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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I hate the wind, all my aches and pains, tests, projects...everything that worries me. .__.
Good day, to all of you! Hopefully it isn't a bad day...so yeah. Or if it's nighttime, then yes, hi! XD Oh, everyone disappeared again, lol. Thanks for the comments! :) As my creepy world religions teacher says when there's few in class, "Was there a plague I didn't know about? Did everyone just drop dead?" Ahah. Anyhoo, arigatou to those that visited: angelbest, jamo, and Cynthia!! <33 I understand this is a very busy time for a lot of people...me included. I just have my priorities a little wacky since I prefer going online and posting to studying for 5 hours. >>' Cynth, yes you're thinking of the same Wallflower! I only read the manga, not the anime. And jamo, indeed, I'm going to CA (San Diego) this saturday through next wednesday. Thanks again for everything, guys. ^_^

My neck and head hurt. But that isn't new! Lol. I still don't have a neurologist appointment...or if I do, it's for some time in november. :/ On friday, last day before the trip (!!), I'm going back to my ENT doctor lady and tell her how all the allergy meds she gave me basically don't work. ^^;; I feel like such an invalid. I have so many aches and pains, and I'm only 20. ;__; I'll be 21 on Nov.12. <333 Oh!! I finally got a state ID. I keep forgetting to mention that. Last week we went to the DMV with all the necessary paperwork this time, and so I got my temporary ID [again, no, not a driver's license]...apparently I need that to go on the airplane (??) so it's a good thing I got it. I wonder when I'll get the real one though. Until then, I'm using a card that has TEMPORARY stamped on it in bright red letters. Oh, and of course the pic of me is terrible! XD When aren't ID/school photos/licenses/etc. bad?

That paragraph really jumped everywhere, didn't it? Yes, yes it did.

Today is very incredibly windy. Argh. You know how much I hate the wind. v__v I say it EVERY FREAKING TIME, lol. It's really nice out though. Not too cold or warm. But still...the huge gusts of wind will blow me away!! Nooo~~~~ Winnie the Pooh and the blustery day! My one friend would always say that to me. She'd compare me to Piglet in that instance, lol. XD Anyhoo, I just had economics. Nothing particularly special there. Notes, a worksheet, test next friday. We don't have classes this friday cause of "fall break", but that's a bunch of bull. Most people don't have classes on fridays; I only have one, so that can't be considered a BREAK. If it were a real break, I wouldn't be missing so many days on this trip. Do you think 1 day attached to the weekend [that a lot of students already have off] is considered a break? It's ridiculous.

My christian ethics midterm is next. .__. I'm slightly worried because I don't think I studied enough. I wasn't sure WHAT to study. He gave us a study guide and examples of previous questions, but they were so long! So difficult! Most were fill in the blanks, and omg, who could really come up with the exact wording for the answer he had? You basically need to have the entire bible memorized or something. Example:
The general purpose of the commandments, as they come to us through the living Catholic tradition, is not to restrict freedom but to open the way to a truly liberated life. <--answer
Of course. Of course. That was the first answer, in those exact words, that came to mind.

Ah well. I can only do as well as I can do! I gotta stop worrying so much about things. About things in the future, like all those projects I have, this trip, tests, etc. etc. I'm always worrying...panicking, freaking out, feeling like dying. DX My mom's been trying to tell me to just calm down and take it one day at a time. Don't worry about these things. Whatever happens, happens. Right? Right. ~__~ *sigh* I need to hammer those thoughts into my head. If I don't do too well, our teacher said we can make stuff up anyway. He's pretty nice and lenient. Although...he's really over-the-top, and sometimes he says things that piss me off. He seems to be some kind of an animal hater. I mean, he shouldn't be...he's a theology teacher, some kind of great Christian, but sometimes he's said things that made me so mad! He blurts out randomly that he hates PETA and what they stand for. He disagrees with animal rights people, and he says that animals don't deserve rights. We were on the discussion of human dignity and how God created all us humans special to be the only creatures with dignity, etc. Ok, yes. So? Does that mean that animal cruelty is a good thing? It sure seems like that's what he's said. Gawd, that pisses me off every time I think of it, lol.

Textiles midterm is tomorrow, and I'm...ok, yes, worried again. ^^; I'll just need to do a lot of studying. Today will be a very busy day, so if you don't hear much from me, that's why! More studying, and the baseball playoffs start!!! ^__^ At a retarded time of 2:37, when I'm still in class. I'll miss some...poo...but when I get home, I'll be watching, lol. THEN I'll study. See? My priorities are a bit skewed. My Phillies take precendence. But come on, first game of the division playoffs! It's a best of 5 series, so that means, we gotta win 3 to move on. *crosses fingers* The third game is on saturday...when I'm on my trip. Hopefully our hotel will have TBS (the channel it'll be on).

I'll probably post friday before leaving on my trip. By then I should know if I'm bringing my laptop or not...and if I'll be able to get on at all within the week. ^^; *sigh*OMG I haven't started to pack anything, lol. I'm so last-minute. XD My mom started packing last sunday! I guess...I've written enough, lol. I need to study some more for my midterm. I didn't even talk about yesterday! Argh, oh well. I was stressed. The end.

Thank you very much for visiting me. *hugs* Sorry I haven't gotten to comment quite as much, but I do try. :) Take care! I hope all goes well for you guys. Perfume never fails to make me want to dance.

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