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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

happy b-day to me on thursday! for now, panicking still.
Hello, hello! Arigatou for the comments last time! :) Nice to hear from you guys! It's been a while for some of you. >_< So yay! fma, anna-chan, Furry-chan (wow, this is like the first time you ever commented here, I think??), saiyan, Sam, and ulter-chan~ Thank you all very much. And thanks to those that commented on my World post the other day, too. Hah, yeah, too bad I didn't get that puppy! My dad is willing to get me a dog, but we just can't with Totoro...and Corey wouldn't allow it either. But jeez, I sure would love to have my own puppy. ;__; Anyhoo, thank you for everything else, too!! <33

Gah! Tomorrow is my b-day!! Good ol' November 12! I'll be 21. O__O Yeah, wow. I can't believe it, lol. No one can really...haha, my family at least. I don't act 21 [whatever that really means]. Well, I'm not 21 yet...one more day...but yeah. I never act my age. I still don't know how to drive, lol, I don't drink or anything...so hahaa. People are asking, "Ooh, 21! So are you going out?" And by that, they always mean, "So are you going out to bars or over a friend's house to get completely wasted?" *rolls eyes* NO. I don't do anything like that. I don't do things, period. Lol. I don't do parties. I don't do holidays. I don't work. I don't drive. I don't...a lot of stuff. XD Is that bad?? I just like to stay at home, with my family, watch tv, play video games, etc. Just status quo...good ol' nothing. We'll go out to dinner on friday since corey works tomorrow...and D will invite his girlfriend Suse. Yay, more gifts then!! XDD

My dad always has trouble remembering our birthdays. He is well known for getting my brother Corey a fishing license some time...and he put on it our oldest brother's b-day instead!! XD And he always thinks that I was born in 1989 instead of '88. When I ask him, "When's my birthday?" He has to pause a real long time to actually do the MATH to figure it out, lol. And grandpa called yesterday, and dad told him TODAY is my b-day. -__-' So apparently my b-day is now 11/11/89 instead of 11/12/88...lol. Oh, dad. I guess I wouldn't have him any other way.

Ok, so if you saw my World post, you'd know I've been incredibly stressed lately! Lol. All of the projects and things this semester are finally catching up to me. I've tried to delay the worry...tried to delay WORKING on them, but seeing as I really only have around 3 weeks to do all of them...I need to start now/soon. ~__~ Lol. You know I hate thinking about the future!! I freak out more about things that will happen weeks/months from now than I do things that are happening during THIS day. It's the fear of the unknown I suppose...or the fear of the unknown that I think I already know about. So for example...tomorrow I have to work on scheduling for next semester. When I heard about that earlier this week, I panicked. Why? Cause I'm already panicking about the classes I probably have to take. And the projects and things I probably have to do months from now. ~__~ This is my problem! I Have major anxiety about things I shouldn't. I'm concerned about having to take night classes...I'm worried about falling behind in credits again, or possibly being overloaded with classes. *sigh*

I know, it's ridiculous! Ugh, I SO need to work on that. But I don't know how. :( One day at a time...yes...well. Anyhoo, my b-day will be filled with work still. Textiles quiz, assignment, and I'll need to study for the economics test on friday. POooooooo.

Yesterday was stressful. All of the worries I just mentioned flowing through me. Plus, textiles quiz and business TEST and presentation. ^^;; The business test...was pretty bad. Lol, I am pretty sure I didn't do well on it. I was just too consumed by worries about other things and PAIN from that time of month. *sigh* It was terrible. I guessed on tons of things...I'm pretty sure that test, yeah, sucked. -__-; And after that we did one of our group projects. It was pretty easy though!! So I think we did ok. :) I talked really fast though, lol. Oh well. That's one group presentation down. 3 more to go this semester...

Ok, I can't think of anything else to mention! Sorry, boring and shorter post maybe??? I don't know. DX But I need to get off to class now~ I'll leave you with "Dear Vienna" by Owl City! It's such a cute song! <33 Scratch that, all Owl city songs are adorable...so is Adam Young. X3 Haha, anyhoo, take care!!

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