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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jeez, I wrote too much. :/ basically just talk about classes.
Hi, hi, hello!! ^_^ Thank you sooooooooooo much for the comments last time. *huggles* You guys are great. :) Thanks for the belated b-day wishes etc. etc. Jamo, Jerry, littleinugirl (welcome!!), darke, ulter-chan, and Char-char [it's been forever omg! I wanna gift!! Lol.]! Yup, so it seems that a lot of you actually don't care for alcohol...that's good. Darke, you seem to be an exception! Lol, yeah I'm not going to go drinking...like ever. XD No worries about that. Char, I'm so sorry you have to deal with that with your dad. It isn't right. :/ Anyhoo, yes, thanks to everyone. :)

Tired~~~ Me ish tired! ^_^ But when aren't I? Lol. Ah, but it's almost a GOOD tired cause I slept really well last night~ It's just a shame I had to get up for classes, lol. The muscle relaxants really leave me drowsy...which is why I take it at night, but it still has this residual tired feeling for the next day! I mean, it isn't BAD, but it doesn't help me with paying attention in class. XD It kinda helps with my neck pain (what it's for, although it doubles as anxiety relief), but its side effects include headaches. Isn't that a bit counterintuitive??? I'm taking these things to get RID of my pain, not cause more! ;__; As for the migraine pills, ehhhh, I don't like them that much. I tend to feel WORSE for 2 hours or something after taking it. You'd think it'd just get rid of the headache right away, but it kinda makes you hurt more...before it gets better. :/ Ok, END of meds talk!! Lol.

I just had economics. I really LIKE that class. .__. I don't know WHY. At the beginning of the semester, I thought OMG I WILL HATE ECON. But nope. Favorite class. :/ I guess cause of its ease for me. Anyhoo, we got back our tests, and I didn't think I did that well...but I got the highest grade again. ^^;; Out of 94 points, I got 90. She said the next highest was 82...so there was a large gap. >>' But man, my prof is sooo lenient with the grades. I said this before, but she curves it like crazy. People that should be either failing or at least have a D were given a C. Despite me killing the curve, there is STILL a huge curve. So that she made sure no one failed, lol. The guy that sits next to me (he's this really big/round black guy, and when he first started sitting next to me I was a bit intimidated! we'd never talk! But now we talk, and he's super nice, although just not a great student) got 60.5 points out of 94, and yet he still got a C. I mean, great for him! He was so panicked about failing, and I was like, "She said NO ONE failed, so don't worry." He also assumed that I got an A (yes), and then he was like, "Jeez, maybe I should study with you for the finals!" XD I'm always tempted to help out other students...lol, but I don't have the time. ^_^;

Plus, I don't think I could really HELP someone study. I can't tutor someone. Also in econ she gave us this survey, "how much time did you take to study for the exam?" Uh, I actually only studied like 20 minutes or so...lol...but it said "hours" so I said 1. >>' She later said to the class how "you really need to study HOURS, like 10+ to do well on exams like these." ^^' I just have a good memory. I just do. When I listen, pay attention, take notes, and then only need to read over my notes once...I do pretty well. So even though I'd love to help people study or tutor them, I don't think I could. :/

ANYHOO. OTHER STUFFS. Yesterday...world religions, textiles, and business. We have a 5 page paper due for WR on the last day of class, and I'm still not sure what I want to do for my topic. I'm pretty clueless. In that sense, I'm more concerned about THAT one small paper than the big textiles project! O__o So I really need to get some good ideas. In textiles, we did this jeopardy review for the exam next week. In between games, me and Sister Sygolinah (my project partner) discussed some things about it. I feel really bogged down since I'm doing the bulk of the project (her english speaking/writing skills are not very good), but at the same time I'm being selfish in that I'm glad I'm doing most of it...knowing that we'll get a good grade. ^^; Do you ever do that? If you're in a group project, you'd rather do most of the work to ensure its quality? But she IS helping, just not as much as I wished. She's so nice and wonderful, but I just wish her english were better. ;__; Anyhoo, we also got back some quizzes and stuff. No more quizzes in that class, yay!!!! :D

In business we got back our exams from last week...and again, I'm stunned. :/ I got a 100, and I swear I did horribly!!! I guess I'm just good at BS-ing. -__-' I mean, I'm happy about my grades (how could I not be?) but sometimes I feel bad...I know, it's a weird thing. So anyway, after that, we had our big product presentations. It went well. ^^ It really wasn't that bad. I'm usually freaking out about oral presentations, but this one seemed so relaxed...and I guess it's cause I was comfortable with my group and how the project turned out. So that's another presentation down. I still have the big OB presentation on Wal-Mart on Dec.2, the final presentation for textiles (which involves the 7-10 page paper and poster)...*sigh of somewhat relief* And then I have 2 other papers...and the FINALS. Goodness, these next few weeks will be heck in a basket.

Oh yeah. I need to choose my winners for my ecard challenge. :) I'll do that today!! All of the entries were really good. So this is going to be tough...if I could, I'd make everyone a winner. XD So don't feel bad if I don't choose you! There's only 3 winners, darn it. Great job to everyone though~~~ I'll be judging on...not necessarily "quality" because not everyone has photoshop or like fancy editing programs. I'll judge on thought, passion, or just whether I liked it or not! Lol. Done and done. :) Many congratulations to the winners!! And great job to everyone else because I REALLY liked all of them. <33

Hmmm....I'm out of things to say, I guess. Well, I mean I can always say MORE, but I won't kill you. ^^; Sorry I always write so much~ Lol. And it didn't seem that...cohesive...or interesting. ~__~ But I need to go to class!! Here's a song I really like. The video is a bit boring/odd...hello kitty on guitar. >>' Lol. Lisa Loeb's "Underdog." Enjoy.

Thanks for visiting me! I love you guys!!! Take care!!! <3333333333

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