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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hmmmm...just stuff about stuff. baseball, shopping, school, etc.
Hello, guys! Well, guys and girls. ;3 So nice to hear from you! Haha, though not too many this time around. No problem. XD I guess my long post scared people away! O__O Or everyone just...decided to go on vacation, lol. Nah, it's ok. I don't even remember what I wrote...anyhoo, thanks to Nana, Reki, Anna, and Kim! I really appreciate your comments. ^_^ Nana, your insults to my brother were amazing. I'm not sure if I should be insulted by them as well, lol, but I'm not! I would agree with most of what you said anyway. >> So yeah, many many thanks to you guys!!

It's felt like forever since I last posted, but it most definitely hasn't been that long. XD Ah, my sense of time is so messed up. Hmm...like seriously? It's 6pm right now!! T__T Where did my day go?? I usually go on the computer around 5...I don't even know where the F that whole hour went. I was watching baseball, but I didn't think...it was that long. *sigh* Ah well. Today I've done chore-ish things. I picked up the clothes from my floor (aka my second closet) and put them away. Whenever my mom gives me my clean clothes, I put them in their piles at the foot of my bed! Then they stay there...and grow and grow...for roughly a week. Sometimes more. Lol. I couldn't believe how many I had to put away today! XD But I don't mind. I really don't mind cleaning stuff. :/ I also cleaned Seyonne's (my betta) tank. He poops so much for such a little fish. Like wtf, poop machine. Speaking of fish, if you didn't see the video, just go to my last post (or the one on theO) and you can see the new vid I took of my discus(es) <---I never know what the plural of discus is...lol. So yeah. FISHIES. I wub them. <3

[baseball talk]
If you didn't see my World post, well, I'll just say now that my Phillies are officially in the postseason (playoffs)! Yes, for the third year in a row, NL East champs! ^_^ They won more quickly than the previous years though...last year and the year before, it came down to the very last game of the regular season, or the game before. And it was scarier then since we were trying to catch up and then BE in first place...this time around, my boys were in first for most of the year, and it was just a matter of keeping it. Anyhoo, what does this all mean? Well, another chance at being World Series champs! Lol, though that's a ways away...I don't think they can do it again. ~__~ Pitching has been terrible lately, and the hitting has been inconsistent...bah. Tomorrow is the last game of the regular season, and we are going to it!! <333 It's an afternoon game, which is weird for me cause we've only ever gone to the night games! I hope they do ok...I mean...since they clinched the division 3 days ago...they've just been resting guys and not really playing well. v__v LOSERS. But I get to see Happy pitch!! I WUB HIM. And he's single. I don't care that he's really bald and pretty ugly for 26, lol...I still find him cute. XD
[/baseball talk]

So what have I been up to??? Classes...hmm...yes. *thinks* Ugh, thursday I got a really bad allergic reaction in my world religions class. They must've been doing some sort of construction or renovation...possibly new paint...and man, it messed my face up. I was so red and itchy. ;__; I hate this. I hate it. Gawd, and there's nothing that helps. *sigh* Anyhoo, what else? Oh yeah, wednesday I had my first exam in organizational behavior. It was just 4 short essays, and they were only worth 5 points each!! ^^; I think I did ok. There was also an extra credit one worth one point. Lol, when he said that, we were all like WTF?? O_o That's it??? XD Haha. Most of the girls finished really quickly...I don't know how...it was like 15 minutes later, bam, done. Took me a while with all that writing! As usual, I was the last to finish, last to leave. Ok, not usual. I usually finish tests quickly, unless they're essay-based...cause I tend to write a lot. But in general, for classes, I come early and leave last! ^^;; I feel like such a goody-goody cause I always talk to the teacher after class. Lol. IF I like them.

Um, I don't really think anything else of interest happened in my classes. Oh, well, in textiles that thursday...we did a "jeopardy" review since our midterm is next week. It was a total WTF moment cause she split us up. 4 groups then divided into 2. Us first group was relegated to the sewing room to work on stuff, while the others did the "game" first. We were all thinking "why the heck can't we all just do it at the same time? What's the POINT??" It really didn't make any sense, lol. The whole time we were just complaining. And so finally when we could come back and actually play this stupid game (it wasn't fun), well, we sucked! Haha. Most of the questions ended up being dead cause neither of us teams got them right. Obviously we didn't study for this. XD It was actually pretty funny. "I don't know." "We don't know..." Ah, we fail so badly. Too bad our stupid teacher just doesn't get it. *shrugs*

Anyhoo...yesterday mom and I went to the mall. Went to Borders to get me some manga since they had a sale, but omg, they had like none. They used to have soooo much, but not anymore! ;__; So I only got the Wallflower vol.21. We were looking at the calendars they had...and there were lots of cute ones (Winnie the Pooh ftw), and there was this cute little kid looking at them! Aww, haha!!! His mom didn't seem to care much about him though. >>' Cause he was with us, looking at them, and he looked up at us and was like "look!" and tried to show us one of the calendars...and all the rest started to fall! So he tried to hold them up (little kid was maybe 4 years old), and of course he couldn't, so mom and I rushed to try to get them...awww...the kid was just so cute. XD I was just surprised that his mom didn't do anything. The things could've fallen on him and hurt him, but she wasn't around! OR!!! Mom and I could've stolen him away. XDDD Hahaa. Anyhoo...after that...we went to Hot Topic, and I got a new shirt, and then we went to Macy's for undergarment shopping! Oh yes. <3 Lol. Bra section. In case you didn't already know, I really don't like wearing bras, har har. So it's impossible for me to find one that's comfortable! I figure since I'm so small it doesn't even matter. *shrugs* I just stick to undershirts/camisoles/tank top types...meh. More comfortable that way. DOWN WITH RESTRICTIONS!

I've been uber depressed thinking about our CA trip coming up. *sigh* This coming saturday...so yeah...one week left. ~__~ I'm just really afraid! I'm afraid of going on the plane, of missing work in my classes, of making it up, of seeing my grandma in such a sad state, etc. etc. I'm just really stressed out about things lately. :( And my head always hurting, same with my neck, these stupid allergies. Argh! I need a vacation away from life. And trust me, going to CA is causing MORE stress. *sigh* I like the status quo. I like staying home, being in my jammas (pj's), doing nothing, and just being in my comfort zone! I like my schedules just how they are. Any change freaks me out...so this is really hard for me.

Ok, sorry~ I better stop this now! ^^; I write a lot about nothing, right? Thanks for visiting me though. *hugs* I'll try to comment when I can. Tomorrow...probably not much at all cause of the game. I'll be out for most of the day. Take care everyone! LOVE YOU!

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