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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I fail at titles!!!
Hey guys!! *hugs* It's been a while, hasn't it? For me at least! It's been a whole week! O__O Back in the day, there'd be something seriously wrong if I only updated here once a week, lol. And then I would have gobs of stuff to write about. Ehhhh, not anymore. Anyhoo, thanks for the comments~~ :) Thank you, jamo, Cassie, Raisha, Saiyan-san (new friend, welcome!), aisha, and Aya (it's been a while, wish you wrote more!). Yes, new theme, and I love it, too~ Thanks! I appreciate all the comments, though a lot were really short. XD Sometimes I feel like "why bother writing so much if so few people actually bother to read it." But I guess it doesn't matter. I'm writing this out more for myself...I guess. Just to get these things out. Is that how it is for you guys who post? Is it more of a therapeutic thing? Anyhoo, thank you again!! ^_^

Man, really, a whole week. Well, nothing much has happened though...and I've updated my World in between. Thanks to those commenting there. :) Commenting on my shorter posts that I end up writing around midnight! Lol. Those are more "I have things on my mind before I go to bed, and I want to mention them" posts. Anyhoo, I'm in the library right now. Yay. I feel cute today. Ok, well, cute from afar. Lol. If you get up close, you'll see lots of imperfections in my face. XD LOTS. But I like my outfit, hehe. ^^ I have my black Flyers (philly's hockey team) shirt on, and my black/white striped scarf, dark navy jeans, and silver sweater on...and they match my silver nails. X3 I should be wearing Phillies red today to root them on for tonight, but I've been wearing all my Phillies shirts like every other day of every week, lol. But yes, if you haven't read my World posts, here's a quick baseball update:

Stinkin' Yankees are leading the series 3 games to 2. This is a best of 7 series, aka you need to win 4 games to win the World Series. AKA (again) the Yankees just need to win 1 more game...and they're playing back on their home-turf of NY. :/ My dear Phillies need to win the last 2 games to win, but if they lose 1...then it's over. So in other words, tonight is a very important game! If they win, then the series will go to a full 7 games, and the winner of that is the champion, but if they lose tonight, then that's it. So let's (if you're impartial and not a yankees fan, lol) hope they win tonight. TT^TT They have to!! My brother insists that my life will be over if they lose. It might be close to it, lol. I get so depressed when they lose. XDD THEY LOST. GAME OVER. ;__; Yup, my poor Phillies didn't win...oh well, there's always next year.


So today...I've had economics. Yay. We don't have class friday though~ So that means I have none that day! I can just sleep in and have a long weekend. >D Good stuff! Too bad she gave us this assignment to do that sounds really annoying. Poo. Oh well. Next I have Christian ethics, which I don't think we're doing anything important in, and then I have a test in Org.Behavior. ;__; I really need to study more!! So after I post this and eat, hopefully I'll have some more time to look over things. I could not concentrate at all last night. I just couldn't! The only sports on was basketball, and we sucked so I didn't bother watching much, but I just couldn't pay attention to studying. I got bored easily, so then I'd go on the comp, work on my wall, look at this doggy book I have...lol. No motivation. Soooo...I really hope I do ok! ^^;;

Halloween. Nothing special. It was just a day like all others. I've read from a lot of you guys that you had fun parties or went trick-or-treating, which is great! :D I just didn't do anything...no trick-or-treaters come to our house, and I don't like parties, lol, so it was another day in the life of me. Watched hockey; Flyers won <3. Watched baseball; Phillies lost. :( So that summed up my Halloween. Sunday...again, nothing...oh, well, I posted a bit about this on my World. We went to church, but we had to leave early because poor mommy and I had our terrible weird allergic reaction crap happen. It was so weird...and so stupid. We basically can't go anywhere without getting our itchy/burny faces/eyes. And no, please don't try to give suggestions like "take clariten!" etc. This is something totally different that no doctor has been able to figure out. ~__~

Speaking of doctors, I have my neurologist appointment next week! Next friday, the day after my birthday. Yes. <333 My b-day is Nov.12. ^_^ I'll be 21, omg. OMG. That sounds old. ;__; And before you ask, no, I'm not going to go to a bar and drink my life away. I don't drink [that's something that ALL those under 21 here in the States should say...], and I don't want to. :/ I'm kinda odd in that sense. I'm not like most other students here my age, lol. I just don't do anything. But yeah, no, I don't want to "celebrate" by getting wasted. I don't think...we'll do anything anyway! Lol! No party. Just stay at home with my family...so yeah. That's next week. :)

Okies. I have more to say, but I shouldn't~ I need to get some time to study for my test!! If you want to read more about my yesterday, just Read it here, ok? *hugs* Thanks soooo much for visiting me. I'll try to comment when I can. Take care~~

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