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Friday, December 18, 2009

Colds and dramas.
Hello, guys! How are all of you doing today? Arigatou for the comments! *hugs* You guys are so great~~ I really appreciate everything you said, from get well wishes to things about grades, etc. :) Thank you Jerry, jamo, Jes, kiyo-chan, raisha, killua (it's great hearing from you on here!!), and Anna! *hugs* Thank you all soooooooooooo much. Kiyo-chan, yeah, I don't post as often as I used to! Now I try to post twice a week. XD I couldn't keep up with it...like...it got waaaay too stressful to post everyday, so I stopped that a while ago. I don't think I've done it for a year or something. And killua, myO is what started it all! I'm glad to see you using it now, too~ :) Thanks again, everyone!

Well, I'm still sick. But I AM getting better. I'm pretty sure. Since I got those antibiotics the other day, I should be all well in a few days. *crosses fingers* I'm still having sinus headaches, and I can't stop blowing my nose once I get started, lol, but I'm not as bad as I was the other day! But I'm still fatigued...so like I want to sleep all the time...but I resist it. XD Since as I've said before, I can't stand naps!

Brrrrrrrr. It's SO cold! SO COLD TODAY. The weather people are calling for tons of snow tomorrow though~~ So that'll be fun~ I can't wait! Hehe! ^^ I guess it isn't QUITE as fun when there isn't school to be canceled, but oh well. Hopefully my brother will still be able to make it to work though, haha. Hey, you guys probably noticed I haven't complained about Corey as much, right?? Lol. Well, since he's been sick, he hasn't been a threat. Also, he's always in his room now constantly playing his PS3, so I hardly see him! It's really a nice relief. O__O But even still, I prefer it when he's completely out of the house. Anyhoo, I hope we get snow! Our area isn't supposed to get quite as much as the shore though...the shore might get over a foot. *__* Sounds weird to have tons of snow on the beach, lol, but the Jersey shore isn't exactly a warm beach, haha. I've only been there a couple of times...one time with an ex-friend of mine. We used to be best of buds. I've never done ANYTHING with friends like that...except her...going to the freaking beach hours away. .__. Tis a shame she decided to be such a biatch in the end.

Speaking of "friends." Well, I had a bit of a...bleh, stupid thing happen yesterday! Jerry, I already ranted about this to you, but now everyone else gets to read all about it. XD It's things like this that make me realize why I didn't ever want a facebook. I'm not leaving it, no way, but it's just that these certain little dramas are why I didn't want to stay in contact with friends from before again. Anyhoo, so you may remember my friend Christine! She's the girl that's uber poor, has a super dirty and disgusting house, a creepy mom, and she has me over sometimes to play karaoke revolution and rock band etc. She's great. I've known her since kindergarten...I may make fun of her secretly for certain things, but I really do like her. ^^; Anyway, so she had on this ridiculous statement as her status, and of course it was a joke. And apparently her roommate put it up, not her. So I was just being sarcastic and joking back with what I said, "WTF, girl! I didn't know you were into that sort of thing. Goodness. >>'" Something along those lines. She commented me back telling me about it was just a joke thing that her friend put up; she laughed, etc. So all was good! BUT! Her stupid f-ing roommates and friends she's met at college decided to "fight back," if you will.

They read my comment, and then they decided to comment back to me. Badmouthing me, cursing at me, calling me RUDE. -__- I explained to them that I was just joking around and Christine knew it, too. Oooooh, that was NOT good enough for them. They continued on calling me rude, and I said, "Hey, you don't even KNOW me. How can you say these things to me? Plus, I've known Christine since kindergarten! Way longer than you, and she understands I was just being sarcastic!" And then their responses dealt with being roommates and "oh, you get to form a bond with a person way stronger than what you have when you live with them." *rolls eyes* It pissed me off so much!! As if we're not friends, and as if they know EVERYTHING. Gawd. It really ticked me off, having to argue with people I don't even know. So of course I told Christine about it, and she "tried" to tell them and explain everything was ok, but they didn't even listen to her. :/ So now her new college friends despise me when I've never even met them, lol. She wanted me to hang out with her over break, but after this, I really don't want to.

*sigh* Social drama is what I despise! Which is why I don't really like websites like that. There are some people that I'd rather just forget about and not keep in contact with. I mean, not her. I've kept in contact with her in other ways, but then things like that happen. ~__~' ANYHOO. Enough of that crap. Um...oh yesterday I went out with mom and dad. We went to this candy store~~ It was way out near downtown, in this little rundown town [woah, lots of rhyming], and it was supposed to be like an old-fashioned candy store. I didn't think it was quite that old-fashioned looking, but the thing was that...it had TONS OF CANDY. So many different kinds of chocolates, sugars of all sorts, and other things. ^_^ We did lots of shopping! I did my Christmas shopping there. XD Cause my brothers do enjoy yummy things like that, lol. So I got Corey some stuff, and Derek got his gifts now, too. I also bought a few things for a friend of mine I met on AP. :) She is the one that sent me presents on my b-day! So I decided I needed to send her something, too! Sent off the package today, so she'll probably get it before Xmas.

The owner of the store was this hunchbacked old man. XD He was shuffling about everywhere, barking orders to all of the staff! It was really busy. So many people all getting chocolates for the holidays, I'm sure~ OMG hahahaa. In one section of the store, it had some naughtier sweets, lol. There was a candy whip...a candy extremely large wearable bow for the ladies (>>'), and a *coughs and dies* candy thong for men. DXXXXX Ewww! It was hilariously gross!! Like the package's cover shows a close-up of a dude's crotch...with the candy thing on. T___T I showed my dad, he laughed and said we should've gotten it for my brother D. Hahaha...um, yeah. Why? O__O

Hmmm...I never heard back from my world religions teacher about my grade, so whatever. I don't care. It's actually a kinda nice feeling! Not having a perfect 4.0 GPA. XD That way, I don't have to worry about being a perfectionist anymore. From now on, if I don't get an A, then I simply won't be as upset. Cause I realize a B isn't that bad...it just annoyed me since I had no heads-up about it. And it was purely subjective since it was based off of my prof's opinions on the 3 papers. :/ Oh well. Anyhoo, uhh...I'm making my Ritsuka wall a collab with a friend on AP. ^^; I have no motivation for it. No nothing. I don't find walling as fun as it used to be...and I just think I suck too much. So I'm having her do the bg...then at least it will get finished.

I can't think of anything else to mention, so I'll end it here. :) Enjoy this song by Regina Spektor! "Us" It's an interesting video indeed.

*huggles* Thanks sooooooo much for visiting me. <3 I'll try to comment, too. Hopefully I'll get all well soon. ;__; Take care!!

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