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Saturday, October 24, 2009

was this shorter?? I can't tell, but it felt like it. It has less substance.
Hello, hello! <3 *hugs* Arigatou for the comments! Thank you for being my sweet, wonderful friends that somehow have been with me for all this time! XD Like Yug!! You've known me since the beginning, lol. Welcome back! :) And thanks a ton to Nana, jamo, angelbest, fma17, ulter-chan, Lute, and teapot! I really appreciate your kind words. Compliments on my photos, encouragement about my worries, and even things about my brother and his fervor of game collecting. ^^;; Thanks so very very much~ *hugs*

NEW THEMEEEE. I go from bright/light (har har, lite-brite! remember those???) to dark monochromatic. I decided it was about time to change it...so yes, why not? I thought these grays looked good. ^^ I finally checked out this site that my friend Oli-chan sent me a while ago called COLOURlovers. It's a great site for patterns/colors/palettes to use on websites or in graphics. :) So check it out if you want. ^^ It took me forever to find the "download pattern" button thing though, lol!! I was looking all over! XD FYI, it's on the right side of the page, after you click a pattern you like. Anyhoo...

I'm listening to Owl City songs on Pandora. OMG, Kimberly (kiba) it's all your fault! Lol, now I really love that band. X3

It's raining! A lot today. O__O A LOT. We've even had some thunder! Yeah, wow, a thunderstorm in late october...not a normal thing for us. And the weird thing is that it IS warm! Pennsylvania's weather needs to make up its mind. This past week, it's gone from 40 degrees and cold to mid-70's, warm, sunny, and now 70's/60's and raining. I think we've gotten all the seasons in this week alone...it's amazing, lol. But I like this weather most. >>' I adore the rain! I was just walking out in it...splashing in puddles, without an umbrella. My dad's like, "You know there's an umbrella in the car." or "Stand under the roof!" XD Noooooo. I just love the rain. ^_^ It won't be good for the Yankees/Angels game [winner goes against Phils in WS] tonight though...cause NY is definitely getting this rain after us. My dear Phillies are still awaiting to find out who they'll be playing in the World Series! I'm glad that the Yankees didn't kill the Angels so quickly...go Angels! Fight back and at least tire those Yanks out! >E You know I have to fit baseball in here somewhere.

Ok, let's see. What to talk about? School? Uhh...nothing really special. Thursday I had another fun textiles quiz. I got an 80 on it. :/ Which is OKAY, yes, but not really what I was hoping for...cause I studied a lot! But then she slams an all true/false quiz on us. ~__~ And I SUCK at T/F's!! Lol, I know it sounds ridiculous because it's a 50/50 chance, right? But I apparently have the worst luck when it comes to having a 50% chance of being right. If I'm not 100% sure on the answer, and I have to guess between 2 answers...then...I'm usually wrong. DX *laugh* So apparently some of my guesses were indeed wrong. Ah poo; wasn't that bad though. But yeah, I can prove my theory because my dad likes to tease me about it...by just flipping a coin. Heads or tails. I get it wrong almost every time. I can't even get 5 out of 10 flips right, lol. XDDD

Hmm...yesterday after economics I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted! I was definitely out of whack. Like omg my neck has been killing me...and my head...everyday. I can't wait for that stinkin' neurologist appointment! I still have weeks to wait, unless we find another one who can give me the appointment sooner. :/ Um, then...eh, nothing else really happened. My brother has been enjoying his PS3. He's played some games online. It's the first time we've played any games online like that!! ^^; Cause we could never get the xbox to connect right, and only just today I figured out how to get my PSP to connect to the internet, lol. 'Course I don't really know if I'll ever use it. But still, I was like *____* OMG LOOK WHAT I DID!! Haha. I never got my DS to connect though...like years ago when I was playing the Pokemon games on there, and I wanted to challenge other people or whatever, I couldn't cause my internet wouldn't connect to the wireless dealy...but maybe now it'll work? *shrugs*

I've barely watched any anime over the past few months. Crazy, right? I just haven't found any anime that's appealed to me. My brother and I have been watching older stuff, but nothing new. And yet, I'm really not missing it! ^^;; I just play more video games or watch things on normal tv....mostly sports. I'm SO LOST without a sports game on to watch at night, lol. Ah but wow, I remember back in the day, probably at least 5 years ago, Corey and I would watch anime almost nonstop all day! Hours and hours! Like Initial D the first time through, we'd watch like 5 episodes in a row. How about you guys? How much anime do you watch during the day? Or have you given up, or maybe you're just getting into it? But yeah, wow, I really...have gotten away from it. :/ I still love my manga though, and of course the characters, but just watching shows. I haven't even mentioned any anime on here in forever!! Lol.

Hmmm...I honestly can't think of things to talk about. :( Well, I said I'm actually starting a new wallpaper. >>' Another Loveless one! Ritsuka motivates me. So I'm trying to warm up my vectoring/painting skills again cause I totally haven't done anything in FOREVER. My last wall, the ToV one was from 2 months ago (???), but I don't count that as a "real" one cause it didn't take that long. So my last "real" wall, that involved long hours of painting and vectoring was from 4 months ago. My goodness. And to think I used to make a wallpaper every month...and before that, every week, and I even used to make one every freaking day. I just don't have the time or drive to do that anymore! But anyhoo, here's a preview of what I have so far. ^_^
And here's that ecard I made the other night~ The Phillies one!! MAN HUGS FTW.

Alrighty. I'm sorry, but I'm seriously out of topics to talk about. I fear this was a really boring post...gomen~ *hugs* Thanks for still visiting me and all. ^_^ I love you guys! Take care! Stay healthy, tooooo. <333

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