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Saturday, November 14, 2009

As usual, a long-looking post! A recap of my b-day and of yesterday. :)
(just made this!)

Hello, my dear friends! How are all of you doing?? *hugs* Thank you for the comments! Thank you for the birthday gifts and wishes in general!! ^__^ You're the best. <333 So arigatou to Sam, walli-e, ulter-chan, anna-chan, Kiba, jamo, icchan, and darke (omg it's been AGES!! But I know what you mean, lol. it's ok). Thanks to you guys that commented last time. :) And to everyone that sent me things on theO! I got lots! XD ♥

Man, I am SO tired. *wants to sleep* It's been dark and rainy for the past week basically. And cold. :/ I love the rain on the weekends...but...I don't like it...THIS MUCH. Mostly because it hasn't been real rain, just little sprinkles or mist. *rolls eyes* That's, as my dad would say, "just pissin' in the wind!" Lol. But it's not just the weather that's making me tired. ~__~ I didn't sleep all that well last night...main reason: new meds.

Yesterday I had my economics test (which I guess I did ok on?), and then after that, FINALLY I had my neurologist appointment! Yeah, omg, I've been waiting months to meet with someone that can help me with my headaches and neck pains. The interesting thing is that my brother corey saw this same guy many many years ago when he got a concussion [which was indirectly caused by me...long story]. And, lol, he was really nice and funny! Haha. So mom and I are pretty small; my mom is TINY (height and weight-wise), and I'm pretty short and small, too. Anyhoo, when we were walking into his office, he said, "Wow, you guys are tiny! You're like...some sort of other species!!" XD Lol!! Like wtf?? We're not THAT short! And he's not THAT tall!! But haha, he started laughing, and we did, too. It was just so random. And he also said, "Oh, you know what? I was totally expecting you guys to be Asian. Cause of your last name. Ooops." Very blunt, I must say. Yes, last name is Lee...we used to get that all the time...like questions if I'm part asian. But nope. No asian background. *laugh*

Anyhoo, so we talked about my problems. My bad headaches etc. He said I probably have migraines, and as for my neck, he wasn't quite sure...so he does want me to get an MRI for everything. It'll also show up the problems with my sinuses. ^^; So anyway, he told me my choices: try this one drug as a free sample, possibly try this other one, or have a cortisone/novacaine shot in the back of my neck. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. LEMME THINK. I'll take the meds, thanks. I don't want any freaking needles poking around in the back of my neck/head. Ummm, yeah. I have problems enough with getting normal shots, lol!! XD Yup. So I got the free sample of this migraine medicine, and I got a prescription for MUSCLE RELAXANTS. It's actually an anti-depressant, but it can be used for pains like this, too. Yeah...I tried both of them yesterday, and it was amazing. The muscle relaxant...well, did what it says! Lol, it relaxed me! It was great that my neck wasn't hurting! T__T So wonderful. Unfortunately, the side-effects are what got me last night...making me not sleep well.

I'm taking it before going to bed cause the side-effects are usually drowsiness, dizziness, etc. Yeah well. I woke up at 5:30am to go to the bathroom, and I could barely walk from my bed to there. .___. I was soooo dizzy. My head felt really fuzzy and burny...and I felt nauseous! Bleh! It was so terrible. *sigh* Hopefully it won't be that bad tonight...also it says to take with food, but I didn't really, so I guess I should. :/ Um...so anyhoo, I really am glad that I got those meds. I'm hoping they WILL help me. I mean, they did, but I just need to get past the side-effects. Now, I'm telling all you guys this cause it's what happened! It's on my mind! If you're anti-meds and things, please DO NOT lecture me about this. Thanks.

Ok, anyhooooooo. After that...well, at night we went out to dinner since we didn't get to go ON my b-day. Unfortunately my mom wasn't feeling well, so we just went without her. :/ I didn't want to, but we promised D and his girlfriend Suse we'd meet them at this restaurant! So we did. It was sooooo busy that we HAD to sit IN the bar. *rolls eyes* It was so loud. And the help sucked. My food pretty much sucked. And I always feel awkward around Suse...I still do. I mean, she's super nice, super adorable, but I don't feel like I can be normal and comfortable around her. And at dinner, she barely ever eats. :/ She usually just gets a salad, and even with that, she hardly eats any of it!! -__-; Ugh! And Derek was his usual cheapskateness. Lol, I won't go into it though. It would be too long of a rant. I still deserve a better going out to dinner for my b-day though. We need to go somewhere else WITH mom.

Alrighty, so if you didn't read my post on my World, I'll just briefly mention my birthday itself. At school, I worked with my mentor on scheduling for next semester. I got really stressed talking about it and cried. >>' Once home, I relaxed...opened presents...it was nice. I got some clothes, some manga, a book, and a couple of games. Corey got me a Phillies calendar, D got me Pokemon Platinum, and Suse got me these velour pants. I also got a Phillies cap (FINALLY) and a Phillies cover/throw (like a knit cover thing). :) Yes, I got a lot. But aside from the manga, I didn't ask for anything. People might say, "Boy you're spoiled!" How can I be spoiled if I didn't ask for anything? I just have a really sweet family. I'm very lucky, that's all. *sigh* Oh, and yeah, being 21 and all. No, I didn't drink. Derek made me have one sip of his beer though, but I said I'd only do it if he paid me $2, lol. He still hasn't paid me. Man, I don't think it was worth it. I mean, bleh! It's so gross! Why do people like beer?

I'm tired of hearing drunken stories from kids in class...since a lot of them are underage anyway. *rolls eyes* Underage or not, drinking huge amounts of alcohol and being totally wasted...I just...don't see the point in it. Why is it seen as fun? If some of you happen to do that, well, I recommend stopping as soon as possible...it may ruin your life...

Alrighty. I definitely wrote way too much as usual. Thank you ALL For the gifts and wonderful b-day words!!! I love you guys! Even if you didn't send me anything, that's totally fine, too~~ Um, so thanks for visiting me! *hugs* I'll end with Sarah McLachlan's (sp?) cover of Kermit the Frog's "Rainbow Connection." It's like...the cutest song ever. <3 Take care!

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