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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A lot of panic!
Hello!! How are all of you?? It's felt like forever since I last posted here. O__O I mean, it hasn't really been...but it just feels that way. I haven't had much time to be on theO lately. >.< I have way too many projects and things!! Ugh!! Anyhoo, thank you SO much for your comments last time~~~ Lots of sweet friends! teddy, jes, jamo, angelbest, dark, anis-chan (thanks for your answers, too! That helps me a lot!), anna-chan, misofflees (woah, girl, where have you been?? it's been over a year!), and SS!! For some of you, it's been a while since I last heard from you so it makes me happy to read your comments again. ^^ Thanks!

Ughhhhhhhhh. Today has not started out to be a good day! Lol. Not at all. DX Soo...I have my big OB (organizational behavior) presentation today...the group one that we've known about the whole semester. The day has finally come. And so this morning I was so nervous thinking about it!! [it's my last class today] Ugh, I even threw up. .___. It's just...so nerve-wracking. I can't stand standing (hah) up there in front of class like that. I was fine with my other ones cause they were smaller, but this one is hardcore final project material. *sigh* So yeah. I have it after my next class. Aside from that, I found that my knee is really bruised from hitting it on my dad's chair last night. v_v And...uh, other things!!

Now for a rant about the presentation. So it's a group project, right?? And we met with our groups a lot this semester...you probably remember me mentioning way back when about the one girl in our group who appears to have an IQ of 2, always drunk or on drugs, and rarely comes to class. Yeah. Ok...so she never did her part. She never SENT us anything. She never replied to any of our emails. Despite us reminding her whenever (very rarely) she'd come to class!! It's like WTFFFFFFFFFF. The class before thanksgiving break, I walked up to her. I looked her in the eyes and TOLD HER, "We really need your part soon, ok? Do you have any done? [answers no] Well, you HAVE to work on it. I NEED it by this weekend. Ok?? Can you remember that? Get it to me by this weekend." Ok, so yeah, obviously she didn't. We gave her more leeway...gave her to last night at 6pm. She wasn't in class on monday so we couldn't remind her for the final time, so we all emailed her a ton. No responses!! And no part of her powerpoint! AT ALL! Sooooo...we talked to our prof about it, and he said that she just doesn't present. Her name doesn't go on the project, and she doesn't get a grade. We don't have to do her part for her, lol. XD We were all kinda relieved about that...that she gets no grade, and we don't have to make up for her laziness. But still, this is why I hate group projects.

I do wonder if she even remembers that we were to go today, lol. Like...if she even shows up for class...what will she say??

So yeah, this week has been stressful! Next week will be equally so. Finals. Projects. Papers. I need to finish my paper for world religions tonight for tomorrow...then he'll give us the essays for our takehome final (yay). I need to do my textiles paper this weekend, too like omg. Tomorrow me and Sister Sygolinah (my partner) will work on the poster...I just wish she could help out more with the paper, but she did what she could with her english skills. So it's ok, I guess. In textiles yesterday we got back our final exams (see, on our final exam day we're going to be presenting our projects intead)...and I got an 87%. :/ And that's even WITH my 5 points extra credit. ~__~ I was really disappointed cause I definitely thought I did better than that!! I got SO many wrong! ;_; It brought my grade down 3%. I still have an A, but it's a low A...grrrr.

Umm...I can't think of much else of great importance that happened yesterday. So I'll recap some things I mentioned in World posts if you didn't read them!! ^__^ The first main thing is that I got a GUINEA PIG. Remember how I mentioned for Christmas I'd get a hamster or something? Well, no hamster...guinea pig. Hehe!! <33 So he's my early gift. :) I named him Happy. We went to Petsmart on sunday to just look at things...and then I ended up getting them out to hold them...and then I held Happy, and I loved him. X3 My dad greatly regretted letting me do that! Lol!! Cause he can't resist my pleas. ;D Hahaa. Gotta make his daughter happy, right? So yeah. ^^ Happy is doing well! Unfortunately Totoro (my dog) isn't so happy with him (yes, I'll mention the word "happy" as many times as possible)...he wanted to EAT him. Of course. *sigh* The first night having him, Totey was growling at him in his cage and sniffing him like food. Then my brother Corey thought it'd be hilarious (idiot) to take Happy out and put him down, and then see what Totey would do. Uh, hello? JERK!!! Totoro bit at him, and now he has a little scab right by his eye. My poor baby. :( He could've seriously injured his eye or nose!! Ugh! My brother is so stupid. He didn't bother trying to restrain Totey when he was chasing him.

Anyhoo...he's ok...but just a scab. Um, here are two pics of him! ^^
Photobucket Photobucket

The other piece of news is that I finally got a facebook. If you have one, feel free to add me. I've resisted getting one for as long as possible...but I got tired of hearing people at school telling me to get one, lol. Plus, it'd be easier to stay in contact with them...so yeah. It isn't as bad as I thought, lol. XD I'm not really addicted to it, but I'm on it more often than I thought. >>' I found my cousin Shane (who we visited in CA) on there, and so it was fun chatting with him!! I never heard from him before aside from when we'd go visit, so this is great!!

And now enjoy some of my favorite videos lately...lol! SO CUTE. This guy is a genius.

Haha. Ok!! I better go now. *huggles* Thanks for visiting me. :) Take care!

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