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Friday, January 1, 2010

New year's annoyances, fun stuff...yes. Happy new year!

Well, that just about sums it up, right? Happy new year! *hugs* 2010. Wow. That's just...insane. It's such a high number! Gawd. I was born in 1988...that seems like soooooooooooo long ago. It's truly amazing. 2010. Lol. Yup, so happy new year to all of you!! Thank you for the comments last time. :) I can't believe it's been a whole week since my last post here. That isn't RIGHT for me. I kept planning on posting earlier this week, but then I couldn't find time since we were doing things, or I would have another bad migraine. ^^; Anyhoo, thanks again~~

As my card says, you gotta have faith that this year will be better than the last! Work with those around you, those you love and that love you to work towards this better tomorrow, if you will. [/cheesy inspirational moment] Any resolutions out there? I'm not one to make resolutions. Maybe I should. I don't know. I just tend to make goals for myself or have these standards that I keep up with all year 'round. I guess one thing I HAVE to do is find a job...an internship for my stupid major. I guess that isn't exactly a "resolution," but it's something I have to do! Lol. Hmm...I should probably do more exercise...but I have a feeling that resolution would collapse quickly. ^^;;; How about you guys then? Do tell. And maybe you can think up some for me, too. XD

Hmm...I need to try and type this quickly since dinner will be ready soon. I have poor time management when it comes to my computer time, lol. I blame it on facebook now. No, I'm not "addicted." It's not like I'm on all freaking day, but it is a good place to waste time. :/ Ugh, but this whole week I've barely had any computer time anyway. >.< My brother, I SWEAR, has had just about as many days off from work as I'm supposed to for school. It's ridiculous. This week he only worked a total of 6 hours. He does work the weekend, but just...bleh. It's cause of the holidays. ~__~ And his normal days off of monday-wednesday. *sigh* I haven't been complaining about him a lot cause he's always playing his ps3, but when I do see him, and he wants to do something together, then I immediately get annoyed, lol. I really hope his resolution is to move out this year. >> SERIOUSLY. With him, it's always "Do this, do that." I'm tired of it. Again, I haven't been bothered by him as much lately...but still. I wish he had more work hours. And then my dad has been getting on my nerves about little things. We're generally good buddies, especially when watching sports, but there are tiny things that make him blow up, and then that really annoys me.

Like over the past few months, he has gotten on a tear about electricity. Our bill, that is. Especially lighting. So when I'm down here at my computer, I obviously want the lights on!! The thing is that the switch turns on all the lights, which is like...8 of them. It's the best lighting, and I've been using them forever! But now, if I have them on, he gets SO MAD. "Turn those off! You know these cost a lot of money!! Put on the lamps!!!" UGH. So I have to turn on these 2 dinky little lamps. He seems to think that having these lights on for an hour costs him all this extra money. He doesn't bother to think that Corey having his little space heater on for hours and all his lights and his computer and his ps3 on all day...might be affecting anything. ~__~ He also got mad today that I had the window open down here. I have the window open to get fresh air in here cause I still have the stupid reactions [where my face itches/burns]. *sigh* Anyway...I don't know...the men in my family have been really bothering me lately, lol.

I guess I'll quickly go over these things again that I wrote about on my World. The other day we went bowling for the first time in years. I started out horribly, but then I got a little better. The first game I bowled 87, and the second time 107~ I got several strikes, too! It was amazing!! Lol. The place we went to was packed with little kids. Lots of parties and things since they were out on break. It was crazy. XD We were definitely the oldest family there. >> Though we were next to some groups of guys (college?) that were playing, too. Hahaha, there was this one guy that was using this really crazy stance!! Like he started over in OUR lane, holding the ball...more like cradling it, without his fingers in the holes, and then he'd run up and curve and chuck it. I don't know; it's hard to explain!! XD But one time, it was ultimate fail. He almost fell on his butt, hahaha. He tripped on his own feet. It looked like a cool stance...but if you can't even knock down one pin with it, then it's definitely not cool anymore.

Alright, so on my world I said there was something that was bothering me, but it's all resolved now. I was gonna rant about my friend Karen's mom and how she has no consideration for others AT ALL. We planned on doing something earlier this week; plans were set, but then her mom decided to say no cause she had to do something for Karen's brother. See, they only have one car. Karen can drive, but if her mom is using the car, then it's out of the question to do anything!! So I thought we'd have to just wait until next week to get together, but out of the blue, Karen called yesterday, and her mom said it was ok so we could go to Color Me Mine. I wasn't up to going out yesterday, but I figured it might be our only chance, lol. If you don't know/remember, Color Me Mine is this cute little place where you select pre-sculpted sculptures and things. From figures, to boxes, mugs, plates, anything ceramic. And then you get to paint them! :) Then the place fires them and you pick them up.

The last time we went, I painted this fairy box, which some of you might remember. Yesterday I chose this cute salt and pepper set!!! ^^ They're little piggies~~~~ We had a lot of fun painting and talking. Afterwards, we had to find their (Karen and her twin sis Laura) mom at this used book store...and THEN she made us go into Rite Aid. Like wtf. It was late, and I wanted to go home! But again, her mom has no consideration at all...so we wasted a half-hour or something in there...and their mom didn't even get anything. She just looked down every aisle. ~__~''' Ugh, lol. In the end, I did have a good time...just a bit socially exhausting. Hmm...well, here's the pic of my little piggies. They will be fired, and then we can pick them up next week. So their colors now are not what they'll end up being. They will be more vibrant. :)
Today, hockey-wise, was the Winter Classic. Between my Flyers and the Boston Bruins. It was a crazy awesome exciting game...even though my guys lost. :( But still...it was so cool. What's special about it? They turned Fenway Park (baseball stadium for the Red Sox) into an ice rink~~ Gah, it was awesome, especially since it snowed yesterday. A shame we didn't win, but it was still really cool. :3

Alrighty.................I think I wrote too much again, lol. I was going to do this short post, but oh well. I probably even have more stuff to talk about, but I don't have time. Gotta go eat dinner~ Mmmmm, STEAK. <3333 Happy new year everyone! I love you guys!! I wish you all the best for this brand new year~

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