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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baking, MRI, and hair cut!
Helloz. *hugs* Hi, my dears. :) How are you guys doing?? I hope you're all staying well! And if you're sick, I hope and pray you get well soon. >.< Thank you for the comments last time~ *hugs* So many people! People I haven't heard from in a while!! ^_^ Welcome back Harvey my boy! It's been FOREVER. O__O And same to you, lala!! And welcome back s.g., wall-ie, ulter-chan, anna-chan, Char, Raisha, shark, darke, and jamo! WOW. D: That's tiring to remember and write all your names down, lol! Just kidding. :3 It makes me happy! So nice to hear from all of you...about whatever it was I talked about. ♥

It's felt like a while since I last posted, but I know that's not true. Just like when I say I'll write a short post, it's still long. Haha. Sooo...it's almost dinner time, but let's see if I can fit this in before! I would've posted earlier, but mommy and I were baking. :) I haven't backed...or made anything in a really REALLY long time. ^^;; Cause I've said this before, but my mom doesn't really like it when anyone else is in HER kitchen, you know? Like I'm invading her space! But I insisted that today we make whoopie pies. <333 Because they're delicious, and I haven't had them in like 4 years or something. Have any of you had them before? They're like...Oreos except soft. Chocolate cake tops and bottoms and a yummy cream frosting/filling. Gawd, they are SO good!! *__* They took a while to make and then assemble, but they were worth it! I used the same recipe that we used in my cooking class back in high school. X3 Lol, still just as delish! Yup, mom and I worked on them together~ I'm still not sure if she had all that much fun making them (she wanted to bake other cookies, and she had a migraine), but...maybe she did. I did, although it did take a lot of time. Anyhoo~

What else did I do today? I had my MRI. I mentioned that on my World post but not in my last one here cause I totally forgot about it! ^^; Ok, so...it went alright. If you're not sure why the heck I got an MRI, it's because of my headaches. My neurologist wanted me to get an MRI to see what's up, although he's still pretty sure they're just migraines. Also, my ear/nose/throat doc wanted me to get one to show up my sinuses as well! Lol. Yeah. I was really (ok, not REALLY REALLY, but a little) nervous about doing it. I've never had an MRI before...so it was a bit freaky. >>' My dad had one a few months ago to check out this growth in his ear, and so he was telling me what it was like. "LOUD." Ok! Yup! He was right! XD

I laid down on the bed thing, and then the lady asked me if there was a radio station I wanted to listen to, lol. Cause they give you headphones [HAH. As if you can hear anything over the machine!!!]. I requested this contemporary christian channel I like (the Word FM), lol, but the lady was like "Hmm...I don't think this is what you wanted" so she changed it on me!! DX And then I had to listen to this channel with oldies and crap. .__.' I'm glad that the machine was so loud, lol. Nah, but it was just weird. The doctor guy would say "this sound will last 4 minutes" and so on with each different test...and so yeah, VERY loud noises. Clanking, beeping, sounds like a giant truck on my head. :/ And the doc guy was foreign...had an accent that sounded German, but when I looked at him, he looked more...middle eastern. So I'm not sure! XD When he'd ask me things afterwards, I couldn't understand what he said!! ^^;; So I kept saying, "Excuse me? What did you say? One more time?" Lol, I felt like I was SO RUDE...

I was glad to be out of that thing after the 20+ minutes in there! Surprisingly, my ears aren't messed up. I thought I'd be like deaf for the rest of the day. XD So next I need to get an appointment with my neurologist again so he can go over my film. I looked at it...all I see is a brain! A brain from lots of different angles, lol. So I can't tell if anything's wrong.

*thinks* Nothing else special happened today. Yesterday...just economics...which was really boring...and then at home, ehhhh, I can't remember if there was anything to mention!! Oh, well, I made an ecard! So if you didn't take a look, and you want to, here you go. :)

Well, thursday I got my hair cut again!! ^__^ I told the stylist (a different lady than I've had) I wanted my hair shorter. Lol, she said, "Well! Since you first came here, you keep going shorter and shorter. It's like an addiction, huh?" Haha. True!! XD So we looked through this magazine with hairstyles, and we both settled on this cute short hairstyle~ After she finished, I was pretty ecstatic! Only the front bangs...kinda...are long-ish. The rest is basically just like a guy's haircut (??). Not really, no. I'm not sure how to explain it. I took some really crappy pics though, so you can take a look. ^^; I wish I were better at taking them of myself, lol.

Bad one from the front (really dark)
Back of my head
Side view (my fave)

My hair is still unruly and curly/wavy, so it takes a bit of effort to keep it from becoming a "mini-fro" lol. But it's still cute~~ :) After I got it cut, mom and I went to the grocery store, and it was really funny when we checked out...because the cashier lady (whom we've know for a while) commented on it saying, "It's cute! You keep getting it cut more and more, huh? Well, that's teenagers for you. Always experimenting." Yup. Mom said, "Yeah, those teenagers!" Lolzzzzzz. XDDD We didn't bother saying, "Hey, I'm 21." Well, I guess I still look young then! ^^;

Hmm...let's see...school-wise, nothing much to say. I'm still bogged down with lots of projects, but I'm not as worried about the textiles one anymore since Sister Sygolinah and I have been working on the information. And I also found out that: 1. It can have bullet points within it. 2. The budget table and other appendix count towards the 7-10 page requirement! Yes! It shouldn't be too bad. ^^ Aside from that, I have my other papers to do...world religions, I'm still stuck on what to do. :/ Oh!! Crap! I keep forgetting next week is THANKSGIVING. YES. 3 days off! ^_^ And then the next week is the last week of classes. O__O And then finals the next week! WOW!! <333

Alrighty~ I better head off to dinner. :) *hugs* Thanks for visiting me!! I'll try to comment when I can. I'll leave you off with BoA's "Eat you Up." She's got some crazy dance moves here! I'm not a big fan of hip-hop songs, but I like them when they're more like Utada-style, like hers~

Take care, everyone! *hugs* <33

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