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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Super short post! Just a little addition~ Pics!
Thank you all a ton for the comments!!! *hugs* I'll read them later, ok? This is just a very short addition sort-of post, lol. I know, that's rare for me! XD But I wanted to share with you some of the pics I took. So yes, if you'd like to hear about my trip, go to my last post, ok? Most of it is there! I didn't go into details about some of the things we did, but I will some time. But yes, many thanks to those that commented before~ I LOVE YOU GUYS. <333 It's great to be back!

So yeah, no...this isn't a real post, gomen! *hugs* It's a very cold and miserable day today. Cold, rainy, bleh. When we left, before the trip, it was warm and sunny...still summer-like. Now all the leaves are falling. .___. Ugh, my head and neck hurt like heck. *sigh* I wonder when I will be without pain? Interesting quandary.

Phillies lost last night. It was really angering and depressing for me, lol. But it doesn't matter! They won 1 out of 2 games in LA, which is still ok. They're back home for 3 games...so they can still win. >D Again, if you're not familiar with the baseball postseason system, well, we are now in the NLCS series, which is a best of 7 games. AKA they need to win 4 games. They have won 1, and the Dodgers have won 1 as well. Anyway, it just made me really upset last night when they lost cause they were winning the whole game until the 8th inning. ~__~ ANYHOO. Yesterday...I went to my one class, economics cause we had a test. I think I did well! I HOPE I did. >>' I've been texting some of my classmates to see what I missed in classes...it doesn't sound too bad, but I'm still freaking about going back to them this coming week. ^^;;

Ok, now what you wanted! Pictures! I put them in a photobucket slideshow. There's roughly 25 pics in it. If you just want to go through the album (and not wait through the slideshow), HERE is the link to that. :) So here's the show! I think I put them in the order of when they were taken...roughly. I think you can click them as they go by to see them close-up, too. ^_^ I love the one of my brother D and his girlfriend, Suse. It's really cute. And I love the one of me and D (yeah, really??), but my dad totally screws the pic up being in the back like that! O__o And waving, no less! Way to ruin it. >_<' Ah well. And yes, I took many more, but I don't feel like uploading all of them. I had some sort of family pic of my relatives...but it wasn't a good one. Too much wind! ^^; Our hair was everywhere, lol. Enjoy~

Ok, so yeah. A really short post. *hugs* Sorry~ But the meat of my trip is in the last one. I gotta find some time to study for the test I gotta make up in business on monday...and I gotta read some stuff, too. :/ Catching up on missed work is too hard. T__T Well, thanks for visiting me! I love you! Take care~

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