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Thursday, December 10, 2009

LONG POST. about today's school stuff, fun stuff, fish stuff...I wrote too much. XD
Hey there, guys!! <333 Thank you for the comments last time! *Hugs* How are all of you doing?? :) I hope you're doing well!! Arigatou to jamo, Cynthia, anna-chan, Lute (it's been a while! *Hugs* Don't worry about it. I'm happy to see you again~), jes, and Jerry! Thanks a ton for your great comments. ^_^ I would write more here...but I don't feel up to it! SO thank you a ton again. <333

See, I started writing this post earlier at school, but then it randomly closed. And that pissed me off. ~__~ I hate it when that happens! Cause obviously at school they don't have the Session manager thing, like for firefox...I have that on my comp, so I'm not worried if it accidentally dies on me, lol. So anyhoo, I just have to start over again! But man, internet just hates me today. My internet, the school's. Things keep closing or freezing on me. ;__; NOoooo. Facebook really hates me. XD It never loads the first time. EHhhhh, oh well.

Ok, so today it's really freaking cold. Freezing! Boo! But the other night we had tons of rain. It was the storm system that gave some states 3 feet+ of snow. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it warmed up just enough that night to make it rain for us...but now, the next day, it's below freezing. And windy. Oh-so-horrible. Um, so there's no more snow on the ground, but here's a few more pics that I took the other day when we got the snow:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Pretty, right?? <3 Me loves the snow. I don't like it when it's just plain cold without any substance.

Ok, now I shall talk about...today. Yes. Today. Well, I woke up extremely nervous!!! Because I had my textiles project presentation this morning, OB final exam at 1, and in between those, I was sweetly invited (somehow) by my "friends" from textiles class to go to brunch with them! [I put friends in quotes cause I don't know if we'd ever do things outside of school...I guess I was just conveniently there since we have so many similar classes! I do like them. And I think we're kinda friends, but I doubt they really...think so...] Anyhoo, the presentation was just this little thing, but I was freaking scared. And even when we started presenting our poster, I was shaking! T__T I froze up, and my words barely came out right. And then Sister Sygolinah said her part, which was hard to understand...I love her and her accent, but I just hope that doesn't bring our grade down. XD I doubt it! We need sympathy points! Come on!! I did most of the project!! But nah, our prof is such a biatch. She'll nit-pick about every little thing that's wrong in the paper and the poster and everything. She hates us all.

I know this is a little ridiculous thing (maybe), but she gave me a 93 for class participation/attendance. Ok, yes, it's still an 'A' (barely? according to her grading system I think it's an A-)...but it's the principle of the thing! I was only absent for 2 classes, and those were the ones when I was away on my CA trip, which of course she knew about. I had an excuse. And I "participate" in class whenever necessary! :( So I just don't get why she didn't give me 100...or at least 95 because, yes, those few points DO make a difference to me. Because of that 93, I may not get an A in this class!! ;__; And...I've gotten straight A's so far...so yeah. *perfectionist* UGH. ANYHOO. I just hope that she gives us a good grade on our project!

So after the textiles presentations, we went to this diner to have brunch. It was me, Meg, Jess, Jen, Maria, and Erica. It was the first time any of them ever invited me to do ANYTHING with them...so that's why I really had to agree! ^^; I didn't want to go at first (really not good with group things), but I figured "why not"? They're what you would call popular girls, which is why it was so nice of them to have me come along, lol. I mean...I always help them in classes, so I should hope they think of me as some kind of friend! So anyhoo!!! DX We got there and ordered foooods. I got hot chocolate and French toast. Um, the hot chocolate had like NO chocolate in it. It sucked. And it was like they put ice cream in it(??) but I guess it was just bad whipped cream...and my french toast, well, they give HUGE portions. ^^; 3 huge pieces! I could barely eat 1, lol. Most of the other girls got super healthy stuff (especially Erica).

Umm...and then when we were done, it took us forever to figure out the bill! Lol!!! And it was horrible cause everything COST SO MUCH. LIKE OMG. WTF. The waitress charged for practically everything: $3.60 for the side of sausage that I swear came with the stupid toast that the stupid lady asked me if I wanted [if I knew it would cost that much, I'd say no], an extra dollar for the whipped cream on my hot chocolate [that again, I did NOT ask for], and she also charged for the toast that Erica got because she didn't want it buttered. I swear, it was retarded...

BUT it was actually fun...doing that with them! Haha. XD After eating Erica invited us to go to her and Jess's apartment. Everyone went but me. I kindly declined cause I wanted to study more for the following exam, and I had enough socializing...and their building has been renovated so I had a feeling my stupid weird face allergies would act up. :/ I felt like a killjoy, especially since Meg had to drive me back to the library and then go back to their apartment, lol. I'm sure they had plenty of fun without me. Whatever. Ok, so the exam...was tough. ;__; Too tough! I didn't remember studying any of the crap on it. So I'm just hoping I did alright. But as a consolation, our prof said that my group (the Walmart presentation) was the best out of them~~ HEHE!

Yup...so that was basically today in a nutshell (a bit nutshell, sorry). I just have one more final left! It's monday morning though. Boo. I don't wanna wake up for that crap!! >.< Argh, but then I'll have a nice month off...sweet~

Yesterday I didn't have...any finals really. I just needed to hand in my world religions paper and leave. So I spent most of the day doing the textiles paper and stuff. But here's something interesting! You know we have lots of fish? Mostly Discus. Well, this past week...two of them have been gettin' real friendly with each other, if you KNOW WHAT I MEAN *HINT HINT* lol. Now, the ironic thing is that I gave them all boys' names, lol. So I was like "omg they're gay." Haha, but obviously not! So last night...they (Carlos and Lupul) were courting like crazy! Showing off! And THEN!! Lupul started laying eggs! O___O Well, I always thought he was a he...but nope...he's a she now. D: Haha. So it was cool watching her lay eggs. Unfortunately, they ate them overnight anyway. Haha. But the two are still lovebirds, so they'll probably have more babies again...to be eaten by the other fish. >>' Oops. Kinda hard to raise young fishies when you have 7 other fish in the tank!

OMG I'M SORRY I THINK THIS POST IS WAY TOO LONG. But they always are. ^^; I thank you guys a ton, from the bottom of my heart, for visiting me...for being my friends. :) I love you guys!! *hugs* Good luck to you with everything you have to do! Take care! [and enjoy this song! i love it]

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