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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stay classy, Philadelphia.
Hello! *hugs* Hi guys. :) Thanks for the comments! Welcome back. XD Provided there are returning friends. ;3 Thanks so much for visiting before~ How are all of you doing? Busy? It seems like it. Not as many updates or comments lately. Must be because of school...or work or something. Anyhoo, thanks Kim, ulter-chan, anna, Raisha, Sam, Cassie (OMG missed youu), and Wall-ie! It's been quite some time since I heard from some of you, so it's great to see you again. :) I'm glad you like the new theme! I also changed my World's theme, too, which I really like. <333 So yeah. Yup, I'll keep working on that Ritsuka wallpaper! Or try to at least. Umm...not much else to reply to. ^^; So arigatou again!

WTF I just saw this girl walk by in flip-flops and shorts...it's raining and roughly 50 degrees out. I don't think she dressed for the occassion, lol!

I'm in the library, yay. But the heat inside is wonky...so it's super warm, and of course it's chilly outside. Sure, that tends to be how things work, but this is a bit much! It's not like it's below freezing outside! O__o But that's why I dress in layers. *looks at the girl sitting beside my comp* Bleh. >>' Bleh. Lol. And now this girl has super low-cut jeans, and she's wearing either a very low thong, or no underwear at all because I can see her freaking butt crack. Girl, that is NOT appropriate for the school library. ~__~' Especially at a Catholic college full of nuns, lol. Ah, but I see that all the time. What has happened to the girls of this era? Always showing off everything like that? I know not every girl is like that, but at least at my school, I'm thinking "whore"...>> Please cover up! At least TRY to. Lol. I feel soooo old-fashioned. Cause I'm all about being conservative in dress. Heck, let's go back to the days where we couldn't even show our ankles! XDDD Leaves more to the imagination that way. Sorry if I offended any of you with this rant, but it really gets on my nerves to see girls dressing like sluts all the time.

Do you think yogurt is still good even if it's past the expiration date by a few days? Cause I'm eating it...

So I saw that Adam has updated some things on theO, like changing the updates page a bit. That's nice, I suppose. Now you can see 100 updates on the page instead of just 30 or whatever. Hmm...I was just thinking, I don't see too many other people posting on myO that much. Kim, yes you do, cassie when you're on, anna sometimes...basically the people that comment me do! Lol, but aside from that, I really don't see MyO updates! ;__; It's sad. I know this has been going on for over a year now...but lately it's seemed to die even MORE. What happened to the rallies for equality? [sounds like civil rights or something lol] The angry mobs? We've all become complacent, I suppose. :/ Oh well. I mean...I use both sites equally...I comment friends when they post, no matter what site, but eh...you know. I guess myO will just stay this way. I'm glad that at least Adam kept it. Cause I really wouldn't be able to post my nice long posts on Worlds! There's no post boxes, and the comment boxes are stupid! Lol, so it would be inconvenient to read my long posts there. Anyhoo...this was random.

Ok, so yesterday. Cause nothing ever happens on monday or the weekend. At least nothing I can remember. XD Yesterday I had...world religions, textiles, and business. In WR, we watched the documentary on the Hajj (the pilgrimage Muslims make to Mecca). It was really interesting! I loved it. It's just a shame I sit right in front, and it's really hard to creak my neck up the whole time. ~__~' Finally got back my midterm essays. I ended up with an A-, although I'm not sure why. He doesn't really write any comments or critiques on it, so I'm clueless as to why it's an A- instead of an A. Lol. Oh well? I guess? Um, after that, textiles. Oh joy. More notes and crap...and our prof told us that we don't have class tomorrow!! :D Ok...not really. It's going to be an online class. So we have to log on to the school site and do the stuff she has set up. :/ We still have to take a quiz, and do all this other stuff! And it will only be up for tomorrow between 11:35am and 5pm. And the quiz will be timed; we're given 10 minutes, and if we go longer, it just cuts us off! Too bad! >.< I'm sure she did that so that we couldn't flip through our books for every question...but even still, we might take a little longer. Poopy face!! >E

In business, we had our little preliminary presentation thing. My group went second to last. We had to wait FOREVER because the other groups actually had their powerpoints and stuff. ^^;; We didn't. We didn't think that was due until the final one. Which was true...but there's a lot of overachievers in my class I guess! XD So theirs all took 15 minutes each, and ours was like 3 minutes. And it was just Meg that did all the talking, lol. Me and Jen just stood there. Hopefully our teacher doesn't grade too harshly on that.*eats a teddy graham* Bleh, tastes like saw-dust. O__o Bleh! Anyhoo, uh...other than that, we didn't really do much. I don't think. At home, my brother was enjoying his PS3. He got Tekken 6 and SF4, so he was playing people online...beating them all. Lol. He's always been soooo good at fighting games. I'm glad he's actually playing them! They're not just sitting there! Though that doesn't include the 10 or whatever other PS3 games he got to just sit there. *rolls eyes*

WORLD SERIES STARTS TONIGHT OMG GO PHILLIES! Lol. So yes. 'Nuff said, right? Apparently my boys are getting a little more respect from the nation. Philadelphia is usually seen as the enemy of all sports teams (for reasons unknown to me; the media always looks down on us!), but this time, they seem to be the lesser of two evils...Yankees being the greater. XD Even our huge rivals, the Mets, would rather root for us than the Yanks. An interesting twist. So yeah, I'm wearing one of my Phillies shirts today~ Oh, um, here's an updated WIP!!

Alrighty~~ Sorry, this is long as usual! *hugs* Those of you that stick with me, read all this, comment all this...you're real troopers. I appreciate you guys. :) I hope you all stay healthy!! Take care!

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