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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

dentistry and sherlock holmes.
Hi, hi, hi!! <33 Thank you all a billion times over for the comments. :) It's almost been a week again. ^^;;; I'm getting worse and worse at finding time to post, lol. I'll be more on a schedule when school starts so then I'll be regular. XD Happy new year again!! I appreciate all of your sweet words~~~ A HUGE welcome back to Deb!! It's been FOREVER. Just like Meg...it's so great seeing you again~~ Anna-chan, thank you. [congrats again] Also, jamo, Keri, and xaos, thanks for the comments. ^_^

Ahhh, I'm tired. DX Yet I've been getting enough sleep! I think it was the stress from today. I had to go to the dentist. ^^;; Stupid dentist! Although mine is still a children's one, and all the ladies there are so nice. My dentist is so sweet~ Lol, and she says I could basically keep going there for as long as I live here. XD I'm 21, and you'd think they'd like kick me out or something since I'm clearly not a child anymore! But she says she has some 22-23 year olds still there. Mom asked, "So how long can she still be here?" My dentist: "Well, most people leave cause of jobs or moving away...so whenever that happens usually." LOL. What if I don't move away then? Hah, I guess I'll be a 40 year old going to a kid's dental office. XD

Anyhoo, everything was going well...just standard cleaning, but when my dentist came around to check my teeth she asked about my wisdom teeth. Are they feeling ok? No pain? They're coming in well. Alright, so I was thinking that it'd all be ok! Until she started poking around with that hook thing. ~__~ "Oh. Well...you have a cavity in the top of this wisdom tooth...and, oh dear. This one has a HOLE in it." WTF? A hole??? Yeah. A hole. Not a cavity, a freaking HOLLLLEEEEE. She told me that it's malformed...so when my wisdom tooth was forming and coming out, well, something was up with the genetics and so it didn't complete! T__T So I have a gaping hole in it. Duh, it'll hurt when she sticks that hook thing in there! *sigh* She asked if I wanted to have them pulled, but I was like no f-ing way. Just fill them. So next month I have to come back to have those two fillings...well, a cavity filled and a hole filled. -__-' I'm not looking forward to that. :( Whenever I go they always find more cavities. Yet I brush and floss! My dentist has never known the pain of these things; she said she's NEVER had a cavity in her life. No wonder she doesn't mind being in the business. ^^;

After that, mom and I went to the mall. I got some cute new shoes and boots from the Sketchers store. <33 But the girl that helped us was...I'm pretty sure, anorexic. She looked really bad. Like a corpse. I felt really uncomfortable looking at her, honestly. I felt really bad. I mean, sure, maybe she just has a different illness, but either way, I hope she gets better. It isn't easy looking at someone in that state; it's sad. You know? Eating disorders are some of the worst (if not THE worst) killers [at least of psychological disorders]. :/ Um, anyway, after that we searched for the Lenscrafters. To get my glasses adjusted. Nope, not the new ones that were killing me, but my old ones...hmm...I guess I gotta explain. XD The other day we went to Lenscrafters, instead of Walmart, to get my recent prescription put into my old frames that I found were comfortable. Because my new frames were soooooo horrible, I had to do it. Even though I liked how my new ones looked more, I'd much rather have comfort. Although now, since I've worn those bad ones for so long, my ears are really irritated and sore still. So everything feels uncomfortable. :[ Like at this point, I can't even tell now if these frames are ok! I'm so confused. ;__; But I wore them years ago, and they were fine, so I'm just hoping that it's my ears being sore from the last ones digging into me. But nevertheless, I wanted them adjusted again today. *fiddles with them more* >.<

It's so cold out. SO COLD. But we don't have any snow yet. Apparently it's hitting everywhere else in the country but us! Lol. At least not yet. Anyway, yesterday we went to see Sherlock Holmes. X3 I still wanna see Avatar, but the movie times didn't match up, which is why we saw Sherlock~~ It was really really goooood!!! *__* I didn't think Sherlock Holmes could be so sexy, lol. <--my facebook status, haha. And this is coming from someone who just a few months ago couldn't stand Robert Downey Jr. ^^;; But...he made a really good-looking Sherlock!! XD It was full of action, suspense, the usual intrigue and British accents. <3 It was a bit long, but it was really good. So I'd recommend it. :) [spoiler pic, funny part, not really a spoiler] I also didn't know that Sherlock knew some martial arts. XD Wow.

Hmmm...that just about sums up my week. That I can think of anyway, lol. I go back to school next thursday, which is a downer. But it helps that I'll have fridays off this semester. <3 I do have an online course though...so I'll prolly do my stuff for that then. :/ And unfortunately I have a night class on tuesdays, which I've never had before so I'm kinda scared. :( It'll mess up my evening schedule, that's for sure!!! .__. Boooo. Oh well. It's typography so at least it'll be somewhat fun. Um, here's an ecard I made for Anna. If you didn't see it yet, here you go~

Alrighty. Now I think I'll end this post here. ^^ Thank you for visiting me!! *hugs* I love you guys! Good luck to those of you returning to school already. My condolences. Take care~

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