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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

holiday goodness! I'm really boring, lol.

Yes, it's that card I made last week. :) Sorry, but I'm too lazy to make another one right now! It will have to do for the HAPPY HOLIDAYS message!! *hugs* I do have another ecard in waiting, but I have to wait until Christmas Eve to submit it. It's for my secret Santa recipient. ^_^ Anyhoo, hello!! Thank you all sooooooooooooo much for the comments last time~ I know, it's been a while...kinda...since my last post. ^^; Don't worry; I haven't gone anywhere, lol. Curse, Anna, Angelbest, Saiyan, Raisha, and Cynthia! Thank you for your wonderful words~ <33 You're all wonderful!
[Ok, I submitted the card! Enjoy!]

So it's just about Christmas!! Tomorrow is X-mas Eve~ FINALLY. I SWEAR. It's felt like forever. XD I kept thinking that today would be the eve, but nooooo. I guess Christmas was on thursday last year...so I'm thinking of that. Anyhoo, are you all excited (if you celebrate it)? Even if you don't celebrate it, my ecard rings true! It's a perfect time to give thanks for those around you; it's nearing the end of the year, and you should look back upon it and remember things that you feel good about. And if there were more bad things, well, reflect on them and then look forward to the new year!! ^_^ *cough* Yes, I'm trying to be inspirational here. XD Oh yeah, speaking of which, don't forget I made that inspirational card challenge on theO. The deadline is some time in January. :) I'm surprised I don't have very many entries! I thought I'd get more. Hmm. Well, there's still time. [/self-advertisement]

Some of you may remember I mentioned that a friend from AP sent me gifts for my b-day! And I got her things for christmas. ^^ Today her gifts to me arrived! She's soooo sweet. One of the few people on AP that I met that's actually...a FRIEND. Lol. She got me a necklace and ring set that has this cute cupcake guy on it. XD As well as some gum, 2 star ornaments, and this ADORABLE snow bunny plush!! It's handmade by a local artist, she said. :) I took a pic of him and made it into something of a card. So you can take a look. I named him Lyle. :3

Tonight we're going to go out to eat to the restaurant that started my obsession with TODD. Hahaha. I don't think I've mentioned him in a long while!! Some of you MAY remember last year, last summer (omg long time ago) I went to this restaurant...and the waiter/busboy was this really shy kid! Well, guy. I don't know his age. Lol. But he was shy and CUTE and he looked like Mihashi from Oofuri. X3 Hehehe. And he was the inspiration for naming our angelfish Todd. Lol. But since then...I haven't ever seen him again. ;__; NEVER. But I still think of him!! A girl can wish, right?? Hahaaa...oh Todd. So yeah, I guess we're actually going to leave soon, so I better get this post going! NEVERMIND. STRIKE THAT. We're not going out. :( My brother is sleeping...so...I guess he's not feeling well. Therefore, we're staying here. Poo. This was supposed to be a make-up dinner for my b-day dinner, lol. Cause I never technically GOT ONE.

Jeez, I haven't posted since last...whenever, but I can't even think of much to talk about. And that explains why I don't post as much during breaks~ I'm just a lazy, boring, slob! XD I've done nothing but stay home, play Star Ocean 4, watch TV, finish watching the Gokusen (anime) for the 3rd time [it's the only anime I've watched in months...], and uh, yeah. That's it. Well, at least I'm over my sinusitis! :) I'm not sick anymore! I'm still blowing my nose some, but not like before. So I'm pretty sure I'm good to go now~ Yeah, about anime, I haven't watched any in a long time. ^^; Gokusen was the last and only thing I've seen in months, lol. I guess I'm getting "tired" of it, but not. I still LIKE it, but I haven't found anything new that I LIKE. So I just end up rewatching older shows that I know are tried and true. If you know of some series that you think is reaalllllyyy good, feel free to mention it [if it's new].

Yup, I honestly can't think of anything interesting that's happened in the past few days. :( So you just tell me things! Or ask me questions! Anything! Ok? ^_^ I'll talk a bit about Christmas then. Tomorrow night is when we open family gifts. So siblings to siblings, if we got anything from relatives (negative), and specifically parents to us. And then on X-mas morning...well...uh, despite all of us being adult children, lol, we still get "Santa gifts." So those are opened then!! :D I didn't really ask for anything, so I'll be happy and surprised with whatever. The only things I know about are a couple DS games and some manga.

Alright. I'll spare you now. Just enjoy your holidays!! :) Thanks for visiting me~~ I LOVE YOU GUYS. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. <3 Take care~
[I really like this song! It isn't a video though. So just listen if you feel like listening!]

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