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Friday, October 9, 2009

my trip is approaching too quickly!! T__T
Hello people! *hugs* Thanks so much for the comments last time. :) You're all awesome. Anna, ulter-chan, Sam, and serpent! I really appreciate all your sweet encouragement...and prayers for safety on this trip. <333 Me loves you!!!

This is going to be a record short post. I thought I'd be able to write a normal size long one, but I don't have time! :( I gotta do my packing. I'm really fast with it though...lol. My mom started packing a week ago. I only just got out some clothes last night, and it took me 10 minutes tops. XD But now I'm putting things IN the suitcase and getting things together for my carry-on etc. Ugh. I'm soooo nervous. I'm scared of going on the plane. .___. So please pray or keep my family in your thoughts with this.

If you have all the time in the world on your hands, and you'd like to read my ranting post from last night, go ahead on theO! Yesterday was a very terrible day! ^^;; I did get myself a netbook though!! Which I'm using now to post. ^_^ But the events surrounded the getting of it...were very stressful. I really like my netbook now...I just gotta get used to the tiny-ness of it. Also the left side gets REALLY hot, so like it's kinda burning me, lol. I have it on my lap...so I gotta get a table when I use it. Though it sorta hurts my hand, too. >>' I did read about that on some reviews. Oh well. I just won't use it for long times. XD It's an HP mini. In black. I'm glad I got it for this trip...just shelling out all that money was discouraging, lol. And the whole crap that happened afterwards with mom's car. Like I said, read all about it on my World, if you want. I forgot to mention in it that we were very lucky the car didn't explode!! The AAA guys said that they'd never seen the car battery in that state...and we did smell burning. So anyway, it was terrible having to wait for hours, stuck in that parking lot [gawd, it was torture], but I suppose it's a good thing that we were totally fine. No exploding cars! :D

I'm bringing my camera, so maybe I'll get to update during my trip with some pics. I really hope this trip goes well. I can't wait for it to be over with...I've been worrying about it for 6 months. ~__~' So yes, details. We're going to San Diego, CA. It's a 6 hour flight...we're coming home next wednesday. So in between those times, I'll be really busy with family stuff. I hope my grandma isn't...TOO bad...cause it'll just be so sad. -__- Poor grandma. Umm...plans...I'm not sure quite yet what we'll be doing. My aunt Sunny is a real go-getter, so she'll want us to keep doing things nonstop, but NO, we're telling her NO. Lol. We're going to be VERY exhausted when we arrive...it scares me that I'll be getting up at 4am, the plane is leaving at 7:30, and because of the time difference, we'll be arriving in CA around 10:30 (though it would be 1:30 PA time)...so it's like, omg, the day is 3 hours longer. .__.

Today I had my follow-up with my ear/nose/throat doctor. Lol, it was such a quick visit. "Are the meds working?" Me: Uh, sorta...not really, no. "Ok then. Well, keep taking them! And get that CAT scan done. Here's some meds for you to take on the plane." Yay.

I love this song. It's so perdy.

Alrighty, I better keep packing. *hugs* Thanks so much for visiting me!! I love you guys!! If I don't get on much, well, I'll miss youuu. Take care, sweeties~

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