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Friday, November 27, 2009

happy day after thanksgiving (hopefully)! pretty long post, sorry~
Hello! Thank you all for the comments last time. :) It's been almost a week since my last post. Odd for me, yes. XD Welcome back, teddy!! *hugs* It's been SO LONG!! I'm sorry your comment got cut off. I hate it when that happens. :( But don't worry. I'm still happy to see you again~ Thank you ulter-chan, darke, Jerry, and angelbest! I appreciate all of your comments. ^^ Hehe, thanks for the compliments on my new haircut. Really. I always think I look terrible in photos, so yeah, lol. Thank you all for being so sweet!! :) And yes, the MRI went well. My doc called and said he didn't find any abnormalities in it...so I guess I just need to stick to my meds for my headaches. ^^; Anyhoo, arigatou again!

Happy day after Thanksgiving AKA Black friday!! *hugs* Haha. Anyone doing any crazy shopping? Or rather, did you already? Seeing as most stores open incredibly early...just waiting in anticipation of mad stampedes to save a few dollars, lol. So good luck with that. Do tell me if you did! Black friday is an interesting thing. I never go out on it, haha. Too afraid of all the mobs! It's scary when you hear on the news about people actually being KILLED during the rush...like that story last year, about a Walmart employee being trampled on when they opened the doors early morning to start the sales. *sigh* So stupid! But anyway, I hope you all made it out safely if you did indeed go shopping. :) I am just going to stay in my safe, safe, house...watch hockey, play video games etc. And probably I should work on some of my papers for school. T__T

So how were all of your Thanksgivings? If you celebrate it. If you don't, then how was your normal day? XD Even if you don't have this organized holiday, there's no reason why you can't give thanks to those that you care about everyday. ^_^ That's why I always thank you guys when I post! *hugs* I really do love you all. >.< Yup. Well, my day was ok. It was pretty much just like any other day...which has become just like any other Thanksgiving for us. The only difference: more food. My mom was baking and cooking all day long! Poor thing was so stressed. But she should be lucky that she just cooks for us...immediate family only. No extended relatives. My relatives all live too far away so there's no way we could meet up for Thanksgiving EVER. I honestly don't feel like I'm missing out all that much, lol. Cause I don't like big groups of people...and I don't find it that fun to be with all of them. >>' There's always too much stress that way!

So yeah, what did I do? I played Star Ocean 4 for a good portion of the day, went on theO, watched TV...nothing much. I took a shower, and after it I was blow-drying my hair; I never used to blow-dry it. I'd usually just air-dry it, but with this new hairstyle, I think it's better this way...so anyhoo, after that, I was closing Mom's dryer (the head part can fold down onto the handle part), and FIRST I had my one finger caught in the closing part, so that it pinched/cut my finger!! ;_; OUCH. That frickin' hurt! And so to try and get my finger out quickly and adjust, I ended up having my OTHER FINGER touch the hot metal part...burning me. *sigh* So now I have a cut on my one finger, and my pinky is burned. :( It's really tiny, but it still hurts. I have incredibly delicate skin, so I burn easily. I touch anything slightly hot for more than a few seconds, and it HURTS, lol. I'm sooooo weak. Ugh.

After that, Derek came over, and we just waited around while mommy made hors d'ouvres. My favorite is this thing we just call crab meat dip. If you want to search for a recipe, some call it "crab meat pizza spread" or something. It's a mixture of cream cheese, onions, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and some other stuff, and then on top you put cocktail sauce (chili sauce), and then crab meat! It's REALLY DELICIOUS. I mean, I guess for those of you that like crab and the other ingredients! Lol. It's my favorite part of any holiday. X3 Cause that's usually the only time mommy will make it. <333 I'm not a fan of turkey, so for me...really the rest of the meal was a nonfactor. XD

We played Pictionary, which was fun as usual. ^^ Corey and Dad vs me and D. D and I won~~ We always seem to win, lol. Our drawings are never very good, but it's always hilarious how they turn out...haha. My dad got "moo" to draw. Like wtf?? So he attempted to draw a cow, of course, and then have a speech bubble for us to figure it out! Uh, hahahahaha, his cow DID NOT look like a cow at all! We had no clue what it was. XD He messed up on one part that he tried to scribble out (on the cow's head), so the whole time we were like "unicorn?? reindeer??" Cause it looked like a horn! Lol. Dad didn't even put spots on it...he did attempt udders, so then we were really confused. XD Then he put the speech bubble, and after many other hilarious guesses, I just blurted out "MOO???" Haha! It was great.

Um, that was basically my Thanksgiving in a nutshell! I can't think of anything else special that happened. My dad loves that holiday cause he loves to eat, but like I said, I don't care much for most of the food. ^^; Hmm...let's see. I'm sure other "interesting" things have happened this past week, but I can't think of them. XD It's just nice to have these days off! Too bad I still have all that school work to do, which I still haven't worked on. >>' I obviously need to get to that this weekend, lol. Anyhoo, remember how we've been going to look at puppies? And how I really really want a new one? [cause Totoro basically doesn't like me anymore, haha...he just likes my brother] Well, my mom said that she might've convinced my dad to this plan: For my Christmas present, I'll be able to get a hamster (a cute little guy that I've been wanting for a long time, too) to hold me over on the dog idea, and then MAYBE (strongly on the positive side) I'll get a doggy in the SUMMER!! ^__^ Wouldn't that be awesome??? It would make me soooo happy. Of course I still love Totoro, but he really isn't my dog. I need a warm, soft, something or other that I can love and take care of. I love my fish, but I can't really pet them. ^^;

We'll see how that plan works out. :) Hmm...what to say...can't think of anything. I guess I'll just go find a video for you then. Motion City Soundtrack's "It had to be you." It's SO CUTE.

Alrighty. *hugs* Thanks so much for everything!! ^_^ I hope you're all doing well. Stay healthy~~ Take care! <3

EDIT: I just made a new ecard challenge. I enjoyed doing the last one, so I look forward to more submissions! :) Here it is. It's an inspirational card challenge! ^_^

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