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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

you know i love writing a lot about nothing
Hello! Hello! *hugs* Thank you all a billion times over for the comments. :) For both myO and theO! I appreciate you guys soooooo much. Gah, I don't know what I'd do without you. ;__; Thanks for the compliments on my new haircut~! I'm glad you liked it~~ I do, too, but now I'm thinking it isn't different enough from the last one. Lol. But oh well. Thank you again. ^^ Sam, wow! Yes, that was a longer comment, and I truly appreciate all that you said to encourage me. *hugs* And thank you Nana, Kim, angelbest, Raisha (oh, I love that hairstyle! if my hair weren't so naturally curly it might work...), Cynthia (omg VERY HOT is right, I love that photo you showed me; boy haircuts work well on a lot of girls), Sesshlu (i bet your hair is adorable, too), and jamo! <33 Arigatou for everything.

So, how are all of you doing today? What's your weather like? It feels definitely like Fall now! Just a couple days ago I was wearing shorts, but now...well, now it's like 20 degrees cooler. Cloudy, some sprinkles, windy. Yes, very fall-like. I like these temperatures...it's so refreshing! But as you [should] know, I can't stand the wind. >E It's so annoying! Unless it's a nice little breeze on a warm day. That's IT. Anyhoo...here I am in the school library. Yay. My one day during the week where I can just veg (vege? vegge? lol, like vegetables...) out here. *blows my nose* Stupid allergies!!! DX Quite obviously the new meds the ear/nose/throat doctor gave me haven't worked...at least not yet. It's been over 2 weeks, but still no improvement. And nothing can help me with my irritated/itchy/burny face allergy crap. She even said so. ~__~ Oh well. I just have to deal with these things. Anyhoo, back to the weather and stuff...and I guess it deals with this too, lol, but so many people are getting sick!! T__T Noooooo. I just hope I don't get sick. I usually do every year around this time, but so far I'm lucky. I can't afford to miss any classes...seeing as I'll miss several when I go on that freaking trip. *sigh* Ah, so I don't have any flu, but I'm always having my headaches and neck aches. I believe the neurologist appointment will be in november. :/ Pooooo. That's such a long wait!

Hmm...so I just had economics. Nothing special there. I really do enjoy that class though! ^^; Like I said, my teacher is just so nice, and the material isn't hard (not yet at least), lol...I guess I do like things dealing with numbers more than other stuff. Charts and whatnot. *shrugs* Yet I love art as well. So many people say that they're "abstract random" or "concrete sequential", but I'm a little bit of both. I think when I took that personality test I got abstract sequential...and that does make a lot of sense. Have any of you taken that test thing? Do you remember what you got? This is a random topic though!! I don't know where that came out from. XD

I gotta say thanks again to those that consoled me when I wrote my post on theO the other day...after my brother was really mean to me. He can be very nice, but then he can turn on a dime and be absolutely horrible to me. I'm very tired of it...and to anyone that said something negative about him, lol, like called him names or whatever. Please, NO apologies necessary!! ^^;; Cause I'm happy to hear those things. Haha. XD You have every right to say such things when I'm always talking about the bad things he does/says to me...so yeah.

Now then. *thinks* Ugh, I have a test today in OB (organizational behavior; why did I bother with the abbreviation if I still explained it? Lol). We haven't had a test in that class yet...so I'm a wee bit worried. Our prof is really, um, secretive? No...just...not the best of communicators when it comes to directions or expectations. He gave us a few key points to study, and he says it's all gonna be essays. Ok then. ^^; I don't think it'll be very easy...people have said that had him in the past that he's really hard. That is, the tests are cause he seems so nonchalant about them and about preparing us for them!! In the first class of it this semester he told us right now, "Most of my exams are essays...I do that because I like reading creative BS." So basically he just wants us to make stuff up, lol. We'll see how well that goes, right? It worked for me on my last business exam. I didn't think I did well on it, but omg haha I got a 100. Then again, lots of other people did, too...so our teacher just graded really easily. XD But it was basically just me making things up as I went along...

Something that I actually like that has come out of all of these classes, though I may not like them the most, is my...somewhat rekindled friendship with that girl I mentioned before. The one that used to torment me with her "ringleader" if you will...all throughout my schooling. They would always make fun of me, and just make me miserable. The thing is...that Jen (the girl in my classes now) was never that mean when it was just her on her own. She would only join in when the main biatch Annika was there. So you know, for some reason she felt more powerful and like she had to say those things to please her. Anyhoo, I kept my grudge against both of them all this time...now, I haven't seen Annika since high school (thank goodness) so I can't say the same for her (I honestly never want to see her ever again), but with Jen, I feel like things have mended. I didn't talk to her for most of all last year though she was in my classes...but then at the end, I finally did. And now this semester, she's in 3 of my 6 courses, and we talk more. She's in most of my groups for projects, and so...well, we have to get along. I've forgiven her now for the things she's done to me before, although I can never forget them. I'm tempted quite often to talk to her about WHY the heck they were so mean to me all those years...but I don't think that would make things better, lol. So even though we both clearly know that there's been hositilities, and things are still kinda awkward...we're both trying to act as if things were always ok. Like we text and stuff now. I feel almost bad that we are and yet she never apologized to me...so a little grudge is still there, but whatever. ^^;;

Sorry that was a long thing on that. It's just been on my mind. I was thinking a lot about it last night. Maybe someday she will apologize, but maybe not. The point is that we're working together now, and I never thought we would. >>' Anyhoo...yesterday...nothing really interesting. Had another textiles quiz, which maybe I did ok on. I'm not sure. -__- Then business...well, we had to do this little oral presentation. We had to present an article summary and stuff, and so that wasn't such a big deal. I didn't prepare all that much...but still, I was SO nervous. SO nervous. I was one of the last to go even though I wanted to go first! ;__; So I had to stir in my own pot of worry the whole freaking time. When I got up there...I sorta blanked. Even with my notes in front of me, I couldn't really talk right. Whenever I do presentations, my face gets super red, and my voice shakes, and my mind just blanks! A sense of time no longer exists. I have no clue how long I talked...not enough, too much...but at least it's over with. It's disturbing that I have so many more presentations to do this semester. *sigh* Way too many...life has been rather tough on my lately. I'm just so stressed out.

Phillies won last night! So yay! ^_^ They've been losing a lot lately, and that wasn't a good thing. This is the last week of the regular season. They just need to win ONE more game in order to clinch a spot in the playoffs. :) So hopefully that will be tonight. PLEASE. TT^TT We're going to the last game of the season on sunday~ That should be fun. It's fan appreciation night so they better give us something!! I'll be so sad when baseball season is over! ;__; Though then I'll still be watching hockey and basketball (football not so much)...baseball is #1 in my heart.

Alrighty, did I write enough? Too much? Lol, oh well, right? XD I gotta study some more for that exam. Wish me luck on everything! Everything in life. And same to you guys. I pray all goes well for you. <33 Sorry again for not commenting a lot...but school takes precendence. ~__~' I LOVE YOU. Take care!
Edit: I took a new video of my fishies. The quality is uber bad...but yeah. XD

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