatar and how awesome it was. I'd love to see it again. XD

So, yesterday...I did indeed to go the mall with my friends. I didn't want to at first cause I wasn't feeling well, but I figured I should since along with Karen and Laura, Qin came. And I haven't seen her in years. Phil was there, too, but bleh to him. Qin came along with her boyfriend...his name is Kong. XD Qin and Kong. Sounds like King Kong...lol. He was so short!! He was cute, but it was funny since he was Qin's height or a bit shorter, and so that's like 5'2" or something. I saw pics of him on her FB, and he definitely looked taller. Hehe. [no offense to short guys out there cause, I mean, I'm short too] I came pretty late cause my mom had to get ready, and she takes forever...when I got there, Karen's mom gave me the cute little piggy salt and pepper shakers I painted. They're adorable~~ ^^ Um, and then after that we just went around to stores. As usual, I was the only person to BUY things, lol. It's always this way! Everyone else just looks, but I spend all my money. Haha. So I got some manga and a Tinkerbell shirt. <3 Overall, it was fun, but I still got a bit stressed over it.

If you didn't see my last post (on my World), well, my betta fishy Seyonne passed away. :( I had him for over a year...which was the longest of any of our bettas. I wubbed him so much!! But his death didn't really come as a surprise since he was acting funny for a couple weeks...not swimming much, not eating much, and then this past week he got some illnesses and just got worse. Poor thing. But now he's up in fish heaven with all my others!!! ^_^ I said a little prayer for him, and buried him out back around this tree where we've buried some of our other fish. That's right; we don't flush 'em down the toilets. That would be mean.

Made an ecard yesterday. Many thanks to all of you wonderful friends that already commented etc. :) Glad you like it! *hugs*

I've been working on that wallpaper of mine...and I'll probably submit it soon. It's basically done. I'm not completely happy with it, but I'm tired of looking at it, so I'll just want it out of my hands very soon.

Hmm...there's some little things I could mention, but that would probably waste your time too much. XD So I'll end it here. Thanks for the comments and everything! You guys are great!! Good luck to those returning/returned to school~ [me included lol] Take care!!

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